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Which fossil fuel companies are most responsible for climate change  Duncan Clark & Kiln 20nov13 – interactive   Environment
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In approximate chronological order (most recent first); not fully comprehensive - just the selection I've spotted.

As Arctic ice melts, U.S. military adapting strategy, forces   Reuters

Co-op and Ecotricity fixed deals pile pressure on Big Six 29nov13 Hilary Osborne  Money Dale Vince of ecotricity, Juliet Davenport of Good Energy, Ovo ... via Gwen
Modest deal breaks deadlock at UN climate talks - Yahoo News COP19 agreement to "contributions" rather than "commitments".
As Arctic ice melts, U.S. military adapting strategy, forces 22nov13  Reuters
Chevron raises doubts over £6bn North Sea oil project - 22nov13 Guy Chazan. "rising costs" given as reason. Hooray! "
Rosebank is located about 130km northwest of the Shetland Islands in water depths of about 1,100m. It is estimated to contain 240m barrels of oil. It has been key to hopes for a revival of UK oil production, which has fallen by 38 per cent over the past three years, costing the UK Treasury up to £6bn in lower tax receipts, according to industry estimates."
Inaction on climate change will increase civil unrest, warn leading groups 21nov13 John Vidal  Global development
Environment Groups Walk Out Of Warsaw COP19 Climate Change Talks 21nov13  DeSmogBlog
WWF - NGOs, Social Movements Walk Out Of Warsaw Talks 21nov13
Green groups to stage walk-out at UN climate talks John Vidal 21nov13  Environment
Warsaw's widening climate chasm could lead to 4C warming   Graham Readfearn 21nov13  Environment

Polish 'Bad COP' feared after ministerial sacking 21nov13  EurActiv

**** DECC: Digest of UK Energy Statistics 2013 - 25jul13   statistics_press_notice_2013 pdf    <<<<<<<<<<<< useful eg chart of elec gen by fuel type in 2012 & poss useful reflinks

green jobs and ECO News - Cuts to ECO could lead to thousands of green job losses before Christmas 19nov13
Norway’s SWF to divest from coal
   Energi og Klima 4nov13
Climate Code Red  Parts of Australia reaching threshold where it is impossible for normal life to continue because of the heat, says climate impacts researcher 17nov13 via Bankfield Becky Willis

Cicero - Global Carbon Project - Study: World set for record 36 bn tonnes of CO2 emissions this year 19nov13  EurActiv Center for International Climate and Environmental Research in Oslo (Cicero).

BANKS re CC: British banks among world's biggest lenders to coal industry, report finds RBS tops UK list with lending €5bn for coal-mining operations, followed by Barclays and HSBC Fiona Harvey 18non13  Environment via Gwen tweet

Scientists expose coal industry’s false claims about  high efficiency  coal  No more room for new unabated coal 18nov13 Europoean Climate Foundation
UKERC Energy News Update 18nov13 incl FT re Drax - false picture:
Drax powers a brighter future with biomass Michael Kavanagh 17nov13 -
Climate change crisis fund to assist poor countries almost empty John Vidal 18nov13  Global development
UN climate chief says coal can be part of global warming solution Adam Vaughan & John Vidal 18nov13  Environment
Leave coal in the ground to avoid climate catastrophe, UN tells industry 18nov13 John Vidal & Graham Readfearn  Environment   The Guardian
Climate rallies held across Australia Labor and Greens join firefighters and activists for Climate Action Day protests against Coalition plan to repeal carbon tax 17nov13  World news
Top lawyers demand urgent action on climate change legislation - 15 Nov 2013 - News from BusinessGreen
Developing countries unanimously call for loss and damage mechanism at Warsaw Climate Conference as tragedy of super Typhoon Haiyan unfolds   LDC Group at UN climate change negotiations 11nov13 joint press release from the Least Developed Countries, the Alliance of Small Island States, the Africa Group and the G77/China negotiating blocs
Hebden Bridge writer Rachel Tansey exposes corporate capture of COP19 climate talks  14nov13 Upper Calder Valley Plain Speaker
Extreme Weather Risk Index Unveiled at UN Climate Talks  12nov13 EcoWatch - which countries are suffering most?
Are we on the verge of solving climate change 13nov13   Duncan Clark   Environment
Collapsing Cooling Towers - YouTube - ecotricity
IPCC corrects carbon figures in landmark UN climate report 11nov13 Reuters Environment
It's time to stop this madness  - Philippines plea at UN climate talks RTCC 11nov13
Typhoon Haiyan and climate change Q&A Damian Carrington 11nov13  Environment
How energy companies make profit  A closer look at the data Mat Hope  Carbon Brief
Ed Davey  public trust in energy companies is breaking down Damian Carrington 11nov13 Environment
Cameron's green levy threat 'devastating' energy efficiency industry Damian Carrington 11nov13 Environment
Leadership Lecture  Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg (with images, tweets) · GreenAllianceUK · Storify
▶ Speech of Philippines delegate on hunger strike to demand action on climate change - YouTube
Philippines Negotiator Ties Massive Typhoon to Global Warming and Pledges Hunger Strike at Warsaw Climate Talks  11nov13 EcoWatch
Gas industry employee seconded to draft UK's energy policy Damian Carrington & Andrew Sparrow 10nov13  Environment   The Guardian
Typhoon Haiyan influenced by climate change, scientists say - in The Sydney Morning Herald 11nov13
Five Insurance Companies Debunk Fox On Extreme Weather   Blog 4nov13  Media Matters for America
Revealed  How Big Six energy firms conceal their profits 9nov13 - Home News - UK - The Independent "
Where are the energy companies making their profits 29oct13 Damian Kahya   Greenpeace UK

