Kendal's Strawberry Field and its Lapwings  -  by Henry Adams, Ecological Consultant, Kendal  

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All of this field is under threat of loss, and over a fifth of it - imminently. It urgently needs at least a count of the number of people who want it saved. This page aims firstly to help you easily become one of its counted supporters (and to strengthen your support with comments if you so wish), and to allow you to enable your friends to do so too. It also aims to provide you with further information about the field, its existing assets and future threats.

View of Kendal's Strawberry field

Facebook page 'Kendal Strawberry Field and its Lapwings'   < click and 'like' page to help save field from destruction

The aims of the Facebook page are:

1. to increase awareness of these wonderful assets, which are being ignored or politically 'down-played' by pro-development interests, and:

2. to give those who value its present features a place to show how much they do so.

NB: By simply 'liking' the facebook page you can quickly add strength in numbers and 'solidarity'. Also do 'like' any features portrayed that you hope won't be lost. If you don't want page updates from there to your Facebook feed then just do the latter, but you may miss major updates, such as the inspector's decision.
It is hoped that those with power to influence the future of this site will have regard to the site's existing qualities and the strength of support for these, so that their thinking can redirect towards maintaining these not replacing them with development of higher monetary value though lower overall 'well-being' value. 

Certainly the field's manager Christine Bell has been very aware and very supportive of the natural assets of the Strawberry field for many years, and these assets have been very dependent on her sensitive methods of management for PYO fruit and veg. However the owner, planners, councillors, developers, consultants also have an influential involvement in the site's future.

This html page has pasted onto it the full text on the Facebook page - useful for those who can't easily access Facebook.

If you can't access Facebook but want to register your support for liking any or all of the existing features of Kendal's Strawberry field and its lapwings (and hoping they can be maintained) please email me at:    < copy and paste

VIDEO of KSF lapwings - 1 minute video clip of Kendal's Strawberry field lapwings by Dave Weatherley

 - inspiring. I hope Dave films the tumbling display too some time.

PHOTOS of KSF - My PHOTOS of Kendal's Strawberry field

2013 Inquiry - The June 2013 Inquiry      <<< click for fuller details.  Summary below:

The inquiry concerned a proposed housing development in the “Green Triangle” at the SE edge of Kendal, which would destroy at least a fifth of the Strawberry field (which has supported breeding lapwings for many years). I was acting as an independent ecological consultant ‘witness’ to support both Dennis Reed’s larger contribution as Chairman of TOG - the Triangle Opposition Group, Kendal, as well as my own independent assessment as a consultant - though must admit an interest as a resident living in SE Kendal - and thus having a strong concern for the well-being of living things that reside here (species including Homo sapiens). However - by agreement with Dennis Reed my role in the inquiry was confined to the Lapwings of the Strawberry field and the wildlife and site features on which they depend. (Most of the area covered by the development proposal would be the green field to the North-West of the Strawberry field - a significant proportion of the green gap between Kendal and Oxenholme).

My submission to Inquiry Inpector re KSF Lapwings

My talk at the Inquiry: pdf of text with 'slides'

Inspector's decision and subsequent events, news etc

Inspector's decision: no compromise Osborne/pro-development
ITV News: 4nov13 Report by Fiona Marley Paterson: Kendal homes decision debated - ITV News - When broadcast at c. 22:30hrs it was shortened (gutted) by removing all the tiny amount of wildlife content - so it became a pro-housing piece - with the fragments of TOG side devoid of any substance so as to look like merely a ridiculous nimby no-to-everything.

I will be adding other relevant links to both my pages and other people's/orgs when I have time.

In the longer term at least half of the field is under threat from being levelled and converted to a large tarmacced car-park, a 2-storey building including night-club and rugby facilities, and lit-up playing fields. Amazing these are all considered compatible to being part of the green gap.

The Rugby Club need to be aware of the strength of support for the Strawberry Field as it is now - and for them to get the money they need to improve the facilities where they are at present (NE Kendal).

Inspector's decision

Back in 2011:

10dec11 Letter from Henry Adams to SLDC Planning in response to LAND AT OXENHOLME ROAD, KENDAL, 
including the “Strawberry Field” – a lapwing breeding site, re DEVELOPMENT:  EXTENSION TO TIME CONDITION ON PLANNING PERMISSION SL/2008/1220 (engineering ops re Rugby Club’s plans),  REF. NUMBER: SL/2011/0896

Parts of my April 2011 submission to SLDC Planning re land allocations (here as 2 pdfs):

Green Gap & Strawberry field:        The Kendal-Oxenholme Green Gap (R120, ON1, M2M, RN133M) 

Green Gap & Strawberry field (more photos):      R120, ON1, RN133M, M2M: Panorama from The Helm, showing the landscape importance of the Kendal-Oxenholme Green Gap