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Tibet mine protest crackdown exposes China’s ‘nature reserve’ sham 27aug13? re Bob & Barb hol

WDM: Famine and poverty are a result of poor governance, not overpopulation - Telegraph - Comments by Nick Dearden & others

BBC News - In full  Lib Dem conference 2013 agenda
LibDem Autumn Conference

ILUC: Parliament’s lead biofuels MEP in last-ditch battle for ILUC recognition   EurActiv 10??13

Food crisis fears prompt UN wake-up call to world leaders   Global development
 United Nations urges governments to do more to support small farmers to curb hunger, poverty and climate change - 

Governments in rich and poor countries alike should renounce their focus on agribusiness and give more support to small-scale, local food production to achieve global food security and tackle climate change, according to a report from Unctad, the UN trade and development body.

The 2013 Trade and Environment Review, calls on governments to "wake up before it is too late" and shift rapidly towards farming models that promote a greater variety of crops, reduced fertiliser use and stronger links between small farms and local consumers.

Persistent rural poverty, global hunger, population growth and environmental concerns must be treated as a collective crisis, argues the report, which criticises the international response to the 2008 food-price crisis for focusing on technical "quick-fixes".

... Several of the contributors call for a focus on food sovereignty, a concept introduced more than a decade ago by the international peasants' movementLa Via Campesina. Unlike food security, often defined as ensuring people have enough to eat, food sovereignty focuses on questions of power and control. It puts the needs and interests of those who produce and consume food at the heart of agricultural systems and policies.

NGOs claim poor countries lose $100bn yearly from tax dodges by EU firms   EurActiv 19sep13 - Spotlight falls on tax avoidance as Concord group calls for action to ensure poor countries keep fair share of revenues 18sep13 Mark Tran  Global development

ECONOMICS: nef: Why the Coalition’s austerity story is so powerful - and how we can counter it   new economics foundation 11sep13

The Tour of Britain SLDC


CC: Bristol University 15sep13  Cabot Institute   Achilles’ heel of ice shelves is beneath the water, scientists reveal

Angola  Head of State appoints Ecocide Convention Work Team   Ecocide Alert

UK's main political parties have 'failed to show leadership on environment'   13sep13

BBC Nature - Smart approach to house spider survey

Sugar intake must come down, says WHO – but UK likely to resist   Life and style   The Guardian  via Berni Meaden

ClientEarth ClientEarth - environmental law, environmental justice, air, oceans, energy, climate, forests, toxics, health  - environmental law, environmental justice, air, oceans, energy, climate, forests, toxics, health


Shale gas explorer IGas Energy prepares to drill near Manchester - Telegraph 12sep13 Emily Gosden

*** Letters  Balcombe residents' experience of poor fracking regulation   The Guardian 11sep13

Green Party   Natalie Bennett Conference Speech (Text in Full)  13sep13

Moving the C of E beyond its arms company shame   Ekklesia

The 'real world' economy   Ekklesia

Green think tanks and NGOs fear Cameron's charity clampdown - 30 Aug 2013 - Analysis from BusinessGreen

The Stage   Reviews   The Energy Show

Green Liberal Democrats Fb:

Tim Farron on yes to homes

Stephen Gilbert writes … Liberal Democrats should be proud of the Energy Bill

BEES: Dave's blog   Goulson Lab   School of Life Sciences   University of Sussex

BEES etc: 11sep13

DEFRA rejects science behind neonicotinoid ban   Login   The ENDS Report 12sep13

Responsible Investor Is the tide turning on ‘big carbon’? The surprising step change in the stranded assets debate. Free-to-air ‘don’t miss’ article! Stranded assets? Sustainable investors must understand oil, gas, coal sector cost curves… by Craig Mackenzie | August 30th, 2013

There is no such thing as individuals. It’s communities that matter, on the Isle of Pellworm – by Dr Philipp Grünewald, University of Oxford   UKERC Blog  The Current Event 2sep13

Are the Green Tories preparing a fight back  - 23 Aug 2013 - James' Blog  a blog from BusinessGreen.

