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Lib Dem president Tim Farron warns fracking could harm countryside 'for decades' - Telegraph 3aug13 Robert Watts
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‘16 wells per square mile’ ‘7 wells per square mile’ ‘high well density of up to six well pads per km² ‘ [can be 1 or 6 or 8 or 16 wells per pad (examples); pads are several acres in size] 8 wells per square mile. Could have eg 1 pad per 2 square miles each pad with eg 16 wells with drilling in different directions. 1.6m to 2.5m gallons water per well (7m to 11m litres). Toxic Flowback. < info from quotes etc from googling fracking well density wells per square mile.

RAFF - Residents Action on Fylde Fracking:  23apr12 states: plans for more than 800 wells in Lancashire alone An estimated 1.6 million – 2.5 million gallons of fresh water are needed per well and this comes at a time when parts of the UK are suffering from drought conditions. Currently 10,000 gallons of radioactive water are sitting in tanks at the Preese Hall site and cannot be moved.
EARTHWORKS Hydraulic Fracturing 101 - useful briefing facts:  - sheet E11 very interesting for anyone keen on geology and technical aspects (like me). EWG report March 2013 - ‘Fossil and Nuclear Fuels - the Supply Outlook’ pdf v useful eg on shale gas fracking etc. I’ve downloaded it (in fracking shale gas folder)
Full Factsheet  Fracking   Full Fact 13dec12 <<-I've yet to read
Final report - Shale gas extraction   Royal Society 29jun12   << dubious conclusions - to conform with the establishment? - latter led by fossil interests    & crritisized by eg Chartered Institute of ..... in FoEpdf:p.11   Gasland Part II » thought maybe

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August 13, 2013   Lord Howell plots with fracking firms in Windsor dungeon

Lord Browne  fracking will not reduce UK gas prices Statement contradicts David Cameron and George Osborne's claims that shale gas could help curb soaring energy bills Damian Carrington 29nov13  The Guardian  He also criticizes gov's big subsidies to fossil fuels - more than for renewables. - via tweet by Gwen
Anti-fracking protest in Salford - ITV News 27nov13
Rob's 2nd Arrest at Barton Moss Protection Camp - YouTube 27nov13
Video: Police clash with anti-fracking protesters at Barton Moss 27nov13 Salfordonline News
Green Alliance Annual debate 2013  Can fracking be sustainable?  (with images, tweets) · GreenAllianceUK · Storify Caroline Lucas Michael Liebreich, David Kennedy, Lord Chris Smith, Zoe Williams...
First Balcombe anti-fracking trial collapses   Investigating Balcombe and Cuadrilla - Ruth Hayhurst c.25nov13
Quest for Gas  a Story of Peasant Resistance 20nov13 Agricultural and Rural Convention
Bridge Out  Bombshell Study Finds Methane Emissions From Natural Gas Production Far Higher Than EPA Estimates Joe Romm 25nov13, ThinkProgress, referring to new study publication by Miller et al.:
Miller et al. 'Anthropogenic emissions of methane in the United States' published autumn 2013, PNAS. Multi-author, multi-organization combined study.

CPRE: 'We are open to fracking', says leading environmental group 21nov13 - Telegraph    - re Carlise Cafs Broderick event
Waste disposal of radioactive drill cuttings from exploratory drilling phase for Coal Bed Methane and unconventional gases - a Freedom of Information request to Environment Agency - WhatDoTheyKnow
Remsol - Waste and environmental management taken care of - News: Remsol sponsored IoD event a success
BIFF Cover photos 
: Bird's eye view of Texas fracking causes rumble -The Common Sense CanadianThe Common Sense Canadian 4nov13
Fracking Digest UK - by Alan ... : Barton Moss progress! etc week ending 3nov13
Brent council seeks to ban fracking - Green Living - Environment - The Independent 1nov13
Our position on fracking - National Trust
George Monbiot is mistaken – National Trust is not 'anti-wind, pro-fracking'   Dame Helen Ghosh 30oct13  Environment
More Than 15 Million Americans Now Live Within One Mile Of A Fracking Well  26oct13 ThinkProgress
BBC News - Camelford water poisoning  Unreserved government apology
Shale energy 'could supply UK’s gas needs for four years and save jobs’ - Telegraph Emily Gosden wih words of CEO DART Energy John McGoldrick
Valley Grove Home Destroyed - News, Sports, Jobs - The Intelligencer   Wheeling News-Register
France's GDF Suez 'very confident' about UK shale potential as it signs £24m exploration deal - Telegraph 22oct13 with DART Energy.
Kent Green Party  Kent Greens Welcome Environment Agency Opposition To Gas Drilling 23oct13
National Trust would consider fracking, says charity's head - The National Trust would consider fracking on its land but is 'unlikely' to allow wind farms, the charity's head has said.- Telegraph 24oct13 [NT DG is now Dame Helen Ghosh - formerly Permanent Secretary of several Gov Depts in succession - her statement makes you wonder whether she's fully retired from the establishment].
National Trust and fracking 5aug13  National Trust Press Office
Planned public meeting cancelled following discussions with Environment Agency - 16 October 2013 Kent CC KENT KCC
******* Government move creates problem for coal gas development - Rob Edwards 20oct13 re p buffer zone in Scotland similar to as in Australia #CBM
Update from Salford » Frack Free Greater Manchester 20oct13 re Barton Moss & proposed birdwatching there & police
Thousands protest in Romania against shale gas, gold mine   Reuters 19oct13
BBC News - Scotland to create 'buffer zones' for shale gas and onshore oil extraction 19oct13 climatechange minister pual wheelhouse.
*** More trouble for the embattled fracking industry – employment prospects are plunging – Geoffrey Lean Telegraph Blogs 18oct13 re eg Amec & Greenpeace action etc
****** Protests Sweep Canada Following Paramilitary Assault on Indigenous Fracking Blockade 18oct13  Common Dreams vg incl vg video of First Nation woman speaking.  #Elsipogtog Rexton, New Brunswick
Shale gas protesters clash with police in Rexton, N.B. - New Brunswick - CBC News 17oct13
Chevron halts search for shale gas in Romania following public outrage RT News 17oct13
AlbertaVoices   empowering Albertans' voices on fracking and shaping the future we hope for
Infographic  FT reports draft DECC study forecasts fracking jobs to be one third what Cameron quoted   16oct13 Greenpeace UK
Environment Agency cuts will have a far-reaching impact on communities  16oct13 Public Leaders Network Guardian Professional "When the chancellor announced his spending review in June, it was clear that the Environment Agency's future was not rosy. But its staff were shocked to learn on 10 October that the cuts would translate into approximately 1,400 job losses.   Senior managers will work out the details of which services will be cut on 14-15 October and put their proposals to the agency's board on 17 October for endorsement. ..."
BBC News - KCC 'conflict of interest' over gas drilling plan 15oct13
Caroline Lucas accuses government of 'flag-waving' for fracking industry 16oct13  Politics
Fracking faces challenge from Lancashire farmer and Greenpeace Andrew Pemberton joins forces with green group, saying he fears contamination of water  14oct13

France’s Fracking Ban ‘Absolute’ After Court Upholds Law - Bloomberg

France cements fracking ban   Bloomberg 11oct13

Fracking protest warning - Blackpool Gazette 10oct13 Bob Dennet, Tina Louise Rothery & others

Over 865,200 Gallons of Fracked Oil Spill in ND, Public In Dark For Days Due to Government Shutdown  10oct13 DeSmogBlog

'MEPs reject Tory calls for public to be denied say on fracking and major developments' Jean Lambert Green MEP for London

Outrageous: 'Shale Drillers Offered Water Cheaper Than U.K. Residents' - Sally Bakewell, 9oct13 - Bloomberg

Wildlife Trust looking for fracking answers - Blackpool Gazette 9oct13 - via Tina Louise
UK  Cuadrilla update on Bowland exploration programme 7oct13 « – Oil and Gas (O&G) Shale Supply Chain
Lord Browne to return to stock market after six year absence with £1.5bn listing - Telegraph 24sep13 "The listing of the new investment vehicle, of which Lord Browne will be a non-executive director, will mark the first time the life peer has sat on the board of a public company since leaving BP in 2007.  The so-called 'Sun King’ stepped down from the oil giant after a 12 year reign.  Riverstone Holdings, the private equity firm of which he is a London-based partner, is to float Riverstone Energy on the London Stock Exchange by the end of next month. Riverstone Holdings is a major investor in Cuadrilla, however the new vehicle [Riverstone Energy], to be chaired by former BG Group chairman Sir Robert Wilson, has no investments to date."  

Oil giant Halliburton lined up as potential UK fracking partner - Andrew Wesley - The Ecologist 5oct13 Celtique  <<<<< NB - especially re #TTIP #ISDS

Feathers fly in fracking fight - Lancashire Evening Post 4oct13

BBC News - Rhondda and Vale councils pass gas drilling tests 3oct13

BBC News - Cuadrilla pulls out of Lancashire fracking site 4oct13   - Anna's Rd St Anne's  due to wintering birds - that's the reason given by Cuadrilla, but Gayzer Frackman says: "Cuadrilla pull out of Anna's Road site. St Anne's Lancashire.  They are a joke! blaming the wintering birds. Bollocks! The well would not set and they had to abandoned it we can't prove it because the regulators do not check their explanation. 50% fail WE FIGHT WE WIN. This will be the first of many."!

