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  1. The RSPB: Climate change: Shale gas › ... › UK energy policy
    10 Mar 2014 - 'Fracking' shale gas threatens to undermine the UK's commitments to fighting climate ... For example, by disturbing birds and wildlife with traffic and drilling noises, ... The impacts on the environment are poorly understood but ...
  2. The RSPB: Projects: Shale gas fracking project › Our work › Projects
    Shale gas fracking project. Fracking. Shale gas extraction site. Image: WCN 24/7 ... out for birds and wildlife, tackling the problems that threaten our environment.
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    Shale gas in the UK - RSPB
    Interest in fracking for shale gas is rapidly expanding in the UK as a result of ... is rich in wildlife, including internationally important populations of migratory birds. ... naturalenvironment remain uncertain but best available evidence suggests ...
  4. The RSPB: News: North West wildlife and water quality put ... › News
    13 Mar 2014 - Birds & wildlife ... North West wildlife and water quality put at risk byfracking ... The report highlights a lack of regulation around shale gas exploitation ... He has said we have the strongest environmental controls in this country ...
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    Policy Briefing: Shale Gas in the UK - RSPB
    4 Environmental risks from shale gas exploration & extraction ... serious risks of water pollution as a result of fracking which could impact on wildlife and the ... (SPAs) which are recognised for their populations of internationally important birds.
  6. Leading countryside groups join forces to challenge ... - RSPB › News
    13 Mar 2014 - Birds & wildlife ... The report highlights a lack of regulation around shale gas exploitation which could ... Simon Pryor, National Trust Natural EnvironmentDirector, said: “The debate on fracking needs to be evidence based.
  7. The RSPB: News: RSPB raises fracking fears for wildlife › News
    17 Aug 2013 - The RSPB is issuing its first objections to fracking proposals over concerns ... and whooper swans and could cause disturbance to the birds. ... “We have looked closely at the rules in place to police drilling for shale gas and oil, and they are ... The charity has also joined with other wildlife and environment ...
  8. Leading countryside groups join forces to challenge ... - RSPB › News
    13 Mar 2014 - Poorly regulated fracking and shale gas extraction risks harming ... report produced by the UK's leading wildlife and countryside groups. ... Birds &wildlife ... full environmental assessments to be carried out for each proposal, ...
  9. The RSPB: Saving special places: Fracking › Saving special places
    11 Apr 2014 - Birds & wildlife ... The UK government has been very clear in its support for fracking, ... to 10 per cent of our shale gas reserves in the north of England alone. ... our wildlife and our environment, this is a very serious concern.
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    Hydraulic fracturing for shale gas in the UK - RSPB
    4 Mar 2014 - ... gas in the UK: Examining the evidence for potential environmentalimpacts ... The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds 2014. Independent ... Salmon & Trout Association, The Wildlife Trusts and Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust). Citation: ... Shale gas deposits and high-volume hydraulic fracturing. 8. 1.2.