The most extreme of extreme energy projects threatening the UK and Cumbria?
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Frack Off has produced very useful info on UCG - e.g. 'Underground Coal Gasification'

The present webpage focuses on UCG threats to Cumbria.
Other unconventional gas threats in Cumbria (e.g. CBM, fracking), are in the Cumbria section of my fracking web-page.

Introduction to UCG

In addition to fracking for shale gas, the other unconventional gas extraction methods we face here in the UK are drilling for Coal Bed Methane (aka CSG - Coal Seam Gas - in Australia) - which can include fracking (even without fracking it produces much toxic water), and the most risky of the lot: UCG - Underground Coal Gasification - which involves setting fire to coal underground to release burnable gaseous products (like "coal gas" - the municipal "town gas" of old - except produced underground and less controllably [<here even a pro-fracker is anti-UCG])[+ see Avaaz petition]. These are all types of extreme energy - which differ from conventional fossil fuel energy in requiring much more energy expenditure and carbon emissions per unit of energy produced, and much higher environmental and/or health risks. What could be more opposite to what we need now in the face of increasing climate change! But blinkered greed for short-term profit has no concern for future harm to people, wildlife or environment.

Even pro-fracking applied geophysicist James Verdon (Bristol University) is against UCG: http://frackland.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/underground-coal-gasification.html

Q&A session with Paul Mobbs by The Ecologist's film unit in December 2012:
Underground coal gasification  the 'nuclear option' of unconventional energy - The Ecologist
Coal gas company warns - stop campaigning or we will sue - Paul Mobbs - 18may14 - News - The Ecologist.

Cumbria County Council's 31jul14 Briefing No.3 on Unconventional Hydrocarbons, (pdf) by Sue Brett, Minerals & Waste Planning Policy, Unit/Directorate: Environment. This covers UCG as well as CBM and shale/fracking.

UCG threats to Cumbria

CumbriaMapUnconventionalGas <<< MAP (thumbprint here needs updating) from Frack Off (click to get full UK map on Frack Off website)

The UCG licence blocks are shown as dark blackish grey.

(orange skull & cross-bones show CBM Coal-Bed Methane sites)
(yellow skull & cross-bones show fracking sites for shale gas - none shown for Cumbria yet)

Cumbria's main unconventional gas threat is UCG near Whitehaven and Workington (and Solway), and CBM in 'Solway basin' area.

The proposals for UCG near Whitehaven are insanity - doubly so as it's not far from Sellafield.
Mel Kelly of Irvine Scotland is writing an article on this and I'll link to it when the link is available.

Mel Kelly talks about the UCG threat, mentioning the potentially explosive proposal not far from Sellafield:


Published on 25 Sep 2013

Citizen Journalist Mel Kelly's Open Democracy.net research got the attention of Scottish Parliament re: UCG (Unconventional Coal Gasification) leases that could allow Tory benefactor companies to use bankruptcy to escape environmental liability for this controversial (and indeed banned in Australia) process. We hear CEO of Riverside, an Australian UCG drilling company that bought these leases for next to nothing for a 300 year supply, as he pitches his pre-IPO company to investors. Once again it's David Cameron vs Alex Salmond & Scotland in this Must-See clip.

^^^^^^ extract from text on YouTube below video. Also worth reading the comment(s) there.

For more from Mel Kelly on UCG etc see her articles in Open Democracy: www.opendemocracy.net/author/mel-kelly

Example: here is a "must read" on UCG: 'Naughty boy receives coal (at our expense)' Mel Kelly, 30aug13   openDemocracy.
However, I'm not so happy with the last sentence (unless I've misunderstood it). UCG should not be exploited for revenue - whatever the revenue is used for.

1oct13  '
Britain seen putting off subsea coal gasification projects'   Reuters
Part of Mel Kelly's response: "I'm certain last night's Reuters report was intended to try to make us stop campaigning and sharing the information - but as I said - there is no mention of the licenses being revoked and our coal being passed back into the nation's safekeeping so I think the anti UCG show must go on."

Mel Kelly is about to publish a report on UCG. I'll add a link when it becomes available.

UCG threats beyond Cumbria

UCG news mostly via Mel Kelly:

1sep15 Mel Kelly talks on 'Fracking Nightmare - Episode 65 - YouTube' Ian R Crane writes: "Many people are under the illusion that Scotland has a 'Moratorium' on FRACKING ... IT DOESN'T; it has a 'Political Pause'!   Campaigner Mel Kelly exposes the magnitude of the SNP treachery and their plans to give the 'Green Light' to the Unconventional Gas Industry in Scotland, immediately after the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May 2016!".
26aug15 Cluff shelves Forth coal gas plan https://theferret.scot/cluff-shelves-forth-coal-gas-plan/ Robert Edwards in The Ferret - a new publication.
'Fracking moratorium 'should be extended' to underground coal gasification' - BBC News
22 Feb 2015 - "Anti-fracking groups call on the Scottish government to include underground coal gasification in its moratorium on the development of unconventional gas"

AUSTRALIA: UCG there has been disastrous:
Linc Energy: Secret report reveals toxic legacy of coal gasification trials near SE Queensland town
ABC News   Australian Broadcasting 10aug15
     The same video, together with its transcript is here:
This is the massive gas project that's become a time bomb’ - 10/08/2015     ABC 7.30

Also: ‘Government inspectors hospitalised after gasfield visit’ – Brisbane Times, 10aug15 Queensland

Policy on underground coal gasification likely soon 13oct13 - The Economic Times
SOUTH AFRICA: Underground coal gasification holds significant opportunity for SA 10oct13 – Lennon
WALES: Plans for a public meeting in Burry Port over underground coal gasification 9oct13 - This is South Wales. MP Nia Griffith & local councillors met Algy Cluff. <<< His co. has UCG licence(s) 'in' Cumbria.