**** Radioactive produced water > stream > drinking water supplies >>> Dangerous levels of radioactivity found at fracking waste site in Pennsylvania   Felicity Carus 2oct13  "The Duke University study, published on Wednesday, examined the water discharged from Josephine Brine Treatment Facility into Blacklick Creek, which feeds into a water source for western Pennsylvania cities, including Pittsburgh. Scientists took samples upstream and downstream from the treatment facility over a two-year period, with the last sample taken in June this year." "The US Geological Service has previously reported elevated levels of radioactivity in "flowback" water that naturally occurs in the rock. But the Duke study, called Impacts of Shale Gas Wastewater Disposal on Water Quality in Western Pennsylvania, is the first to use isotope hydrology to connect the dots between shale gas waste, treatment sites and discharge into drinking water supplies."
*** Yale Environment 360 2oct13  Excess Radioactivity and Metals Found in Pennsylvania Fracking Wastewater re Duke study.
Lawmakers seek answers after oil gushes during Colorado floods   Grist 1oct13
Cuadrilla boss met with cabinet secretary days before drilling announcement (From The Argus) 1oct13 Sir Jeremy Heywood, Cabinet Secretary (or Haywood?)
Fracking protests hit UK public support for shale gas   Environment c.2oct13
The RSPB  News  Opencast coal case could be landmark for environmental protection last modified 13sep13
Fracking Yorkshire: Cuadrilla`s Bit On The Side   Frack Off 30sep13
Media Advisory  Shale Gas Outrage to Expose the True Cost of Fracking   Protecting Our Waters
CENTRICA propaganda - North West Evening Mail   Home   Big Clean 2013 in Cumbria
Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)   Kent Wildlife trust
Fracking in 38 South Eastern constituencies   Greenpeace UK - MAP showing licences
The Netherlands puts temporary ban on fracking ahead of further research - Blue and Green Tomorrow 20sep13
The Big Debate  Is there a 'Transition position' on fracking?    Transition Network
Report Exposes Social Costs of Fracking on Rural America – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service
Shale gas alone is not the answer – but neither is renewable energy   Tom Greatrex   Environment 24sep13
BBC News - Balcombe Cuadrilla test drilling for oil reveals 'hydrocarbons' 23sep13
Eco-Investigators Say Fracking Air Pollution Is Poisoning Families in Texas Truthout
Is Oil Industry Funding of a Fracking Study a Problem  Let's Ask an Oil-Funded Expert - FAIR 19sep13
Gas chemicals ‘a threat’ to farm produce - Blackpool Gazette 19sep13 Prof Oswald Cornell Gayzer Frackman of FFF & Tina Rothery RAFF
18sep13. Dr Richard Dixon, who is both a board member at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) and director of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said Dart Energy accused him of a conflict of interest after he took to Twitter to launch an attack on the firm's plans to drill 22 wells at 14 sites at Airth and in the Forth Valley
Denton Drilling  EagleRidge Doses Denton with 59 lbs. of Benzene 23apr13
Lancashire anti-fracking protestors target conference 21sep13  Granada - ITV News
Newfoundland Fracking Debate Heats Up 21sep13

'Fracking for gas and oil poses serious risk to livestock, warns expert Professor Robert Oswald says his findings of deaths and deformities in American livestock are so alarming that Britain should halt the practice ‘until its impact is assessed’' - 17sep13 UK Politics - UK - The Independent   Prof Robert Oswald is "an expert on molecular medicine at Cornell University".

Very funny:▶ Hitler and Fracking in the Fylde - YouTube
Abbeystead disaster [Lancashire] - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - gas explosion that killed   - via GAF Garstang Against Fracking
Balcombe verdict - By Ian R Crane ,, - YouTube 16sep13
Ban Fracking   Bianca Jagger 16sep13
CofE & fracking: Church of Evil? How the Fracking Church of England Could Further Profit From British Gas Steve Rushton - 12sep13

Critique of Cuadrilla’s plans and proposals for drilling near Balcombe, West Sussex by David Smythe Emeritus Professor of Geophysics, University of Glasgow August 2013 pdf  & Verdon comments:

Frackademia  The People & Money Behind the EDF Methane Emissions Study 16sep13  DeSmogBlog

Shale gas   Frack Free Future campaign (fracking)   The Co-operative

To frack or not to frack  That is the question for communities  15aug13 Ernest Rutter and Alexandra Phillips Local Leaders Network    Ernest Rutter is professor of structural geology at the University of Manchester. His text was riddled with all the hallmarks of an oil&gas funded frackademic.   Alexandra Phillips is a Green party councillor representing Goldsmid ward on Brighton & Hove council. She wrote very clearly and convincingly, though her use of the word 'misnomer' was amusingly itself a misnomer.

Private Eye – The Fracking Issue! 22aug13
'Minor earthquake – Blackpool, United Kingdom on August 25, 2013'
Earthquakes In Irish Sea Shake North West Sky News
***** Senior ministerial aides hit out at consequences of fracking - Telegraph  - via Gwen
**** URGENT:  stop-fracking    - Greenpeace  -  to Councils
**** URGENT  Singleton Planning Objections   Residents Action on Fylde Fracking
Viridis Lumen  Lib Dems & Fracking - Having It Both Ways  
Liberal Democrats blast environmental damage caused by fracking 24aug13  Environment   The Observer
Green Growth and Green Jobs - Transition to a Zero Carbon Britain - Policy Paper 109 - Liberal Democrats - pdf
'Davey: UK can lead the world on shale gas' UTILITY WEEK 11jul13 "The UK can lead Europe on shale gas and "in due course", lead the world, according to energy secretary Ed Davey.   Addressing a cross-party group of MPs and industry stakeholders at an Unconventional Oil and Gas reception on Wednesday, Davey admitted: "I love shale gas."  Gas complements rather than displaces renewables, he argued, and shale gas is lower carbon than LNG imports. "If you look at the carbon footprint of shale gas compared to LNG from the other side of the world, it is a no-brainer." . . ."
“I love shale gas” – Davey confirms again 10jul13  Energy Live News - Ed Davey  - at APPG on Unconventional gas & oil

Independent fracking-the-great-debate-8782853
Snake Oil  How Fracking's False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future'   Permaculture Magazine
The anger over fracking is real  but the truth is, we can't manage without gas   Business   The Observer 25aug13  <<< I disagree. Very flawed. 1 good idea - but not in the manner he suggests.
Drillers Silence Fracking Claims With Sealed Settlements - Bloomberg 6jun13 re contamination of drinking water etc

**** BRIBERY: Lancashire MPs join forces to seek fracking sweeteners - 14aug13 SNIP These Lancs MPs (Con. & Lab.) assess fracking almost solely in money terms - repulsive

What Price? You & I Films on Vimeo

Gwen Harrison ‏@harrison_gwen Brilliant article: Locked into business as usual in a changing world - ENDS Report August 2013 …  via @tom_burke_47

‘We need assurances’ over land for fracking - Local Business - Blackpool Gazette

engelmaus humperdink @sandyd68 Scotland watch out - these right-wing US dinosaurs think you're gonna be happy to be fracked < tell them to #frackoff      Fracking support tipped to soar across Lothians - News - Edinburgh Evening News 24aug13

Birmingham fracking protester locked up for 26 - Birmingham Mail 24aug13

No shale gas price revolution   ToUChstone blog  A public policy blog from the TUC  
Philip Pearson on: Will gas fracking mean lower energy prices? 
Balcombe’s wake-up call   ToUChstone blog  A public policy blog from the TUC - by Philip Pearson

Greenpeace to launch local anti-fracking campaign in Lancashire   Greenpeace UK 23aug13

Anti-fracking pressure mounts as Greenpeace plans 'spectacular' activity   PR & public relations news   PRWeek 21aug13
URGENT  Singleton Planning Objections   Residents Action on Fylde Fracking
BBC News - Rural impact of electricity infrastructure to be reviewed  

Air pollution monitoring stations face closure as government looks to cut costs - 22 Aug 2013 - News from BusinessGreen
Air pollution monitoring stations face closure as government looks to cut costs  22aug13 Environment Just before we face a major threat of air pollution from fracking, and baseline monitoring plus continuing monitoring are essential. Is the above just a co-incidence? I doubt it.