UK Climatologist  Time To Stop Pandering To The Politically Possible, End Meaningless Timelines - Democratic Underground

CAfS Cumbria Action for Sustainability on Eventbrite

IGas Energy tries to take the heat out of fracking   The Times


Factions papering over the fracks  We drill down into a PR war that turned fracking into the topic of the summer   Metro News 11sep13

Oil & Gas Well Casing - YouTube & otherfracking info videos

Frack Free UK - 350


British Society of Soil Science - British Society of Soil Science dana 23aug13

New report  Common Cause for Nature   Common Cause 12aug13


BIOMASS UK U3As, by eSpatial Interactive Mapping

BBC News 4sep13  - Balcombe protests  Fracking row village sees fresh plan


15aug13 To frack or not to frack  That is the question for communities   Local Leaders Network

10aug13 New Study Finds High Methane Emissions from Gas Drilling   The Allegheny Front NOAA

PLANNING: Log-in to read more about Property owners not to be notified of underground oil and gas drilling under government proposals

TAR SANDS & FQD how do these fit into this?

Armed Extraction  The UK Military in Nigeria Platform 17aug13

BBC News - Climate change 'driving spread of crop pests'

Forest bolsters bird abundance, pest control and coffee yield - Karp - 2013 - Ecology Letters - Wiley Online Library 27aug13

Blobfish voted world's ugliest animal   Environment

Paint.NET v3.5.11 is now available   Paint.NET Blog

Unconventional Oil and Austerity  The Dual Crises of Our Time Steve Rushton 5jun13?
ECONOMICS: 13sep13
OIL: Tullow makes first Arctic oil discovery   Business 6sep13  The Guardian
ECONOMICS:  Bank of England   Markets   Funding For Lending Scheme   Funding for Lend
BBC News - Copper linked to Alzheimer's disease 19aug13
Is climate change humanity's greatest-ever risk management failure  22aug13  Dana Nuccitelli   Environment
 MPs spend summer reading about themselves, survey finds 19aug13
**** It's David Cameron v the Big Society   Nick Lowles 23aug13
ECONOMICS:  The Narrow Framing of Debate on the Economic Crash Stifles Democracy Dr Adnan Al-Daini 6jul13  Foreign Policy Journal
***** OCEAN ACIDIFICATION: Scientists analyze the effects of ocean acidification on marine species 25aug13 ScienceDaily
***** Hard Evidence  how biased is the BBC? 23aug13 THE CONVERSATION      -  via GH
**** Is Windows 8 a Trojan horse for the NSA  The German Government thinks so   PCWorld
****** New biomass sustainability standards  high on carbon, low on honesty   Matt Adam Williams
CCS: 2011: Canadian CCS supremo  We need to build global CCS industry with Europe   EurActiv
Davey “determined to tackle scourge of fuel poverty - Press releases - GOV.UK 9jul13
******** TAR SANDS:  DeSmogBlog  &
Australian floods of 2010 and 2011 caused global sea level to drop 23aug13  Environment
The strange death of the British middle class » by Fraser Nelson The Spectator  24aug13
BP: BP, EPA Spar Over Government Contract Suspension 23aug13 HuffPost
At least 1300 disabled people have died after being told by #DWP  #Atos they  Should prepare for work . - In Actual Fact
ATOS: Backbench Business — Atos Work Capability Assessments  17 Jan 2013  House of Commons debates - TheyWorkForYou
**** Leaked Report  Scientists Now 95 Percent Certain That Humans Are Causing Global Warming Chris Mooney 19aug13 Mother Jones
So the innocent have nothing to fear? After David Miranda we now know where this leads. The destructive power of state snooping is on display for all to see. The press must not yield to this intimidation Simon Jenkins
CC & Sustainability:
**** :
CC: Climate Panel Cites Near Certainty on Warming - 19aug13 via GH
Transition Network
Melting water’s lubricating effect on glaciers has only “minor” role in future sea-level rise.   Ice to future sea-level rise   Ice2sea 12aug13
How to Fry a Planet The Third Carbon Age: Don’t for a Second Imagine We’re Heading for an Era of Renewable Energy by Michael T. Klare
Yasuni: Ecuador abandons plan to stave off Amazon drilling President says scheme to raise money from rich countries to compensate for oil moratorium has pulled in only $13m
Share 1833 Associated Press in Quito, Friday 16 August 2013 03.05 BST
CC: 31jul13 Climate forcing: The impact of aerosols on mid-century temperature hiatus
More than 400 hydroelectric schemes are planned in the mountain region, which could be a disaster for the environment - John Vidal 10aug13