Will Straw, an associate director of the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) think-tank, said: “Why do they need to make a profit of 5 or 6 per cent when the supermarkets can make do on as little as 2 or 3 per cent? The retail profits they do make should be ploughed back.”   Dieter Helm, professor of energy policy at Oxford University, said: “Why should retailing electricity attract the sort of margins that supermarkets (with all their shops, stocks and associated costs) cannot?”  Ramsay Dunning, the general manager of Co-operative Energy, one of Britain’s biggest independent gas and electricity suppliers, goes one further, dismissing talk of profits for investment as a “red herring” and accusing Ms Knight of being “disingenuous” as the cost of investment has already been accounted for.   “She is throwing mud into the water with that comment because the 4 to 5 per cent number she is using is calculated after accounting for the cost of investment,” he said. In other words, the notion that big profits are needed to help fund investment is largely irrelevant because the profit margins usually quoted by the Big Six already include investment costs.    .....  The energy company obligation (ECO) – which requires the Big Six to better insulate the homes of Britain’s poorest households – will add £47 a year, or 4 per cent, to an expected average bill of £1,267 in 2013, according to the Government. The warm home discount, which entitles some vulnerable people to a £135 discount, adds another £11. Meanwhile, the smart meter rollout will hike the average bill by £3 this year.    Dr Robert Gross, director of the Centre of Energy and Technology at Imperial College London, said: “We need much better transparency about profits and financial flows between the retail and generation ends of the business. Because these companies are ‘vertically integrated’ [generating and selling the energy] it’s all very opaque.”  "