Fife: threat of the insanity of UCG - Underground Coal Gasification - even worse than fracking (even pro-fracking scientist James Verdon is against UCG): 'Fife subsea coal-burning fears raised' - Fife Local News - The Courier 20aug13
'Energy minister asked for answers on Fife underground coal gasification proposal' - Fife Local News 21aug13 The Courier


FoE Scotland response to Dart Energy criticisms   Friends of the Earth Scotland 21aug13

The Battle for Balcombe - write-up by Scriptonite 21aug13

David Cameron has become fracking's biggest cheerleader  21aug13 Matthew Spencer   Environment

Scriptonite Talks E03  What the Frack is Going on in #Balcombe  21aug13  Scriptonite Daily

What is behind this fracking mania  Unbridled machismo 19aug13  George Monbiot   Comment is free   The Guardian

Prejudiced biased piece:

No Dash for Gas – Reclaim the Power – Cuadrilla hit with protests across the UK, campaigners condemn aggressive policing

Fracking in the UK: FOI’s show Lord Browne intervened to try and water down environmental regulations for Cuadrilla   Greenpeace UK  19aug13

The Economist explains  How safe is fracking?  19aug13  The Economist - by "T.W."- an extremely poorly (uncomprehensively) researched article, simplistically thought out and regurgitating myths and simplistically coming to wrong conclusions. Sponsored by G.E. !!!  Sponsored by GE Logo               

Are you taking part in the fracking protests  - Guardian Witness

Energy policy  how not to win an argument   Editorial   Comment is free   The Guardian

No fracking on public lands!   Oil Change International

Go home Cuadrilla, you're drunk! At Balcombe March for a Frack-Free Future - YouTube
Fracking in the UK  Cuadrilla look for shale oil in Balcombe 20aug13  Greenpeace UK Liassic shale (Lower Jurassic), acid washing with dilute HCl (10%)

Polling shows only a quarter of Conservative voters want shale gas in their area 19aug13  Carbon Brief

Guest blog - interesting but flawed: Fracking has hardly any public support – but opponents have a tough choice   Carbon Brief

Lichfield Energy firm Cuadrilla's fury at fracking protests - Birmingham Mail c.20aug13


EQs: QUAKES: Fracking operations triggered 100 quakes in a year - environment - 19 August 2013 - New Scientist

Anti-fracking protests in Balcombe signal major shift in public awareness 19aug13  Environment

Caroline Lucas among dozens arrested in Balcombe anti-fracking protest  19aug13 Environment   The Guardian

Caroline Lucas   Statement on arrest at Balcombe  19aug13
BBC News - Scuffle as police disperse anti-fracking protest 19aug13
Anti-fracking campaigners shut down Cuadrilla HQ   Environment  19aug13
Is Cameron's support for fracking the nail in the coffin for the  greenest government ever -  Cameron’s fracking push ignores UK’s binding climate targets - Prime Minister’s support for fracking does not explain how it can be reconciled with UK decarbonisation  RTCC  15aug13
Friends of the Earth  Balcombe residents speak out on fracking 12aug13 
Secret emails reveal the risk to water in Sussex from fracking was known by officials (From The Argus) 14aug13

Would David Cameron welcome fracking in his constituency    Mail Online 13aug13

PM backtracks on fracking comments following East Lancashire visit (From Lancashire Telegraph) 13aug13
Yes to fracking at present would be reckless - Durkan - 13aug13
Northern Ireland minister warns Cameron over 'reckless' shale gas push - 13 Aug 2013 - News from BusinessGreen
Private Eye 7aug13 - The Balcombe Planning Permission

Tina Louise  Letter to Alison...  in response to:
Letter from the Chairman of Balcombe Parish Council Alison Stvenson 12aug13  Balcombe Parish Council

Fracking Vs. The Drought  They Call It Texas Tea, But You Can't Drink Oil   ThinkProgress 12aug13

From pro-fracking James Verdon's blog: 12aug13 - but NB: 82-85% of Balcombe residents are aginst fracking (2 polls).

silicosis: Fracking Can Lead to Lung Cancer, US Scientists Claim - IBTimes UK 12aug13

The public need to be reliably informed on the pros and cons of fracking - Telegraph 3aug13 - with Gwen's letter

Drilling & Fracking Time Lapse - YouTube

Government fears fracking 'backfire' over lack of staff and rigs - Business News - Business - The Independent

The shifting sands of opinion on fracking   Opinion   The Engineer 12aug13 - refers to Cameron's cliche'd article as well as the recent Nott Uni Q survey of public opinion which shows that public appear to be accepting Camerons lies about shale gas bringing down bills  
Putting our faith in a fracking dream is a dangerous mistake   Opinion  by Stehen Harris - Senior Reporter 19jul13 The Engineer - sees some sense

Greenpeace on David Cameron's fracking offensive   Greenpeace UK "Experts from Ofgem to Deutsche Bank to drilling company Cuadrilla itself  agree UK shale will not bring down bills, because unlike the US, the UK is part of a huge European gas market. "

David Cameron - reckons if he can repeat same old pack of lies emough times it'll become public perception: "We cannot afford to miss out on shale gas" - Telegraph

*** Fracking  a botch on the landscape 10aug13  Damian Carrington   Comment is free   The Guardian  "An industry fracked by its own arrogance". List the big mistakes by Cuadrilla. & mistakes by OsCam "They rejected a key recommendation from the Royal Society that specific regulations for shale gas should be put in place to protect people and places from bad practice."

The battle of Balcombe, misinformation and not much on climate change  a week in shale gas   Carbon Brief 8aug13
Number 10 corrects Cameron's £1m shale gas sweetener blunder - 08 Aug 2013 - News from BusinessGreen
Dear Prime Minister, please show your shale gas working - 09 Aug 2013 - James' Blog  a blog from BusinessGreen.

From a Balcombe resident 4aug13
The Oil Drum   British Geological Survey Bowland Shale Gas Assessment 19jul13
drill-baby-drill - David Hughes Post Carbon Institute ?feb2013
Energy round-up  a difficult week for George Osborne   new economics foundation 9aug13 via Gwen
nef’s energy round-up  subscribe   new economics foundation 1aug13
There's no room for wind farms but plenty for fracking, says PM - Telegraph 8aug13 via tweet by Gwen
Poll  Public cheer government investment in green energy - 05 Aug 2013 - News from BusinessGreen
Make haste slowly on UK shale gas -
Residents of Sussex require water too -  Great comment by Gwen
Fracking in Balcombe  could the Sustainable Communities Act have stopped it?  6aug13  Local Works  via Gwen

Clegg And Cable Must 'Come Clean' Over Fracking Past, Says Labour MP 6aug13

Bridge Or Gangplank  Study Finds Methane Leakage From Gas Fields High Enough To Gut Climate Benefit Joe Romm 7aug13  ThinkProgress
'Methane emissions estimate from airborne measurements over a western United States natural gas field' - Karion et al. 2013 - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online - abstract (pdf behind$wall) ABSTRACT: Methane (CH4) emissions from natural gas production are not well quantified and have the potential to offset the climate benefits of natural gas over other fossil fuels. We use atmospheric measurements in a mass balance approach to estimate CH4 emissions of 55 ± 15x103 kg hr-1 from a natural gas and oil production field in Uintah County, Utah on one day: February 3, 2012. This emission rate corresponds to 6.2-11.7% (1σ) of average hourly natural gas production in Uintah County in the month of February. This study demonstrates the mass balance technique as a valuable tool for estimating emissions from oil and gas production regions, and illustrates the need for further atmospheric measurements to determine the representativeness of our single-day estimate and to better assess inventories of CH4 emissions.
The mean of this range is 8.95% - call it 9% - which is same as recorded elsewhere.
CIRES, NOAA observe significant methane leaks in a Utah natural gas field 5aug13
Utah Methane Leaks In Gas Fields Higher Than Originally Thought, Challenging U.S. Estimates
- HuffPostGreen From Climate Central's Andrew Freedman

Opinion  Shale Gas exploration – Why a cautious approach is the right one.   9aug13 Stephen Gilbert MP in LDV LibDemVoice

LDV LibDemVoice - Opinion By  | Wed 7th August 2013 - 9:03 am The Dark Satanic Wells of Fracking  I added 3 comments   Also read: eg by Pugh &? Chris Davies

Drivel as you might expect from Dominic Lawson (son of climate-denialist Nigel Lawson): Where do these fracking protesters think energy is going to come from  - 5aug13 Comment - Voices - The Independent 

WATER: Drought-Stricken New Mexico Farmers Drain Aquifer To Sell Water For Fracking   ThinkProgress 5aug13 
Lib Dem president Tim Farron warns fracking could harm countryside 'for decades' - Telegraph 3aug13 Robert Watts
Keith Taylor MEP » Blog Archive » ‘Reclaim the Power’ camp heads to Balcombe   

** No Dash for Gas – Reclaim the Power – ‘No Dash For Gas’ action camp to switch location from West Burton power station to Balcombe   incl. quote of Vanessa Vine with useful data.

BBC News - Balcombe fracking protests  'Apology' letter criticised

Bianca Jagger  Stop this fracking nightmare in Balcombe 5aug13  Comment is free 

Children given lifelong ban on talking about fracking Suzanne Goldenberg 5aug13 Environment

Lib Dem president Tim Farron warns fracking could harm countryside 'for decades' - Telegraph Robert Watts 3aug13

Keith Taylor MEP » Blog Archive » Keith writes to Sussex Police over use of excessive force at Balcombe Protest  
Study  High Levels of Arsenic in Water Near Gas Wells  30jul13 The Texas Tribune via tweet by Prof Iain Stewart
'An evaluation of water quality in private drinking water wells near natural gas extraction sites in the Barnett Shale Formation' - Environmental Science  -
Brian E Fontenot , Laura R Hunt , Zacariah Louis Hildenbrand , Doug D Carlton , Hyppolite Oka ,Jayme L Walton , Dan Hopkins , Alexandra Osorio ,Bryan Bjorndal , Qinhong Hu , and Kevin Albert Schug
Environ. Sci. Technol., Just Accepted Manuscript  DOI: 10.1021/es4011724  Publication Date (Web): July 25, 2013  Copyright © 2013 American Chemical Society 

'Fracking: the new gold rush' Michael Brooks 21mar13 in New Statesman "When the Environment Agency analysed the “flowback” from one of Cuadrilla’s wells, it compared the contamination with permissible contamination levels of water from the mains. Arsenic was up to 20 times over the limit. There was 90 times the acceptable level of radioactive materials, 1,438 times the permissible lead levels and 2,297 times as much bromide as is allowed."  The last c.9 paras discuss regs eg Mike Hill & well integrity.

