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28oct13 Debate & vote in House of Lords on Lord Oxburgh's amendment for a #2030target in #EnergyBill.

Good briefing: energy_2030_decarb
And: http://www.stopclimatechaos.org/greenisworking
RESULT: extremely disappointing: tweet by 10:10: 10:10 ‏@10101m   202 for, 216 against. SO close :( #vote4cleanpower
4jun13 4pm Vote in House of Commons. Results: Ayes 267, Noes 290    

Energy Bill — Clause 1 — Decarbonisation — 4 Jun 2013 at 15 45 — The Public Whip  http://www.publicwhip.org.uk/division.php?date=2013-06-04&number=18
RESULTS details from Hansard but made easier to read: http://www.dragonfly1.plus.com/2030decarb-HoCvoteRESULTS-4jun13-Hansard.pdf  
House of Commons Hansard Debates for 04 Jun 2013 (pt 0002)  
CaCC List the bad MPs as well as the good MPs: Clean energy vote narrowly lost - what next    Campaign against Climate Change http://www.campaigncc.org/energybill  << but has errors eg Tim Farron appears in 2 categories!!

Now on to House of Lords - let's hope they try and re-insert the Yeo-Gardiner Amendment, and succeed!  - so it can then come back to the Commons with a hopefully improved chance ...

May onwards 2013 updates:

News item 3. 2030 clean energy target for the Energy Bill - update in SLACC TT June 2013 Newsletter .

My 3jun13 email to John Pugh MP: http://www.dragonfly1.plus.com/EnergyBill-2030decarb-EmailToJohnPugh.pdf
Result: John Pugh changed sides and voted for the 2030 target!  I hope he will now study
I added comments beneath Ed Davey’s piece in LibDemVoice 'Ed Davey MP writes…Green jobs, cleaner energy, keeping the lights on and bills down' 2jun13  http://www.libdemvoice.org/ed-davey-mp-writesgreen-jobs-cleaner-energy-keeping-the-lights-on-and-bills-down-34733.html#comment-252055
and started off a fracking debate!
I also added comments below the 5jun13 piece by the LibDem ?Chief Whip's in LibDemVoice: Alistair Carmichael MP (Orkney & Shetland) 'We should be talking about how Lib Dems won record investment for renewable energy:
***Friends of the Earth  Map of Green Britain   About Clean British Energy   Clean British Energy 
http://www.foe.co.uk/what_we_do/clean_british_energy_map_39044.html       http://www.foe.co.uk/what_we_do/clean_british_energy_map_39044.html?layers[]=Constituencies&layers[]=Case+Studies&zoom=6&lat=54.7&lng=-2


Andrew George MP writes…Liberal Democrats must defend green promise LDV
Next steps on Electricity Market Reform – securing the benefits of low-carbon investment  Committee on Climate Change 1720_EMR_report_web May2013 http://www.theccc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/1720_EMR_report_web.pdf


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Hampshire MP clashes with ‘backwards’ Conservatives over green energy target - Mike Thornton MP & Eastleigh Liberal Democrats

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16 Liberal Democrats rebel and vote for 2030 decarbonisation target LDV 4jun13
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Department of Energy and Climate Change Blog» Blog Archive » Europe must stay ambitious on climate change http://blog.decc.gov.uk/2013/05/28/europe-must-stay-ambitious-on-climate-change/
 - vg Oliver Hayes FoE comments re 2030decarb below

Aldersgate Group   News - 2013 may

Greenpeace   Tell your Lib Dem MP to vote for clean electricity!