Former UN climate chief  'Australia should send minister to Warsaw talks'  8nov13 Adam Vaughan Environment advisory body categorically rejects argument that UK's climate action is ahead of other countries and disadvantaging businesses
Fossil fuel subsidies 'killing UK's low-carbon future' John Vidal 7nov13  Environment
Fossil fuel subsidies costing rich countries $112 per person - 07 Nov 2013 - News from BusinessGreen ODI report Overseas Development Institute "According to the International Energy Agency, global fossil fuel subsidies totalled $523bn in 2011 - almost six times the amount given to renewable energy."
Fossil Fuels Receive $500 Billion A Year In Government Subsidies Worldwide 7nov13  ThinkProgress re ODI report
Hitting EU green energy goals 'would save billions, boost GDP' - Reuters News - Point Carbon by reducing health costs etcEconomist Debates  Solar energy  Statements
*** cop19_guide_to_corporate_lobbying-with_references pdf
Economic crisis not the main cause of the EU's CO2 drop, researchers say 31oct13  EurActiv 30oct13
EU environment ministers call for 'ambitious' 2030 climate goals 28oct13  Environment
Investors demand fossil fuel giants assess climate risks - 25 Oct 2013 - News from BusinessGreen - Carbon Tracker & Ceres urge... but behind paywall
BBC coverage criticised for favouring climate change sceptics  28oct13 Fiona Harvey  The Guardian
Do Britain's energy firms serve the public interest 26oct13  Will Hutton and Philip Booth   Comment is free   The Observer
INDONESIA COAL: Coal seen rebounding in China on RI curbs   The Jakarta Post 7nov13
Franke James - Artist Blacklisted by Canada Over Criticism of Climate Policy Takes Show to U.S.   InsideClimate News
How Deadly Is Your Kilowatt  We Rank The Killer Energy Sources - Forbes 6oct12  But an energy’s deathprint, as it is called, is rarely discussed. The deathprint is the number of people killed by one kind of energy or another per kWhr produced and, like the carbon footprint, coal is the worst and wind and nuclear are the best.
3 Reasons Germans Are Kicking Ass & Taking Names With Renewable Energy   CleanTechnica <<<< excellent pie chart of German power sources
Fuel price rises are sparking a new wave of direct action 18oct13  Ewa Jasiewicz   Comment is free   The Guardian
How David Cameron's energy reforms put my gas bill up 583%   Donnachadh McCarthy 25oct13 clear price  British Gas Centrica standing charges
Is there any way to bring down our fuel bills 25oct13 - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
FoE (Simon Bullock) adds to the above 2 reports, re: 'Unburnable coal, oil… and gas.' 25oct13 Friends of the Earth
Lord Deben blasts Tory Twitter account   Storytracker   PoliticsHome
The real solution to rocketing energy bills  26oct13 Donna Hume Left Foot Forward
Lord Oxburgh  Why we need a decarbonisation target 25oct13  House Magazine   PoliticsHome
Clegg's warning on green levy is right 24oct13  Friends of the Earth
Green trade bodies press peers to back decarbonisation target - 24 Oct 2013 - News from BusinessGreen
Lord Stern leads latest push for Energy Bill decarbonisation target - 22 Oct 2013 - News from BusinessGreen

FoE briefing document re Energy Bill & 2030 decarb target: energy_2030_decarb.pdf September 2013

Monsanto Big data lets global corps bet on the threat of climate change 24oct13  via Gwen tweet: Gwen Harrison @harrison_gwen Looks like Monsanto's new game will increase no. of people with a vested interest in continued climate

Clear link between climate change and bushfires  UN adviser warns Tony Abbott 22oct13

Revealed  the 185 big companies that are failing the planet - Rob Edwards 20oct13

Jumpers, petitions and the only way to tackle rising energy bills- Businessgreen mobile 18oct13

Infographic  What British Gas says is pushing up bills and why it doesn't make much sense  17oct13 Greenpeace UK ECO etc 16oct13

#2030decarb Friends of the Earth  Sign Ali's letter to the Lords   Climate Change   Campaign Actions 15oct13

****Osborne plan to cut energy efficiency funds for fuel poor is 'unforgivable' 11oct13 Damian Carrington Government's own adviser on fuel poverty says chancellor's attack on Energy Company Obligation is 'completely inequitable' Derek Lickorish, chair of the government's Fuel Poverty Advisory Group, said: "It is completely inequitable to attack the only measure that is doing something for the fuel poor in England. It is unforgivable when we have energy prices that are going only in one direction."   In a letter to No 10, the Treasury and energy departments, seen by the Guardian, Lickorish labels the cuts "perverse", arguing that the fastest and cheapest way of reducing energy bills is through better insulation of the UK's ageing and draughty housing stock.  On Friday the business secretary, Vince Cable, said it would be "short-sighted and foolish" to ditch green levies that make up just under 10% of the average bill. ...
 CEO of SSE, Alistair Phillips-Davies, that his company's 8.2% price hike announced on Thursday ...Phillips-Davies told the Daily Telegraph: ..."We need to think about what people really want to pay for; maybe it's time to retreat from decarbonisation and focus more on the cost of living. I think we have to have a debate about it.