'Ignore fracking protests, government tells planners National energy policy more important than local preferences for renewables, says ministry' Daniel Boffey, and Tracy McVeigh in Balcombe  Environment   The Observer 3aug13  "However, the government's planning document stresses that fracking could be a vital source of energy. "Mineral planning authorities should not consider demand for, or consider alternatives to, oil and gas resources when determining planning applications," the document says. "Government energy policy makes it clear that energy supplies should come from a variety of sources.  "Mineral extraction is essential to local and national economies … minerals planning authorities should give great weight to the benefits of minerals extraction, including to the economy, when determining planning applications." "

Includes a pic of S.Africa Karoo - semi-arid area being considered for fracking by Shell    Bakken shales fracking for oil, gas wasted by flaring as oil is worth 30times more
Henry Adams @henryadamsUK44s

Insanely wasteful polluting #flaring: #Fracking Flares Double In North Dakota - where are the regs? legislation?

 BBC News - Fracking 'could put gas and chemicals' in drinking water  'Drinking water could be contaminated with methane gas and chemicals due to fracking, water companies have warned.' - Water UK  Water UK, which represents all major UK water suppliers, said the shale gas extraction method posed a threat if not "carefully planned and carried out". It also warned fracking's "huge" use of water could cause shortages in areas of low supply, like South East England. Shale gas company Cuadrilla said there were no proven cases of aquifers being contaminated by fracking. Dr Jim Marshall, of Water UK, called on fracking firms to hold "upfront discussions" with water companies "before fracking becomes widespread in the UK".

Water firms warn of fracking danger as Osborne unveils generous shale gas tax breaks   This is Money 19jul13

As fracking protests grow  Is 'shale gas revolution' worth the environmental risks  - Mirror Online 30jul13 - with poll
2aug13 Louse Gray
Fracking uproar peer causes further derision with geography revision   Environment 1aug13 
Friends of the Earth  Lord Howell's idiot's guide to fracking and the [ desolate ] North East  Green Blog 31jul13  
'Internal EPA report highlights disputes over fracking and well water' - 27jul13
'Potential well water contaminants highest near natural gas drilling, UT Arlington study says'   e! Science News, 26jul13
'The Growing Evidence of the Threat of Fracking to the Nation’s Groundwater' – Significant Figures by Peter Gleick, 27jun13
'Casing collapse in Corsicana fracking well' - 25jul13

Shell profits drop on shale write-down and Nigerian woes - Telegraph 1aug13 Gosden #fracking 

* HS2, fracking and planning have given rise to mutiny in Middle England - Telegraph Geoffrey Lean 26jul13
25jul13 Sleepy Balcombe wakes up with a roar over prospect of fracking - Home News - UK - The Independent

***** Fracking Isn't a Fairytale, It's a Nightmare   Natalie Bennett Green Party Leader 27jul13  - via Gwen tweet

VIDEO  Residents’ rally against fracking - Local Business - Blackpool Gazette 22jul13 RAFF FoE

NFU briefing on fracking

'Nigel Lawson deception  fracking contaminated water at 120 sites in Pennyslyania'   Frack Off

re cementing failure?
Halliburton Destroying Gulf Spill Evidence a ‘Misdemeanor’ – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service

Cuadrilla - West Sussex County Council  Environment & Planning

Quintessential Countryside Against Cuadrilla - The Price of Oil - Andy Rowell 26jul13 

Anti-fracking activists arrested at West Sussex drilling site   Environment 26jul13 Robert Booth

Natalie Merchant, Simi Stone and Josh Fox perform at Bethel - YouTube 21jul13 

'Fracking on YouTube - Exploring risks, benefits and human values' Jaspal et al. - incl UK public perceptions of fracking via eg YouTube

***** David Cameron under attack over fracking firm links to Lynton Crosby - Nicholas Watt  Politics   The Guardian 19jul13 'Jon Trickett, the shadow Cabinet Office minister, pointed out that the lobbyist's firm Crosby Textor represents the Australian Petroleum Exploration Association. One of its members, Dart Energy, has a UK subsidiary, Dart Europe Limited, which has an interest in the Bowland Shale site in Lancashire and Yorkshire, which contains 1,300tn cubic feet of gas.'

#bbcaq Q's include fracking ▶ BBC Radio 4 - Any Questions , Lord Lawson, Lord Ashdown, Kate Hoey, Baroness Neuberger 

BBC News - 'Generous' tax breaks for shale gas industry outlined 19jul13  Water UK, which represents the UK water companies, points out that fracking requires huge amounts of water which could put a strain on local supplies.It also says the drilling and the fracturing process could damage water pipes.  "The water industry is not taking sides. If it (fracking) goes ahead we want to ensure corners are not cut and standards compromised," said Jim Marshall, policy and business adviser at Water UK.

Planning_practice_guidance_for_onshore_oil_and_gas via Helen Rimmer FoE & Peter Bryant S.Cumbria july 2013

House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee The Impact of Shale Gas on Energy Markets: Government Response to the Committee's Seventh Report of Session 2012–13   Third Special Report of Session 2013–14 Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 17 July 2013

George Osborne unveils 'most generous tax breaks in world' for fracking   Environment   The Guardian 19jul13

Fracking companies should not get tax breaks, says No 10 adviser   Environment 18jul13
Community interests in shale gas developments in Lancashire - Mark Menzies Westminster Hall Tue 16jul ? I tht it was thu.

PNAS: Increased stray gas abundance in a subset of drinking water wells near Marcellus shale gas extraction - Jackson. Vengosh et al.

Couple denied mortgage because of gas drilling   Investigations - WTAE Home 8may12

20 Impact of Unconventional Gas Technologies - Frack Off 16jul13

Fracking pollutes groundwater  controversial new data   Frack Off 19jul13

Treatment Plants Accused of Illegally Disposing Radioactive Fracking Wastewater – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service 18jul13
States Turn Blind Eye as Fracking Industry Routinely Violates Laws – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service 17jul13 Amy Mall  fracking for oil
USGS Study Connects Earthquake Risk To Wastewater Injection, Fracking Advocates Say,  Who Cares     DeSmogBlog  19jul13 Laurel Whitney

Via tweet by Gwen but note date: 'Osborne accused over gas lobbyist father-in-law'Campaigners ask if Chancellor's energy policies are influenced by Lord Howell - UK Politics - UK - The Independent 29jul12  
Fracking bosses in Whitehall accused of influencing policy - Blue and Green Tomorrow 15jul13

'Revealed: Fracking industry bosses at heart of coalition' - Mark Leftly - UK Politics - UK - The Independent - Sunday 14jul13 Strapline: 
Campaigners warn of potential conflicts of interest from energy-sector leaders advising on policy 

Who Pays the Cost of Fracking  – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service 16jul13   “It’s bad enough to think that fracking could pollute major sources of drinking water,” said Rumpler. “The fact that we could wind up paying the clean-up bill as well just adds insult to injury.”  - due to inadequate financial assurance re fracking

BBC News - US gas produced by 'fracking' to be exported for the first time Shukman 16jul13

Frac-Sand Mining Boom Adds to Growing List of Fracking Dangers - Any Rowell – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service

 Planning Portal - Deadline [18jul13] set for shale gas planning policy 4jul13

'Pumping water underground could trigger major earthquake, say scientists' - Natalie Starkey 11jul13   Science 
'Fracking may leave fault lines vulnerable to earthquakes' Richard Gray 11jul13 - Telegraph

***** Major Fossil Fuel Divestments Strengthen Renewable Energy Movement Worldwide – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service 8jul13

*****  FRACKING: &....: Who needs lobbying - by @BernaMeaden  Ekklesia

**** fracking & G&IBill - Major_infrastructure_planning_-_extending_the_regime_to_business_and_commercial_projects_-_summary_of_responses_and_government_response

Fracking Industry’s Faulty Claims Cast Doubt on Shale Investments – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service - Sharon Kelly 5jul13  & re SEC & revolving doors
Rabobank: Dutch bank refuses loans to businesses involved in shale gas - Blue and Green Tomorrow 1jun13

The Toxic Legacy of Waste Injection Wells – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service 5jul13 


The New Front Lines of the Fight Against Fracking 4jul13
Friends of the Earth  Let's get the right planning guidance for fracking   Climate Change   Campaign Actions 21jun13
Natural Gas Finds a Friend in US Climate Policy

Cuadrilla announces major fracking expansion in UK   Environment   The Guardian 5jul13 
British shale gas explorer Cuadrilla to step up work   Reuters 5jul13

Josh Fox’s “Gasland II” to expose power politics of fracking   Grist 4jul13

News & Star   News   Cumbria could be sitting on gas energy goldmine 29jun13 "
Jill Perry, secretary of the Allerdale and Copeland branch of the Green Party, said it would be bad news if fracking went ahead in this area. She said: “Shale gas needs to stay in the ground.”"