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Demos and the politics of science   Science with Becky Willis



***** Friends of the Earth  We can do better than the Green Deal   Current year   Climate Change news



****BBC iPlayer - Horizon  2012-2013  What's Killing Our Bees  A Horizon Special  via Strawbridge tweet
** Jonathan Freedland 

Complicit No More in Tar Sands » Steve Rushton

*** Make Billionaires History  Tony Hawks at TEDxChisinau  Postcards from the future - YouTube

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The best things in life are free, says Fleet Street Fox - Fleet Street Fox - Mirror Online  via Gwen

Report: European oil exploration threatens Congo world heritage site 1aug13  EurActiv Virunga Soco Total

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Exclusive  'Bigger than phone hacking' - Soca sat on blue-chip dirty tricks evidence for years - Crime - UK - The Independent 25jul13 re pharma & banks


 Foreign ministers promote ‘water diplomacy’   EurActiv 23jul13
^^^ 26jul13 ^^^^^^^^^^^

Natural Gas Spews 'Uncontrolled' Into Gulf Following Blowout   Common Dreams



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ECONOMICS: mainly macro  How much has austerity cost (so far)  Simon Wren-Lewis
So the 6% figure implies that austerity has cost the average UK household a total of about £3,500 over these three years. Although all governments like to give the impression that they can have a big impact on people’s prosperity, few actually do. These numbers suggest that the current UK government has managed to do so, but unfortunately by making us all poorer.
ECONOMICS: Femke Groothuis  How Taxes Can Save the World   Ensia 'The Ex’tax idea is to shift taxation from labor to natural resources.
The Precautionary Principle in Contemporary Environmental Politics
*** This column will change your life  nature and nurture   Life and style   The Guardian - Oliver Burkeman 16mar13
**** CC  Speech by John Ashton   Our Choice Unchained:  Climate Change, Growth, and the  Baleful Power of a Modern Cult New Economics Foundation Alternative Mansion House Speech, with Frances O’Grady Chartered Accountants Hall, City of London, 8 July 2013 Check against delivery Archbishop Desmond Tutu tells this story, according to a recent biography. “When the missionaries came to Africa”, the Archbishop says, “they had the Bible and we
had the land. They said ‘Let us pray.’ So we closed our eyes and prayed. And when we opened our eyes again, we had the Bible and they had the land”. You can surrender a valuable asset without even noticing until it is too late. Our most valuable asset, it’s what makes us human, is the gift of will. Our collective will, expressed through politics, gives us the power to choose the future we want.   But my generation has done a terrible thing. We closed our eyes and surrendered our capacity to build the future. 
 RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms - YouTube  
**** WATER:  Britain’s privatised water companies have been allowed to get away with paying “excessive dividends” to their foreign owners at the expense of customers and the taxpayer, the industry’s former regulator warns today.  In a damning indictment at the state of the industry he once oversaw Sir Ian Byatt, former director-general of Ofwat, said shareholder returns of between 20 and 30 per cent a year meant some companies were no longer able fund vital projects.