Will a gas oven be cheaper than electric?  - Telegraph
GAS: Britain 'risks blackouts in run-up to next election' - Telegraph (therefore beware of motives!)
‘Science is not finished until it’s communicated’ - UK chief scientist 3oct13 RTCC - Walport actually says some right things for a change.
Shetland windfarm project suffers court setback over rare bird  3oct13 UK news   The Guardian Re whimbrel
Ocean acidification due to carbon emissions is at highest for 300m years 3oct13 Fiona Harvey  The Guardian re the
report by the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO).
The BBC betrayed its values by giving Professor Carter this climate platform   John Ashton 1oct13  Comment is free   The Guardian "In 2011 the BBC Trust invited Prof Steve Jones of University College London toreview the impartiality and accuracy of the BBC's science coverage. In the case of climate change, Jones found that there had indeed been a tendency towards "false impartiality … too often, bodies it turns to in such discussions have a social and political rather than a scientific agenda". David Jordan, the BBC's head of editorial standards, ...So why did Jordan go to the trouble of repudiating him?[Jones] Could it have anything to do with the "long meetings" about climate change he revealed he had recently conducted with Lord Lawson and Peter Lilley, both well known for their lack of scientific credentials and their robust critiques of the views the IPCC has now endorsed?
For scientists in a democracy, to dissent is to be reasonable 30sep13 George Monbiot   Comment is free   The Guardian re eg  Professor Ian Boyd, chief scientific adviser at the UK's Department for Environment. & eg planet-wrecking programmes. The latest is the Centre for Doctoral Training in Oil and Gas, just launched by the Natural Environment Research Council. Its aim is "to support the oil and gas sector" by providing "focused training" in fracking, in exploiting tar deposits, and in searching for oil in polar regions. In other words, it is subsidising fossil fuel companies while promoting climate change.
‘Climate change  People get very emotional about the subject. It’s not all bad’  Owen Paterson accused of being irresponsible after he plays down the dangers of global warming - UK Politics - 1oct13
'Carbon budget' talks urgent, warns Lord Stern  29sep13 Environment   The Guardian
I don't want UK to be at forefront of tackling climate change, says Osborne 28sep13  Environment
The 5 Most Sobering Charts from the IPCC Climate Report   Climate Central
The IPCC climate-change report  It's still our fault   The Economist 27sep13

New IPCC report Executive Summary September 2013
 IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 5th report
IPCC report  The financial markets are the only hope in the race to stop global warming - Climate Change - Environment - The Independent 27sep13
What effect will the IPCC report have on UN climate negotiations  30sep13
Climate change  Try catastrophic climate breakdown   The message from the IPCC report is familiar and shattering: it's as bad as we thought it was 27sep13  The Guardian Monbiot
Five things we've learned from the IPCC on climate change   Greenpeace UK 27sep13 5AR
Study Warns Against China's Synthetic Natural Gas Plants   Environment   Nature World News 25sep13 COAL GAS ! gas from coal is insane.
SOLAR: Researchers Just Hit A New World Record In Solar Cell Efficiency  26sep13 ThinkProgress
Astronomer royal calls for 'plan B' to prevent runaway climate change   Science   The Guardian Lord Rees on geo-engineering. In my mind - and absolute last resort and now a distraction.
More on the Anglo-German conundrum   Political Climate
Children will bear brunt of climate change impact, new study says   Environment   The Guardian
Tony Abbott's warfare against action on climate change has started   Mark Dreyfus   Comment is free
Renationalisation call to Labour - by Dale Vince Ecotricity  ReNews - Renewable Energy News via Becky Willis
Carbon Commentary · Labour’s price cap proposals for UK energy 25sep13 Chris Goodall via Beecky Willis
Energy giants will blink first in Miliband's price freeze challenge   Damian Carrington 25sep13  Environment
**** The triple benefit of an ambitious energy efficiency programme   green alliance blog "DECC estimates that the right investment in energy efficiency by 2020 could prevent 22 new power stations being built."    = article also within:
*** Major fossil fuel reserves must be left in the ground, senior diplomat [Mary Robinson] warns 23sep13 Fiona Harvey  Environment   The Guardian
*****Green Alliance: Green social democracy: better homes in better places  includes: Why we haven’t bothered with energy efficiency and how to change that - John Alker - Director of policy and communications, UK Green Building Council  
Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP Leader of the Labour Party Michael Jacobs Visiting professor, Department of Political Science, University College London Professor Anne Power Head, LSE Housing and Communities Will Straw Associate director for climate change, energy and transport, IPPR John Alker Director of policy and communications, UK Green Building Council Rebecca Willis Independent researcher and Green Alliance associate Ed Wallis Head of editorial, Fabian Society Hugh Ellis Chief planner, Town and Country Planning Association Chi Onwurah MP for Newcastle upon Tyne  Central and shadow Cabinet Office minister Shaun Spiers Chief executive, Campaign to Protect Rural England
Coalition scraps Climate Commission, dispensing with Tim Flannery   Environment 19sep13
Lord Lawson's climate-change think tank risks being dismantled after complaint it persistently misled public - Climate Change 14jun13  - Environment - The Independent  "Since Lord Lawson launched the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) in November 2009 it has “persistently disseminated inaccurate and misleading information about climate change as part of its campaign against climate policies in the UK and overseas,” the complaint alleges.  The use of factually inaccurate material without a legitimate basis in science is an abuse of the foundation’s charitable status, which is all the more reprehensible because the public is more trusting of pronouncements made by charities, according to the complaint, filed by Bob Ward, head of policy at the Lord Stern’s Grantham Institute and a former communications director at the Royal Society."
7sep13 Australia: nad news for climate as conservative (called 'Liberal' down under) Tony Abbott wins victory today
Australia's federal election just couldn't face up to climate change  5sep13 Graham Readfearn   Environment
Naomi Klein   Earth Island Journal   Earth Island Institute