*** Nr Mendips: Fracking the nation  the dash for gas beneath rural Britain 28jun13

Fracking  minister says 'earthquakes not allowed' - video - Channel 4 News Liz Hutchins of FoE vs Michael Fallon

Fracking good or fracking bad' - Dr David Knight, Oxford UIn., 26may12 - Feasta 

Shale gas   Energy   British Geological Survey (BGS) 

'No Dash for Fracking Gas' - great muliti-media piece by @ClimateRadio on 14thJune, including not just great text but also interviews with key people, videos etc.
PODCAST  No Dash for Fracking Gas -- New Internationalist

Infographic  What would it mean to extract 10% of the UK's shale   Greenpeace UK

So shale gas could meet demand for 40 years. What then    Andrew Simms   Comment is free 28jun13 



**** FRACKING: MP speaks out on ‘fracking dangers’ (From Daily Echo) 17jun13

'Carbon Briefing: Britain's shale gas' 27jun13 Robin Webster, Carbon Brief
The question Horizon missed  What might UK shale gas mean for greenhouse gas emissions    Carbon Brief

UK Earmarked for Fracking, Massive Public Backlash On Horizon – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service 27jun13

Keith Taylor  There Might Be More Gas Than We Thought But That's No Reason to Burn It 27jun13

Hype Check  Six reasons not to drink the fracking kool aid   Greenpeace UK 27jun13

Exploding The Fracking Hype   Frack Off 27jun13

Fracking  energy futures   Editorial
Britain's shale gas deposits 'could supply country for 25 years'   Environment 27jun13 Terry Macalister

'Stop fracking around'  Danny Alexander in swipe at Labour as he backs huge expansion in shale gas to cut bills   Mail Online 27jun13

Does the coalition have the teamwork to be the greenest government    Damian Carrington   Environment 27jun13

Ribble Estuary Against Fracking - News  Fracking Fibbers - Eve McNamara re DFITs. I quote: "Diagnostic Formation Injection Tests (DFITs) DFITs are normally referred to by the shale oil and gas industry as "mini Fracks"! It still involves pumping of water underground at high pressure, with all the negative impacts that can have. This process was used at the site near Blackpool in 2011, as part of the sequence of events which led to the two minor earthquakes; it is not possible to prove how big a part the mini Fracks played in the earthquakes, so this procedure must be considered potentially as hazardous as a standard Frack."

*** Don’t Believe Thomas Pyle’s Hype That Misleads the Public on Fracking - Josh Fox– EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service 25jun13

Obama's fracked-up climate strategy will guarantee global warming disaster   Nafeez Ahmed 25jun13

Fracked Gas Isn’t a Bridge Fuel—It’s a Gangplank – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service - Josh Fox 25jun13

Duke Study Finds Higher Gas Levels in Drinking Water Wells Near Marcellus Fracking Sites – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service   

***** RAFF
: 24june13 News Round-up  and most of it is good!   Residents Action on Fylde Fracking 1. FoE points out to EA that drillers Cuadrilla will  need a mining waste permit for handling muds, cuttings and chemicals arising from the process, plus another one for dealing with water likely to contaminated by natural radioactivity in the ground. They hadn't got one - so had to now get one thus holding up drilling! 2. G&IBill - gov has responded favourably to consultation! 3. Centrica does not value Cuadrilla Lancs licences very highly. 4. PR gaffes by Bell Pottinger's man Mark Linder - great own goals!

By Dr James Verdon (@FracDoctor)- Bristol Uni applied geo-physicist: In his blog 'Frack-Land':  'Horizon  Fracking, a new energy rush by Professor Iain Stewart - a review' 24jun13 Also other articles worth a look

argument_map_shale_gas_europe - Good but imperfect e.g. - inadequate re emissions. It is debatable as to shale gas life-cycle emissions as cf coal due to fugitive methane emissions.

Anthony R. Ingraffea, Ph.D., P.E. & Dwight C. Baum Professor of Engineering, Hollister Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853 NYS_DEC_Proposed_REGS_comments_Ingraffea_Jan_2013
"My comments and recommendations focus on two elements of the HVHFPR High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Proposed Regulations:
1. Those directly pertaining to emission of methane and other VOCs,  2. Those directly pertaining to well structural integrity"

PNAS: Methane contamination of drinking water accompanying gas-well drilling and hydraulic  fracturing - by Osborn et al. 2011

**** Good news on planning 21jun13
 The government’s consultation on the Growth & Infrastructure Bill was published today and includes this [see extract of text] from this pdf

Fracking hell!   Impartial Reporter   News   Roundup 21jun13

Shale gas won't stop peak oil, but could create an economic crisis   Nafeez Ahmed   Environment 21jun13

In time of drought, fracking competes with farmers » TckTckTck   The Global Call for Climate Action 20jun13

***** Game-Changing Fracking Wastewater Report Leaves Little Wiggle Room For Industry Deceptions – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service 18jun13 - re Jessica Ernst's 'Brief-review-of-threats-to-Canadas-groundwater-from-oil-gas-industrys-methane-migration-and-hydraulic-fracturing-v4.pdf' 16jun13 
 - much of this report is likely to be related to CBM fracking not shale fracking, and of the CBM fracking - much may include shallow CBM fracking. Bear this in mind. However the methods are mostly the same for both CBM & shale gas fracking.

Carbon Commentary · Fracking for geothermal energy as important as fracking for gas 7dec12  by Chris Goodall via ?Verdon - in tweet conversation with Gwen

The LlewBlog - Bloggage - Fracked Up 20jun13 in response to Iain Stewart's Horizon on fracking

  comment below by SGE - Shale Gas Europe - is worth reading as they state: '

Open storage ponds are banned in the UK and flowback water would be stored in closed metal tanks before being treated. This is the same process as the many other industries using chemicals present in the UK today. There will therefore not be million gallon ponds of toxic water across the UK.

Also, on the point that "chemicals of such skin peeling toxicity that no one is allowed to know what they are". Yesterday OGP launched which discloses to the public the chemicals used in specific shale gas wells in Europe. This is alongside disclosure to national regulators. The industry is being open and transparent about the chemicals used.

IsShaleGasGoodForClimateChange-128_Schrag spring 2012

 - via Iain Stewart. But debatable as to whether worth the time reading: as concluding paragraph is so ridiculous that it reveals he has been putting a spin in his interpretation to try and gently lead you into being persuaded by an absurd conclusion. It's rightly anti-coal, but last paragraph suggests we turn a blind eye to the oil industry - one of the main leading forces in preventing legislative action on climate change! - which is so absurd as to weaken credibility of whole piece.  It's now out of date re US gas prices.

Horizon  Fracking - the New Energy Rush, BBC Two, review - Telegraph 20jun13 

* 19jun13 Illinois Adopts Nation's Strictest Fracking Regulations   ThinkProgress via Gwen

***** Shell  Global Mega-Frackers 14jun13 Platform 

** Three reasons not to get too excited about the UK’s shale oil and gas prospects   Carbon Brief Mat Hope 11jun13
The UK's geology adds to the difficulty. Nicholas Riley, team leader for unconventional gas at the British Geological Survey, explained to us that "faulting and changes in the rock type both vertically and horizontally" mean the fuel pools are more separated in the UK. This is why "drilling and completion costs for shale wells are substantially higher" than in North America, according to the EIA.

***** Fracking – A Path to Energy Security or Climate Vulnerability  A Perspective on Fracking by Dr. Dave Reay  8apr13  Global Environment & Society Academy - via Iain Stewart

**** BBC Two - Horizon, 2012-2013, Fracking  The New Energy Rush

*** Horizon  Fracking – The New Energy Rush review - Time Out London

**** SchNEWS - Direct Action Newsheet

****64% of EU citizens against development of Shale Gas   Alliance Against Fracking in Ireland 

**** Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy - via 

**** Fracking Tied to Unusual Rise in Earthquakes in U.S. - Bloomberg 12apr12 via

*** Sunday Times review of DEP drilling records reveals water damage, murky testing methods - News - The Times-Tribune 19may13 via Prof Iain Stewart

Fracking Is Already Straining U.S. Water Supplies   ThinkProgress 15jun13 e.g.Colorado   Ceres

Light Your Water On Fire from Gas Drilling, Fracking - YouTube 

COST of fracking:

Centrica's stake in Cuadrilla says much about UK shale gas industry   Environment 14jun13 Fiona Harvey FH writes: "Gas is not a low-carbon fuel, whatever its proponents may claim. It is a fossil fuel, and greenhouse gas emissions from fracking are higher than from conventional gas. If it is not carried out properly - ensuring no methane leaks out - they can even be higher than the emissions from burning coal."

Centrica Buys Stake in Shale Gas Licenses in Northwest England - Bloomberg 13jun13

British Gas owner Centrica agrees £160m Bowland shale fracking deal   Business 13jun13

Shale gas investments 'could be worth £4bn a year to UK economy'   Environment 22may13 Tony Bosworth, energy campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: "This industry-funded report paints a completely distorted view of the benefits of shale gas development in Britain. Shale gas extraction will have a major impact on local communities, undermine efforts to tackle climate change and do little to tackle soaring fuel bills. We should be embarking on a clean energy revolution to develop the huge potential from the wind, waves and sun - not rushing further down the dead end street of fossil fuel production."

Cuadrilla PR man admits George Osborne's shale gas revolution won’t cut energy bills - Green Living - Environment - The Independent 12jun13
 Mark Linder of Bell Pottinger somewhat shoots his Cuadrilla clients in the foot!