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 Markets make best case for Glass-Steagall -  via tweet from Coppola
** CC: 
***** Indirect induced seismicity - 
Amusing: Israel Palestine



MISC: BBC News - London 'cheesegrater' building's topping-out ceremony 18jun13 
OIL:  Oil Train Explosion  Tragic Reminder of High Cost of Fossil Fuel Dependency   Common Dreams 7jul13 

BBC & Shard 


CC: 10jul13
CC Climate change is happening too quickly for species to adapt   Environment   The Observer 14jul13 Robin McKie A study has shown that the speed of evolutionary change is far outstripped by the rate of global warming, meaning many creatures will face extinction
HS2: Northern MP suggests HS2 will just be a  high speed sucking  service to London - YouTube

SLACC july 2013 Newsletter
TAR SANDS & 1st Nations
EU Commission statement in response to the recent incidents of illegal turf cutting in Ireland
Ireland: Stop digging on issue of raised bogs 5jul13
****3jul13 Has Becky Willis got what she wants?
nef: Strategic quantitative easing   new economics foundation
BBC Radio 4 - Mabey in the Wild, Series 2, Episode 2
CC Divestment CofE


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Wearing a mask at a riot is now a crime - Politics - CBC News 19jun13
G8: via tweet by Monbiot
*****  FRACKING: &....: Who needs lobbying - by @BernaMeaden  Ekklesia
RSPB: Helping Nature to Help Us - Final Final Scottish Climate A4 booklet_tcm9-184696
** Land-based carbon offsets  False hope  Forest and soil carbon is important, but does not offset fossil fuel emissions 30may13
** IEA pdf
***     10jun13 letter from Eric Pickles  WWF Russia Kokorin

*****  Bob Hoskins of IC Grantham BUT...

***   atacking Bono's ONE (not the IF!)

above: 19jun13 Wed



Leslie Hatfield  Damning New Study Demonstrates Harm to Animals Raised on GMO Feed
Insect resistance to Bt crops  lessons from the first billion acres   Nature Biotechnology   Nature Publishing Group


*** Max Keiser
** IFS

* Margare Hodge
Tax Justice Network  Global Alliance for Tax Justice - new website
Tell Thames Water’s to pay its fair share of taxes.   SumOfUs

13jun13 Clegg via Gwen tweet

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Some interesting web-pages visited up to 4jun13 but unclassified:

Above to 10 jun13
BBC News - Recall powers  Zac Goldsmith against government plans  re gov [pseudo-] recall plan as cf true #recall 5jun13

I want to see a community energy revolution in the UK   Ed Davey   Environment 6jun13

^^^ collated on 6jun13
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Africa’s riches could ‘dwarf international assistance’  NGO   EurActiv 29may13

30may13 EU ministers approve crackdown on over-fishing   EurActiv re eg Chris Davies

DEVELOPMENT  The Report of the High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Loss of big fruit-eating birds impacting trees in endangered rainforests 31may13

The Swedish shock wave is a lesson. We could have unrest here without action on jobs - Comment - Voices - The Independent 2jun13 Favid Blanchflower


**** I signed on to this: Sign-on statement  stop UK aid giveaway to multinationals UK civil society statement on the G8’s New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition  War on Want Monsanto DfID G8  The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition is a private sector investment initiative launched by the G8 in May 2012. Its objective is to open up African agriculture to multinational agribusiness companies by means of national ‘cooperation frameworks’ between African governments, donors and private sector investors, with no reference to the needs or wishes of African farmers.  Companies such as Monsanto, Syngenta, Cargill, Diageo, Unilever, Yara and DuPont have signed ‘letters of intent’ to engage in the New Alliance, and ...

Why did the 400ppm carbon milestone cause barely a ripple  30may13  Andrew Simms   Environment


gov special representative

eurostat news release: 29may13 Early estimates of CO2 emissions from energy use In 2012, CO2 emissions in the EU27 are expected
to have decreased by 2.1% compared with 2011

Honeybee Food May Contribute to U.S. Colony Collapse   Scientific American 3jun13

Justin Guay  The Chinese Coal Bubble 29may13