CCS: Great review compilation of global major CCS projects by Scottish Centre for CCS, includes Norway Statoil Sleipner project
 - via MBLee & DC book The Burning Question
Berliners' co-op aims to take over and run electricity grid of city 28aug13  Guardian - via Gwen tweet
***** RBS carbon emissions up to 1,200 times higher than reported figure  27aug13 Miriam Ross WDM
OCEAN ACIDIFICATION: Scientists analyze the effects of ocean acidification on marine species 25aug13 ScienceDaily
LA Times - Carbon cycle gets more extreme as climate changes
Plan seeks 'chaperones' for threatened species 9aug13 Botanical gardens proposed as stopping-off points for plant species as climate warms.  Nature News & Comment
Rebranding Climate Change as a Public Health Issue
Fox News found to be a major driving force behind global warming denial   Dana Nuccitelli   Environment
Goldman Sachs Finds 'Window For Profitable Investment In Coal Mining Is Closing', Ditto For Coal Exports   ThinkProgress 8aug13
Top U.S. admiral cites climate change, not China, as biggest Pacific security threat - Washington Times 11mar13
Are we too hooked on oil to face the consequences of our addiction  8aug13  Guardian Sustainable Business   Guardian Professional via Gwen
Sea Level Rise 'Locking In' Quickly, Cities Threatened 29jul13  Climate Central
Arctic Sea Ice Loss Creates Ripple Effects  Scientific American 5aug13 
Today's Climate Change Proves Much Faster Than Changes in Past 65 Million Years [refers to paper by Stanford Uni]  Scientific American By Anne C. Mulkern and ClimateWire
**** DIVESTMENT: Is it time to divest from fossil fuels 2aug13
DIVESTMENT: HSBC  BP, Shell, Statoil at risk from 'unburnable' reserves Will Nichols 30jan13
DIVESTMENT: pension funds:
DIVESTMENT: churches:
 DIVESTMENT: churches: Church of England urged to use theology as motivation for fossil fuel divestment - Blue and Green Tomorrow 8jul13


We need a new Apollo mission to harness the sun’s power - 1aug13  via Gwen tweet
Don't underestimate rightwing desperation in media attacks on greens   Tom Burke   Environment Tom Burke 26jul13  via Gwen
Voters think Republican climate dissenters 'crazy', bipartisan poll finds   Environment 25jul13
Reuters' climate-change coverage 'fell by nearly 50% with sceptic as editor' ?26jul13


**** DIVESTMENT: Fossil Free Analysts  Fossil Fuel-Free Portfolios Outperform Investments That Include Carbon Polluters - Fossil Free 17jul13 posted by Allyse