*** Balcombe or bullshit Greenpeace UK 24may13

EU gets powerful mandate to regulate shale gas - Energy Post   Energy Post 11jun13

Keith Taylor  MEP Letter-to-EA_Caudrilla-drilling-license_07062013

* EU gets powerful mandate to regulate shale gas - Energy Post   Energy Post 11jun13 by Business Green

The shale gas revolution  the winners to buy and the losers to avoid - MoneyWeek 10jun13 Matthew Partridge - see my comment below (unless it has been removed by moderator)

Caution and Hurdles Remain Over UK Shale Gas Reserves and Industry - IBTimes UK 10jun13

Chevron Among Drillers Facing Gas Wells Nuisance Lawsuit - Bloomberg 10jun13

Current High Volume Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing Drilling Bans and Moratoria in NY State

* Wind farm planning  Crackdown, what crackdown    10jun13

British Gas owner poised for role in UK fracking - Business News - Business - The Independent 8jun13

BBC News - Centrica in shale gas stake talks with Cuadrilla 7jun13 John Moylan Industry correspondent, BBC News  John Moylan Industry correspondent, BBC News     <<<< very pro-industry biased - I tweeted him & BBC

Local planning and onshore wind - Written statements to Parliament - Inside Government - GOV.UK 6jun13

in-cumbria   Home   Communities get new powers to block windfarms 6jun13

BBC News - Local communities offered more say over wind farms 6jun13

*** Locals can now veto windfarms: so what about fracking?    Damian Carrington   Environment 6jun13

French Fracking Ban Endorsed on U.S. Environmental Repercussions - Bloomberg 5jun13
“The reality is that the cost of producing gas doesn’t take into account considerable environmental damage.” Earthquakes, aquifer pollution, heavy metal contamination, increased truck traffic and damage to the countryside are consequences of fracking, the minister said.

**Methane leaks could negate climate benefits of US natural gas boom  report   Environment 4jun13 Suzanne Goldenberg 

 Refers to recent C2ES report & to: Anthony Ingraffea, a Cornell University engineer and co-author of one of the first studies flagging up methane leaks from natural gas, said it was a mistake to incorporate natural gas into a climate change plan. ShaleGasGreenhouseGasFootprint

Fracking firm gets licence to drill near Sandwich, Kent   This is Kent Presently, Coastal Oil & Gas would need planning permission from Dover District Council before drilling any wells. However the Growth and Infrastructure Bill, passed in Westminster at the end of April, contains secondary legislation which would move energy-related planning decisions out of local government hands and into those of the Secretary of State. This "fast-tracking" could see fracking arrive in Dover without local residents having a say, according to Greenpeace.  <<< sickening

Nationwide Air Sampling Confirms 'Methane Emissions Across Large Parts Of The U.S. Are Higher Than Currently Known'   ThinkProgress "Rough estimation of emissions from the data suggests 10-20 percent of the methane emissions from Los Angeles could be natural geologic, influenced by the vast number of abandoned wells throughout the area.

Proof That Fracking Pollutes The Water Supply - YouTube may13

** Cheap shale gas bubble 'will burst within 2-4 years'  Expert   EurActiv 23may13

Who owns the rights to drill for gas in the UK    Greenpeace UK 3mar13  CNOOC China 

We’re Being Watched   Earth Island Journal   Earth Island Institute

Think Fracking Is Bad  Wait Until You Hear about the Gas Industry's  Acid Jobs    Common Dreams 28may13
 HF but ...    

Fracking accident leaks benzene into Colorado stream   Grist 2.may13

Shale gas investments 'could be worth £4bn a year to UK economy'   Environment 22may13  Corin Taylor, senior economic advisor at the IoD and lead author of the report, said: "Shale gas could be a new North Sea for Britain, ... But green campaigners pointed out that the report had been sponsored by Cuadrilla, ...Tony Bosworth, energy campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: "This industry-funded report paints a completely distorted view of the benefits of shale gas development in Britain. Shale gas extraction will have a major impact on local communities, undermine efforts to tackle climate change and do little to tackle soaring fuel bills.

Energy future may be swamped in fracking wastewater, scientists warn   Ernst v. EnCana Corporation 16may13

Plans for gas development delayed as talks break down - Rob Edwards 20may13 re Dart Energy Falkirk etc

“You’ve Been Fracked !” 

Letters » The Spectator 16may13

Is The US Shale Boom Already Over    Economy Watch

'Grassroots campaigns can stop fracking one town at a time - City councils and local activists have stymied shale gas mining in New York, and could prove an example for others to follow  Richard Schiffman  13may13 Comment is free "...the drilling of over 150,000 wells for natural gas has transformed large swaths of rural Pennsylvania into what basically are industrial zones, bristling with monster trucks, wastewater ponds, and traffic jams. Air pollution is higher in counties with drilling than those without and residents complain about round-the-clock noise. ...  Terry Gipson, a New York state senator ... Gipson asks:  "Envision a time when the trucks are gone, the lease money is spent, the trailers and the diners are empty, and all that is left is unusable farm land with a contaminated water supply. What will these people do then?"  ......... But earlier this month the state supreme court disagreed, ruling that the town of Dryden has the right to prohibit fracking within its borders.  This decision may turn out to be the nail in the coffin for fracking in New York state. If their investment can be rendered worthless by a local town council's vote, gas companies may now be reluctant to spend millions of dollars leasing drill sites.   ......  John Armstrong, of the coalition New Yorkers Against Fracking (NYAF), told me that ever since then, there has been a spontaneous groundswell of "hundreds of kitchen table organizations petitioning and holding public meetings to educate the public on the dangers of fracking". ... Sue Rapp, the co-founder of Vestal Residents for Safe Energy (VeRSE) ...She said that many residents need little convincing, since they have seen homes in Pennsylvania with 500-gallon "water buffaloes" – plastic tankards full of drinking water sitting on their front lawns. She says that they've seen how property values plummet, banks revoke mortgages and natural landscapes are altered. Already, endless caravans of trucks barrel through their own town, kicking up dust as they head to Pennsylvania to service the gas industry." 

Truthout's Fracking Road Trip   the fracking industry's demand for raw material and waste disposal have fractured once tight-knit communities and turned life in rural neighborhoods completely upside down. In April, Truthout reporter Mike Ludwig traveled to Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ohio to see where the controversial fracking process begins and ends – in the silica mines and waste disposal sites.    it's silica, or "frack sand," a carcinogenic dust ... Silica dust is a known carcinogen and has been linked to lung disease and cancer among workers, ...  Industry's demand for silica mines aka frack sand mines have fractured local communities by causing legal actions btwn land-owners who wish to profit from leasing or selling land for mining and neighbours (breathing in the silica dust that goes beyond the workplace of the mines) who want their local governments to stop it.      silicosis ?

44 percent of wells leaking at UK Treasury director’s gasfield  Australian government   Frack Off  re Baroness Hogg appointed to the Treasuryby Lord Browne

  Almost half the wells tested at the Tara field in Queenslandshow some sign of leakage, reports the Queensland Mines Department. Over 5,000 coal bed methane (CBM) wells have been drilled in Queensland over the last few years, and tens of thousands more are planned.  The Tara field is owned by BG Group, on whose board sits Baroness Hogg. The Baroness is also a non-executive director at the UK Treasury, where she was appointed byLord John Browne, chairman of UK fracker Cuadrilla Resources. Browne himself also works in the Cabinet Office.

Camp Frack 2 was vg: useful, inspiring & great atmosphere - despite 1. the poor weather and 2. the low atten
dance - maybe due to 1.? Met some good people with much expertise/knowledge  (incl.1st hand experience) and learnt a lot. But the more I learn - the more bad aspects of fracking I learn - not counterbalanced by any "good" aspects (unless you count profits to a few as being "good"). Gwen & I from SLACC only attended on Saturday, not Sunday.
 Camp Frack Programme No to fracking. Yes to 1 million climate jobs

1,000 trillion reasons why we can't ignore fracking, says 'Mr Frack' Francis Egan - Chief Executive of Cuadrilla  Mail Online 11may13 - he lives in Cheshire

Lynton Crosby lobbying row number THREE  David Cameron aide's links to fracking firm revealed - Mirror Online 10may13

Shell funds shale gas research at Oxford University   Extreme Energy Initiative 9may13

Shale gas  green groups condemn methane flaring plans for wellsThe Guardian confirms that two leading fracking companies have plans to flare excess gas at sites in Lancashire and West Sussex   Environment   The Guardian 9may13 Fiona Harvey

Coming to sites across the UK soon – fracking flares IGas chief warns that any production of shale gas would involve 'flaring off' leakages Climate Change - Environment - The Independent  9may13

John Pugh MP [LibDem] - 'Planning for a big local win from Shale gas' 9may13 Southport MP Dr John Pugh writes about the potential economic impact of fracking in his constituency. He is clear that the money must stay in the North West and not be siphoned off to London.

I find John Pugh's arguments very flawed, unclear, muddled, and based on false or weak premises Pugh: "There has been from some a willingness at times to use fear rather than science to move public opinion. I fully understand though and respect people like the Tyndale Institute who take the clear view that irrespective of any risks or benefits fossil fuel should now stay where it is. I do not think though that currently society is prepared to live with the consequences of that and dramatically reduce its energy consumption until such time as renewable energy provides us with the power we demand.   Thus it is inevitable that pro tem (over the next two decades) there will be a dash for gas or increased use of coal. "   <<< I find his premises very weak

Britain can’t afford to surrender to the greens on shale gas » The Spectator  
If we give in to the green lobby, Britain will drift into an energy crisis Peter Lilley 11 May 2013 - needless to say (from just the title!): I don't share his views (< an understatement!).

