FRACKING: Posters by REAF and Frack Off on fracking for shale gas, & other unconventional gas extraction methods
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Below are posters by REAF and Frack Off on Extreme Energy in the UK:  DECC licences map,  fracking and Seismic activity,  Groundwater contamination,  Well integrity failure,  Flowback water,  Toxic fracking fluid - where's it going?   How many truck-loads,  Carbon targets and budgets,  Climate change,
Air pollution,  Health, Jobs and the Rural economy,  Gas prices,  Alternative Energy,  EIA,  geology profiles,  Coal Bed Methane aerial view,
Meet the Frackers!!!  UCG licences map etc.

This new web-page shows parts of some of the very informative posters displayed by REAF and RAFF at Camp Frack 2 in May 2013 which I photographed there.
RAFF kindly gave me permission to display them on my website.

I'll re-iterate the obvious - that
the expressions "knowledge is power" and "the facts speak for themselves" are very apt here.
Pro-frackers are very concerned that people to be affected by fracking do not get too knowledgeable about the reality of fracking before they get distracted by the bribes of "community benefits". So do spread knowledge as a top priority!

A Frack Off poster:
EXTREME ENERGY? DECC Licence Map & 4 types of EE

Via link to Frack Off's excellent website:       How fracking will damage the landscape
Aerial photo with overlay & profile of well

REAF Seismic Activity 1

REAF Seismic Activity 2

Groundwater Contamination

Well integrity failure rates

Groundwater Contamination 2

Flowback water

Toxic fracking fluid - where's it going?

How many trucks?

Carbon Targets and Budgets

Climate Change

Air Pollution


Jobs and the Rural Economy

Gas Prices

Gas Prices - Shale

Alternative Energy

Environmental Impact Assessment - EIA


Geological profiles - Hesketh-1 & Banks

COAL BED METHANE aerial photo & profile

Underground Coal Gasification - Licenses maps & profile

UCG 2 - near Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Shale Gas (fracking), Coal Bed Methane & UCG Licenses

Meet the Frackers!!!

Planning Permission objection letter

Template letter to LCC

Preese Hall Shale Gas Fracturing - Green, Styles & Baptie

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