 Scientists Predict Looming Climate Shift  Will Ocean Heat Come Back To Haunt Us Once Again  16jul13 Rob Painting via Skeptical Science  ThinkProgress
A Looming Climate Shift  Will Ocean Heat Come Back to Haunt us 24jun13

AIR TRAVEL: Hypocrites in the air  should climate change academics lead by example

Science and Technology at Lancaster University   Café Scientifique  Your Nitrogen Footprint   Café Scientifique  Your Nitrogen Footprint Archive 5jun13

 Aldersgate Group   News - 2013 eg 11jul13 

AG calls for review into resource security and climate change

#IceClimb LIVE. 1 skyscraper. 6 women. No permission. What will you do to save the Arctic

DIVESTMENT: Major fund divests from fossil fuels as clean investment movement surges on » TckTckTck   The Global Call for Climate Action 5jul13

Climate Change   CLIMATE AND GEOHAZARDS 29may13 Leeds

Rich countries' proposal to bypass governments on climate aid rejected   Environment John Vidal 3jul13

Media Still Overlooks 90% Of Global Warming, Washington Post Still Won't Fact Check Columnists   ThinkProgress 6jul13 incl Dana Nuccitelli

David Cameron hasn't spoken about climate change for three years. Time is running out - Luciana Berger 28jun13

EU emissions trading scheme 'set to cancel out renewable energy gains'   Environment 25jun13
Sandbag  Real action on climate change

Natural revegetation of bog pools after peatland restoration involving ditch blocking—The influence of pool depth and implications for carbon cycling  incl CEH Bangor

Barack Obama's climate action plan – in full   Environment 25jun13
BBC News - Obama lays out climate action plan - with videos
Share this  President Obama's Plan to Fight Climate Change infographic  The White House
Reaction from Oil Change International to Climate Speech - The Price of Oil 25may13
Obama to unveil first-ever US climate change strategy   Environment 25jun13

Peter Lilley  Global Warming as a 21st Century Religion 22jun13 Gwen wrote a vg comment

World Bank  Earth's poorest to be hit hardest by climate change   EurActiv 19jun13

Great videos
of Interview  John Ashton, CBE, on climate change, politics and leadership - Clean Tech - Clean Tech - Ireland's Technology News Service 18jun13

Government insists Green Deal making 'very encouraging' progress - 24 Jun 2013 - News from BusinessGreen 24jun13
Government’s green deal branded a failure as fewer than ten UK homes take out loans offered - Green Living - Environment - The Independent 23jun13
Energy efficiency in homes  Lofty ambitions   The Economist 22jun13

Smart Super Grid » TckTckTck  29sep11 The Global Call for Climate Action

Could Brazil escape the carbon bubble  - 24 Jun 2013 - News from BusinessGreen 24jun13 re Carbon Tracker report

We haven't hit the global warming pause button   Dana Nuccitelli   Environment 24jun13 I tweeted re this: 90% of global warming is to the oceans ...

Obama's Arctic strategy sets off a climate time bomb   Nafeez Ahmed   Environment 17may13

Weird weather might just wake feeble politicians up to climate change   Zoe Williams   Comment is free refers to 'Fossil fuels are the new whale oil', says environmentalist Amory Lovins   Environment

AA    Met Office brainstorms UK bad weather   UK news   The Guardian 13jun13  but Huff give it a hyped & false title:
IEA - June - Four energy policies can keep the 2 °C climate goal alive,38773,en.html via Gwen
BBC Radio 4 - Costing the Earth, Berlin's Big Gamble

How to get sceptical Tory voters to care about climate change   Adam Corner Cardiff Uni & COIN  Environment 13jun13

Statement by Nicholas Stern about new report by International Energy Agency - 2013 - Media releases - News and media - Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment  10jun13 re IEA

Climate Change by the Numbers by Bob Ward - Project Syndicate 11jun13 Bob Ward

The Energy Fix  Reinventing The Solar Array   Popular Science 11jun13  cones

BBC News - Plymouth diesel power stations 'to help green energy' 11jun13

Group of climate change protesters who occupied new gas-fired power station for seven days escape jail sentences   Mail Online 6jun13

EU body predicts more extreme weather as floods devastate central Europe   EurActiv 5&6jun13