EXCLUSIVE  Cuadrilla to drill exploration well at Balcombe - News - Mid Sussex Times 8may13

On May 20th: A license to drill  Is Australia’s present Britain’s future?    Extreme Energy Initiative

Beyond the hype: The economics of shale gas in Europe  
hosted by S&D MEP Linda McAvan in cooperation with Friends of the Earth Europe and Food & Water Europe
European Parliament, Paul Henri Spaak building, room P3C050 Start: Tuesday, May 14 2013 2:30 PM End: Tuesday, May 14 2013 4:00 PM

Fracking for Shale Gas - Extreme Energy in the UK   School of Advanced Study, University of London. Event of 23nov13  2hr lecture recommended by Damien Short

EU's chief science advisor [ Anne Glover ] gives shale gas go-ahead   EurActiv 11apr13 [but Anne Glover again fails to address all scientific evidence - here the scientific evidence against fracking is ignored or down-played. She misrepresents science by being selective]
"But Anne Glover, the chief scientific adviser to Commission President José Manuel Barroso, contradicted this view and gave a scientific green light to shale.  Speaking at a debate on science and policy-making in Brussels on 9 April, she said: “As with all energy production, there will be risks involved whether that is wind or coal power,” Glover told the audience at the debate, organised by the European Policy Centre, a think tank.  “We should not go into a denial phase. From my point of view the evidence will allow us to go ahead [with shale production]. But in terms of extraction and production there are non-scientific issues to be debated,” Glover said."

Shell shuns UK shale gas industry - Telegraph Emily Gosden 2May13
 - Shell may not be telling the truth. They are certainly keen on fracking in South Africa - which has stirred up opposition

Factcheck  Is Peter Lilley right on shale? 30apr13 damian Kahya   Greenpeace UK
YUK! PROPAGANDA of GREED: Can shale gas bring the same benefits as North Sea oil  Only one way to find out - Slowly but surely, the fracking lobby is winning the argument, and about time too- Telegraph Jeremy Warner 29apr13
MORE PROPAGANDA: The green spin of environmental activists has skewed the fracking debate - Peter Lilley  29apr13 Telegraph
2012: Protesters against fracking protest outside 10 Downing Street Though dated 1dec12 the letter to Cameron is very well written and comprehensively lists many of the important bad effects of fracking - still v much relevant now,0,7661398.story

UK Govt demonstrates a frightening lack of concern for environment   Benvironment 2012?

Fracking and gas: chemistry of ozone and air pollution explained

BBC iPlayer - Any Questions   Caroline Flint, Caroline Lucas, Michael Fallon, Sir Menzies Campbell - First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 8:00PM Fri, 26 Apr 2013
 “Until last month he [Michael Fallon] was Minister for Business and Enterprise, but when John Hayes was moved to another post in the Cabinet Office he found himself Minister for Energy as well.” Fracking Q was raised at 32:50mins from start. Great response by Lucas. Michael Fallon said: “.... several hundred exploration licences in UK. ... We have tightened up procedure ...[before they start they will have to:] ... They will then have to get planning permission from the local planning authority. They will then need a permit from the Environment Agency. The drilling programme would have to be cleared by the Health & Safety Commission...  ... And with the consent of local people through planning permission”  Flint spoke up in support of a decarb target in the Bill. But she didn’t commit herself totally i.e. 100% against fracking – she wouldn’t rule it out for the future under Labour[!]. Fallon stressed energy security. Lucas stressed climate change again at the end.

* Fracking firms should offer sweeteners to locals, say MPs   Environment   The Guardian Fiona Harvey and Terry Macalister The Guardian, Friday 26 April 2013 Yeo, chairman of the committee, said: "We believe the UK's shale resources should be exploited, but that looks difficult given local opposition to drilling. There has to be a way of getting to communities."” - This is v bad news - how can he promote a project that is so inconsistent with his 2030decarb amendment for Energy Bill?! Also: “papers seen by the Guardian under the Freedom of Information Act show the company [Cuadrilla] has written to ministers calling for taxpayers to foot the bill for incentives.”!! FoE & Greenpeace appear to fail to attack the sweeteners as being bribes: why?   But some good news: Meanwhile, global insurance broker Marsh: Andrew George, chairman of Marsh's energy practice, said the chances of an accident were not high but the stakes had never been higher, whether it was fracking for shale, drilling deep-water wells or working in the Arctic. "Reputational risk must be factored in much, much more. In the internet age a well can blow out in the morning and a company's survival could be at stake in the afternoon."  ... exploration companies had to recognise the scale of the new risks and insure themselves accordingly. Asked whether some were failing to do this, he would only say: "Different kinds of buyers [oil companies] have different levels of sophistication."  In a statement ahead of a new report – Managing Risk on the New Frontiers of Energy Exploration – Marsh said oil and gas companies had the capacity to blow off course the whole global economy by getting into trouble.  It said one single accident could trigger a wider drilling ban or financially sink a business: "While the global energy sector is playing an increasingly pivotal role in stimulating economic recovery, the industry's failure to mitigate the risks associated with the new frontiers in exploration and production could jeopardise future growth."

New fossil fuel frontiers pose 'catastrophic' threat to global recovery - Warning comes amid a debate over dangers surrounding fracking, deepwater exploration and Arctic shelf development Terry Macalister, Thursday 25 April 2013 16.24 BST Environment The Marsh report, Managing Risk on the New Frontiers of Energy Exploration, concludes that reputational damage from a blowout in the Arctic would probably be irreparable and would inevitably be followed by a drilling moratorium.  The growing determination to exploit reserves in the environmentally sensitive region was underlined on Thursday by the Russian state-owned group Rosneft, in which BP is buying a 20% stake.  "I think the development of the Arctic shelf is going to be one of the pillars of the expansion of shareholder value," said Svyatoslav Slavinsky, the company's chief financial officer in a interview with Bloomberg television.  "How are we going to achieve that? First of all there is substantial growth that we have seen in production coming our way. We know it is a long-term perspective, however, the start of that is happening now. The first well will drill in 2014 and we expect to start producing oil five or six years down the road," he added.

 UK shale gas bonanza 'not assured' 26apr13 by Roger Harrabin, Environment analyst, BBC News RH spoke a subset of c. the same words as these on BBCR4 at c. 7:10am on 26apr13 Unfortunately, under his section ‘Cash sweeteners’ Harrabin wrote: “They urge the government to stop "dithering" over energy policy, though, and to ensure there is a system to rebut what "scare stories" may arise over the environmental impacts of shale gas.  And they applaud the government's decision to offer cash sweeteners to people near shale gas facilities.By they - he is meaning “the MPs” = MPs within The Energy and Climate Change Committee. - This is extremely disappointing - that this should come from The E&CCC. Why didn’t Harrabin find out why the need for sweeteners rather than an accurate portrayal of the real negative effects - both definite and potential. The true risks.

Opinion  Don't let America get 'fracked' - 25apr13 by Phil Radford - the executive director of Greenpeace and Mark Ruffalo - an actor and anti-fracking activist.

These New Yorkers have seen other communities in neighboring states like Pennsylvania run over by an industry that promised them heaps of cash, but instead the communities report groundwater contamination, contaminated flow-back waste, road-ripping truck traffic and clouds of cancer-causing chemicals.   ...... In addition, a recent study led by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association showed that natural gas production sites in places like Utah and Colorado are leaking methane at "eye-popping" rates, far greater than what the industry reports.

** Fracking 'unlikely to give UK cheap gas'- 'Cross-party group pours cold water on Osborne's hopes shale gas will solve energy problems', report says - Business News - Business - The Independent 22apr13  "A UK shale price boom will have little to no bearing on the energy price in this country, the report argues, because the gas can be exported through pipes to Europe where the prices are higher or by being frozen to 1/600th of its size and shipped further afield to Asia in the form of liquefied natural gas for an even higher price. As a result, the UK price is likely to rise at least to European levels." & " report by Carbon Connect, a steering group of industry and academic experts chaired jointly by Mr Hendry, a Conservative MP, and Baroness Worthington, Labour's Energy and Climate Change spokesperson in the House of Lords." No wonder Charles Hendry was relieved of his post - he appeared to want to be honest about shale gas exploitation!

Future Electricity Series Part 1: Power from Fossil Fuels A report by Carbon Connect  Future Electricity Series Co-Chairs Baroness Worthington and Charles Hendry MP "chapter five addresses the much discussed topic of shale gas and its development in the UK. It finds that the size and economic viability of shale gas reserves in the UK are highly uncertain, large scale production would be unlikely for at least a decade, and any impacts on the price the UK pays for gas are likely to be negligible."- part of Foreward, which has names of Hendry & Worthington at the end - implying that they either co-wrote it or agreed to it! "There are environmental risks arising from hydraulic fracturing that are still poorly understood – potential groundwater contamination from fracking fluid, and the level of

fugitive methane emissions among them. Shale gas extraction requires significant volumes of water, produces local pollution and carries the risk of surface water contamination." Re likely effect of shale gas exploitation in UK on UK gas prices: "Our liberalised and highly interconnected market would prevent prices remaining artificially low compared with neighbouring markets." p.62: a whole chapter on Shale Gas.