Amendments for Energy Bill, including Yeo-Gardiner ones (11 to 20):
Parliament UK  Parliamentary Calendar http://services.parliament.uk/calendar/#!/calendar/Commons/MainChamber/2013/6/3/events.html
Business Today  Chamber for Monday 3 June 2013
Future Business for Monday 3 June 2013 http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201314/cmagenda/fb130603.htm
Summary Agenda  Chamber for Monday 3 June 2013 http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201314/cmagenda/sa130603.htm

Dacarb-Target-Infographic http://mhpccom.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Dacarb-Target-Infographic.pdf

energy-bill-eu-ambition_b_3358481 may13 http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/nick-molho/energy-bill-eu-ambition_b_3358481.html
The Energy Bill, work to be done - by Danielle Lane, Head of Stakeholder & Regulatory Affairs at DONG Energy UK, outlines the shortcomings in the Energy Bill and explains how offshore wind could achieve price parity with gas and nuclear by 2020.  Greenpeace UK 29may13 http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/newsdesk/energy/analysis/energy-bill-work-be-done
Manchester Friends of the Earth   Greater Manchester MPs back clean power law to boost green jobs 
Writing to your MP about the Energy Bill   Campaign against Climate Change 
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*** vg infographic: Why we need a clean energy target   Stop Climate Chaos 

It is vital for us to have the 2030 target for decarbonisation of the electricity generation sector in the Energy Bill, to prevent Osborne's "Dash for Gas" and deflate the false justifications for fracking and other unconventional gas methods. The dash for building numerous unabated gas power stations and fracking for shale gas would prevent us meeting our legal target obligations re emissions and would 'lock us in' to our current 4 to 6 degrees C temperature rise trajectory. We need to urgently - NOW - cut back on emissions to have any hope of lowering the trajectory down to below the 2 degrees C internationally-agreed upper acceptable limit.

Thus we must urge Tim Farron MP to do all he can to rally other LibDem MPs to vote for the Yeo-Gardiner amendment to get the 2030 decarb target into the Energy Bill. This means voting against the Coalition and against the LibDem DECC Minister Ed Davey's position of making a top priority of sticking to his promise to Osborne (so we would also like this to be a free vote - without any whip pressure).

For my articles on this subject in recent SLACC TT newsletters see the links below, and the articles linked to from my articles.
         (SLACC TT is the South Lakes Action on Climate Change Towards Transition. SLACC TT website)

SLACC TT June 2013 Newsletter  - see News item 3. 2030 clean energy target for the Energy Bill - update 

SLACC TT May 2013 Newsletter  - see News item
8. 2030 clean energy target for the Energy Bill - update 

SLACC TT April 2013 Newsletter - see News item
2. 2030 clean energy target for the Energy Bill - update

SLACC TT March 2013 Newsletter - see News item
2. Your last chance to get a 2030 clean energy target and deter Osborne’s “dash for gas”
Subsequent amendment: March turned out not to be our last chance! Our last chance(s!) are likely to be in Spring/early Summer 2013 (The Energy Bill is no-where near FIT for purpose (excuse the pun - re e.g. raising the upper limit for wind turbine power for FIT tariff for community wind - Becky Willis is working towards this end).

Some of the older pieces by me on this subject (mostly for SLACC):

2mar13:  SLACCsubmission2030decarbtarget.pdf          (28mar13 amended version)
 Tim Farron surgery at Milnthorpe, 2mar13 - Submission by Henry Adams, Jo Magne, Chris Rowley, re:
The Energy Bill: Yeo-Gardiner cross-party amendment for a 2030 decarbonisation target
1. Why this is essential (due to flaws in the Bill).
2. A strong recommendation for a free vote (if it comes to a vote).

mar13:  TimFarronPositionDecarbTarget.pdf
NB: I replaced my name with [constituent] to show that this letter went to other constituents as well as myself.
Tim does not address his constituents as un-personally as that (quite the opposite).
27mar13:  SubmissionForSLACCnewsletterApril2013.pdf
Don't waste time visiting this link - it was just a temporary one. I must replace it.

28feb13:  2030CleanEnergyTarget.pdf
Expands on a SLACC March 2013 Newsletter article:
'Your last chance for a 2030 clean energy target for the Energy Bill, and to deter Osborne’s “dash for gas”'

Pre-2013 refs/links are in my big LINKS pdf accessible from my web-site HUB page