BBC Radio 4 - Costing the Earth, Berlin's Big Gamble

Plan for £25bn Severn tidal barrage ‘is too costly’   The Times 10jun13

Offshore Valuation report launched   PIRC

Briefing STA Position Energy Bill FINAL

IEA  Five key charts on energy and climate   Greenpeace UK 10jun13
IEA WEO2013 EnergyClimateMapPressRelease

New community engagement rules – will they help or hinder wind power  - Climate change - Our work - The RSPB Community 6jun13

ETS: EU ETS manipulates State Aid Rules  UK uses public money to subsidise polluters   FERN 3jun13  

*** CWI: Cavity wall insulations crash by 97% following green deal introduction   Environment 29may13 Damian Carrington
Learning Resources   Transition News Cornwall A case for a national insulation scheme & why Green Deal likely to fail
Behind paywall: Green Deal under pressure to deliver as insulation market crashes - 29 May 2013 - News from BusinessGreen

BBC News - Cheap coal 'threatens UK pollution targets' 30may13 Harrabin EU's statistical agency Eurostat estimates that from 2011 to 2012, CO2 emissions increased by 3.9% in the UK. The rise is most likely to be due to increased coal burning.

Erratic US 'weather whiplash' accounts for billions of dollars in global losses
Frequent and intense weather events in the US cited in climate studies as series of natural disasters plague region  Goldenberg World news 29may13

Department of Energy and Climate Change Blog» Blog Archive » Europe must stay ambitious on climate change
 - vg Oliver Hayes FoE comments re 2030decarb below

Britain resists EU bid to set new target on renewable energy   Environment   The Observer 25may13 Fiona Harvey

Energy savings hopes dashed by EU leaders' ‘political cowardice’   EurActiv  24may13

Progress on energy efficiency was blocked at an EU summit on Wednesday (22 May) by a cocktail of myopic business interests and timid leadership, according to Hans Nilsson, a board member of the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE).  Background briefing documents for the European Council were heavily skewed towards an agenda of energy price differentials and the promotion of unconventional fuels such as shale gas.

EU summit set to turn climate agenda upside down   EurActiv 23may13

Europe’s plan to decarbonise its economy by 2050 could be turned on its head at a summit today (22 May) if EU heads of state and  government sign off on measures prioritising industrial competitiveness over climate change in draft conclusions seen by EurActiv.  The draft text says that EU policy must ensure “competitive” energy prices, and declares it “crucial” that Europe diversify its energy supply and develop “indigenous energy resources” – a reference to renewable energies, but also coal, nuclear power and shale gas.  One high-profile German MEP Holger Krahmer (ALDE), hailed the end of “climate hysteria” in a jubilant press statement.  “For the first time, rising energy costs and the declining competitiveness of the European economy will be rated higher than obviously unenforceable global climate change ambitions,” he said.  “The economic and social consequences of collective hysteria can no longer be ignored, as the governments of the EU member states admit in this paper,” Krahmer added, saying that it was right to give more attention to energy sources such as gas and coal.

FoE: CBE: #2030decarb: Friends of the Earth  Clean British Energy   Current Campaigns   What We Do

Energy as usual at EU leaders summit   Friends of the Earth Europe 22may13

A second chance to save the climate - environment - 22 May 2013 - New Scientist by Michael Marshall - refers to:
Energy budget constraints on climate response   Nature Geoscience   Nature Publishing Group  19may13 Energy budget constraints on climate response Alexander Otto, Friederike E. L. Otto, Olivier Boucher, John Church, Gabi Hegerl, Piers M. Forster, Nathan P. Gillett, Jonathan Gregory, Gregory C. Johnson, Reto Knutti, Nicholas Lewis, Ulrike Lohmann, Jochem Marotzke, Gunnar Myhre, Drew Shindell, Bjorn Stevens &Myles R. Allen

Climate risk  UN says business response needs more urgency - 20 May 2013 - News from BusinessGreen 20may13

Climate disasters displace millions of people worldwide More than 32 million people fled their homes last year because of disasters such as floods, storms and earthquakes – 98% of displacement related to climate change. Asia and west and central Africa bore the brunt.  Global development 20may13

LSE Grantham

John Ashton - a brilliant speaker - speaks very inspiring words to US - urges US to make reality-based choices that listens to science  15feb13

 The Great Debate: CLIMATE CHANGE - Surviving The Future (OFFICIAL) 

at conference a former physicist
Are we beyond the tipping point for survivable climate change? How will our nation thrive the coming food and national security threats tied to climate change?
'It's impossible' can mean "politically "impossible" " not scientifically impossible or impossible in any other way. UK green growth is 4% or almost 4%, whereas growth overall is insignif.