 Bad title to otherwise good piece: Shale gas could be lower carbon than imported fuel, say climate advisers [ CCC ] Fiona Harvey Environment 24apr13

Jeffrey Sachs: "Even the much-heralded shale-gas revolution is a lot of hype – similar to the gold rushes and stock bubbles of the past. Shale-gas wells deplete far more rapidly than conventional fields do. And they are environmentally dirty to boot." in  "


** 22apr13

44 percent of wells leaking at UK Treasury director [Baroness Hogg]’s gasfield  Australian government   Frack Off 20apr13 - Baroness Hogg was appointed there by Cuadrilla's head Lord Browne under his remit in Cabinet Office to appoint people of his choice within all Gov Departments (to increase the pervasiveness of the gassy/oily undemocratic infestation)

Is Africa being sold for a handful of glass beads    Critical Thought by Jonathan Deal @TimelessKaroo & see Treasure Karoo Action Group - Home




Fracking could hit house prices, warn surveyors - Estate Agent Today 15apr13

 HSE responds to New Statesman article on fracking - vg tweets but too prolific for me to follow - many on fracking

2 great names for new US Bills: Polis’ bill, the “Bringing Reductions to Energy’s Airborne Toxic Health Effect (BREATHE) Act” (H.R. 1154) is based on the premise that oil and gas wells and their associated infrastructure can cause significant air pollution & Cartwright’s bill, the “Focused Reduction of Effluence and Stormwater Runoff Through Hydraulic Environmental Regulation (FRESHER) Act” (H.R. 1175), would require stormwater runoff permits for oil and gas construction and operations to protect surface water resources.  This is essential because rain causes runoff from fracking sites that can contain sediment and other pollutants which end up in nearby waters. Via Climate Progress -Joe Romm. EWG report March 2013 - ‘Fossil and Nuclear Fuels - the Supply Outlook’ pdf v useful eg on shale gas fracking etc. I’ve downloaded it (in fracking shale gas folder)




Balcombe Vanessa Vine, a Balcombe resident, of Frack Free Sussex (FFS), fears for the ecological future around the site as it is near the London to Brighton railway line, the River Ouse, Ardingly Reservoir, and a Grade II listed viaduct. “The threat is not only to our seismic security, but puts in jeopardy our wild ecology, our farmland and thereby our health, through industrialisation of our landscape and resultant contamination of soil, air and groundwater,” she said. “It beggars belief that our legislators appear set to allow hydraulic fracturing to be carried out.” 


An Open Letter to the New York Farm Bureau [from a farmer] refers to A study titled Marcellus Shale Drilling’s Impact on the Dairy Industry in Pennsylvania: A Descriptive Report, was published in February 2013 in the peer reviewed journal New Solutions.


Family says gas drilling turning paradise home into nightmare   Investigations - WTAE Home 29mar13 re Headley

New Study Exposes How Natural Gas Isn't the Clean Fossil Fuel It's Hyped up to Be   Alternet 27mar13

Sand From Fracking Could Pose Lung Disease Risk To Workers   Shots - Health News   NPR 29mar13

Democracy in Action as Fracking is Voted Down in Colorado Springs – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service 29mar13

UK Budget 2013  Shale Gas Tax Breaks   Extreme Energy Initiative

CCC Minerals & waste plan

Cuadrilla to Hayes letter

Budget 2013  George Osborne commits to UK shale gas boom   Environment   The Guardian 20mar13

Friends of the Earth  Budget 2013 - Friends of the Earth reaction 20mar13

Chesapeake names interim chief executive - 29mar13 by Ed Crooks in New York “Chesapeake Energy ... the second-largest gas producer in the US .. its large debt burden and ... opaque finances “Longstanding concerns about corporate governance”

UK shale gas no “get out of jail free card” on Environmental Expert

REAF - Ribble Estuary Against Fracking - News  Community excluded in fracking risk assessment sham

Long-Term Costs Of Fracking Are Staggering   ThinkProgress 19mar13

Fracking communities should get incentives, says minister [ Hayes ]  Environment   The Guardian 18mar13

More Threats From Fracking  Radioactive Waste   Common Dreams 25jan13

25mar13 -

Any Rowell


Environmentalists Cry Foul Over New 'Partnership' Announced Between Enviros and Drillers in the Marcellus Shale   Alternet


*** Fracking go ahead  Five differences between the US and UK   Greenpeace UK Fracking go ahead  Five differences between the US and UK   Greenpeace UK  - NB - not fracking



Roger Williams MP writes…Why I’m backing Tim Yeo’s Energy Bill amendments – and urging my colleagues to join me  21mar13


America's shale energy revolution is another Ponzi fraud — RT Op-Edge 21mar13 - but surely he’s wrong re rising gas prices in US. Others say they’ve been falling due to overproduction?


Judge Rules In Favor Of Journalists, Unseals Fracking Court Records   Earthjustice  20mar13


New Office to look at community benefits for shale gas projects - Press releases - Inside Government - GOV.UK 20mar13


Fracking  the new gold rush 21mar13  very very wordy


Budget 2013  'Fracking' wins Government backing - 20mar13

Osborne throws down the fracking gauntlet – so the gloves are off from now on!!   Bridgend Green Party 20mar13

Osborne Budget speech

1:00:57 Energy

1:02:22 “I also want Britain to tap into new sources of low cost energy like shale gas. So I am introducing a generous new tax regime including a ‘shale gas field allowance’ to promote early investment. And by the summer new planning guidance will be available alongside specific proposals to allow local communities to benefit. Shale gas is part of the future and we will make it happen.”



Bribes?: ‘Fracking communities should get incentives, says minister - Energy minister John Hayes does not say whether handouts should come from taxpayer or fracking companies’  Fiona Harvey & Damian Carrington 18mar13 Environment   The Guardian


The Fracked-up USA Shale Gas Bubble   Global Research 13mar13 via RAFF tweet


* Fracking company Cuadrilla halts operations at Lancashire drilling site   Environment   The Guardian 13mar13 The events leading to the rebuke began when casing of a well drilled at the Preese Hall site was damaged by an earthquake caused by its drilling on 1 April 2011. The deformation in the well was discovered in routine investigations a few days later. Deformation of well casings can be serious, causing gas or fracking fluids – water and chemicals – to leak. In this case the integrity of the well was not compromised and there were no leaks or danger of contamination.


* So why have Cuadrilla suddenly decided on doing EIAs? 13mar13

RAFF Residents action on FyldeFracking. #Cuadrilla., Lancashire fracking delayed until 2014 clip of BBC local radio interviewing Cuadrilla CEO and RAFF’s Tina


‘Fracking stalls to conduct impact study’ - Local Business - Blackpool Gazette 13mar13

*** UK unveils Office of unconventional gas & oil – another nail in the climate change coffin  - Kevin Anderson  kevinanderson.info12mar13

Dec 2012. Prof Kevin Anderson of Tyndall Centre gives evidence on shale gas to UK Parliamentary committee

UCG 20 Impacts of Underground Coal Gasification   Frack Off

Jessica Ernst vs Encana  - true facts 1st hand - not sensationalism/scaremongering from 2nd-hand mis-info as industry says


Prospect of fracking in Somerset unites unlikely coalition of protesters 12mar13


Shale gas rush  the fracking companies hoping to strike it rich   Environment 12mar13 Ian Griffiths


Lord Browne promises to invest 'whatever it takes' in UK fracking - Chairman of UK's only shale gas driller Cuadrilla says billions of pounds could be sunk into 'dash for gas' in defiance of critics 12mar13


UK unveils Office of unconventional gas & oil – another nail in the climate change coffin -  12mar13  As the UK government establishes an Office of Unconventional Gas and Oil, Secretary of State for energy and climate change (Ed Davey) claims shale gas development is compatible with the UK’s international 2°C commitments; Tyndall Centre researchers disagree!  Yesterday (11 March 2013) I attended an event in Westminster with the title Office of Unconventional Gas and Oil: scoping the incentives and barriers to the development of unconventional gas and oil in the UK.

Fracking hell  Britain's gas rush - 12min video The Ecologist 28feb13 - industrialization of the rural landscape

eg threat to organic farming and salad growing  speaking eg Balcombelocals

FoE Friends of the Earth  Please tell Lancashire County Council you don't want fracking   Climate Change   Campaign Actions 8feb13 

British Geological Survey  “Water contamination cannot be ruled out”   Frack Off  27jan13  - Lord Howell Lord Brown etc etc

Quebec’s St. Lawrence fracking ban challenged under NAFTA - The Globe and Mail 22nov12

 Pro-fracking petition with fake signatures embarrasses gas association   Grist

Fears fracking could be  fast tracked - Peers and charities fear a change in the law will allow the Government to “fast track” fracking against the will of local communities.  - Telegraph Lousie Gray 23feb13 “The Growth and Infrastructure Bill, currently going through the House of Lords, could allow exploration for shale gas to be considered as of “national significance”, meaning the Government can override local authorities to grant planning permission.”


** The Truth About Fracking - 8 Fracking Myths Debunked   Permaculture Magazine Zion Lights & Maddy Harland 20feb13  via Chris Rowley on fb.


Economist Debates  Fracking Feb2013


North West Evening Mail   News   Fracking firms ‘could find South Cumbria attractive’ 16jan13 Gleaston area Roosecote Nigel Smith, who works for the British Geological Survey, has said high organic carbon in rock samples in the Gleaston area – coupled with existing gas infrastructure – could make South Cumbria attractive to prospective exploration firms. A borehole, near Gleaston Castle Farm, was drilled in 1971 and another hole was drilled later by the BGS in Roosecote. Figures in a paper presented by the BGS showed high levels of total organic carbon in rock at the sites, as well as oilshows in Roosecote. Mr Smith said: “South Cumbria is on the NW margin of the main Carboniferous Pennine Basin, ...

Campaign against CC write: "Industry denied previous research that 4% of methane could leak out during fracking. Devastating new research now suggests leakage of the potent greenhouse gas could be up to 9%, shattering claims of lower climate impact”
‘Bridge To Nowhere? NOAA Confirms High Methane Leakage Rate Up To 9% From Gas Fields, Gutting Climate Benefit’ 2jan13 Joe Romm

Vanessa Vine speaks very well vs fracking: Sky News - residents pour scorn on fracking plans 13.12.12 - YouTube and fracking proponent dodges clear answer to safety and environment concerns.