Trees accelerate growth as they get older and bigger, study finds John Vidal 15jan14  Environment
FTA: 'It's David Cameron who's rolling over for big corporations in the EU-US trade deal'  David Martin 6nov13 Comment is free -

FRACKING: UK defeats European bid for fracking regulations
Leaked documents show successful opposition to attempts to safeguard the environment with a legally binding directive Damian Carrington 14jan14  Environment
Ed Crooks 'US still vulnerable to oil shocks, say generals' - 15an14
Securing America's Future Energy -
Ed Crooks 'Compelling case for global deal on climate, says UN' -
Martin Wolf FT Failing elites threaten our future - 14jan14
Drowning in money  the untold story of the crazy public spending that makes flooding inevitable   George Monbiot 13jan14  Comment is free   The Guardian
 Environment Agency - 6,000 more homes in the North West will be better protected from flooding in 2013 14
The Spine Britain's most brutal race via Claire Wickham
COMPUTING via Brian Woodward KompoZer - Easy web authoring
SL WDM & FTAs Tim Baynes Forward_in_Europe_Newsletter_Aug09
CC: David Cameron 'very much suspects' climate change is behind recent storms   Politics   The Guardian
CC: I agree with my hon. Friend that we...  8 Jan 2014  House of Commons debates - TheyWorkForYou
(3) Film showing of 'In Transition 2.0'
Our pensions can change the world - Green Living - The Ecologist
BBC News - Lobbying Bill  Ministers offer concessions after criticism from charities
Listening for Democracy  Paperback  Andrew Dobson - Oxford University Press
Copy to Mum:
Tory attempt to block Snowden EP evidence foiled   Sarah Ludford MEP
German Utilities Hammered in Market Favoring Renewables - Bloomberg
BBC News - Battery advance could boost renewable energy take-up -!/fileManager/UN%20PRI%20consultation%20paper%20January%202014.pdf
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