7pm Saturday, February 2, 2013 - ASU Gammage Auditorium

Greenpeace petition to have EU legisaltion for lower emission cars etc

BAD ideas for growth re CC:  IdeasforEconomicGrowth6

Printable A3-sized solar cells new milestone in green energy (Wired UK) 17may13

*** John Ashton  No UK political party serious about climate change   RTCC - Climate change news 17may13 - speech to FoE “This can be expressed in three words. Must. Now. Can.” “There is one thing we need that only politics can give us. Leadership.”
John Ashton - Former top UK climate change diplomat - brilliant inspiring speaker - e.g. ‘Cometh the Hour’ Climate Change, Politics and Leadership in Britain Today - Speech by John Ashton CBE to a Friends of the Earth and RSA event, 16 May 2013 &

* BBC News - Has global warming stalled? 17may13 Roger Harrabin interviews several CC experts and a skeptic - well worth listening to

Population growth and climate change explained by Hans Rosling – video   Global development 17may13

Climate research nearly unanimous on human causes, survey finds   Environment 16may13 Goldenberg

Scientists say united on global warming, at odds with public view 97%  Reuters 15may13 - 'Ninety-seven percent of scientists say global warming is mainly man-made but a wide public belief that experts are divided is making it harder to gain support for policies to curb climate change, an international study showed on Thursday. "There is a strong scientific agreement about the cause of climate change, despite public perceptions to the contrary," said John Cook of the University of Queensland in Australia, who led the study in the journal Environmental Research Letters.'

BBC News - Fuel poverty gap widens, although fewer in fuel poverty 16may13

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: A third of councils failing on green building directive   Magazine News   Building16may13
 “It seems that the communities secretary Eric Pickles does not understand why improving energy efficiency is so vital, not just to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions, but for the economy.” ... Building’s Green for Growth campaign has called for the roll-out of DECs to the private sector to stimulate work in the construction industry and meet the UK’s carbon emission reduction targets.

Our Oil Addiction Ignores CO2 Milestone   The Price of Oil Andy Rowell 14may13

UK government to oppose 2025 European vehicle emissions target   Environment 13may13 the Department for Transport (DfT), where Lib Dem Norman Baker is a minister, argues that trying to extend the targets beyond 2020 at this stage will only cause delays to the process of agreeing the 2015 and 2020 targets, Activists from Greenpeace on Monday morning unveiled a large banner in Norman Baker’s constituency in Lewes, in east Sussex, calling on him to accept the proposals. Photograph: Greenpeace

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: UK fails in new bid to water down Energy Efficiency Directive   EurActiv 13may13

BBC World Service - Business Daily, Insuring Against Heavy Weather

Climate change sceptic to advise David Cameron on foreign policy Appointment of Peter Lilley, one of only four MPs to vote against Climate Change Act, criticised by green campaigners  Environment   The Guardian  10may13

** Speculative coal bubble must be popped   Business Spectator ?13may13  shows Keeling curve etc - charts

Climate milestone is a moment of symbolic significance on road of idiocy   George Monbiot   Environment 10may13
Carbon Dioxide Level Passes Long-Feared Milestone - 10may13
Climate-warming gas in atmosphere passes 400ppm milestone – interactive   Environment 10may13

Exclusive  Yeo warns of wide-ranging energy investment hiatus - 09 May 2013 - News from BusinessGreen  'However, the government remains committed to blocking the Yeo-Gardiner amendment, which would require ministers to next year introduce a target to decarbonise the power sector by 2030.  Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey has said that he would like to see a decarbonisation target introduced, but has promised to honour a compromise agreement with Chancellor George Osborne that will delay a final decision on the proposal until after the next election. ... But he confirmed 16 coalition MPs have now signed up to the amendment and revealed that a number of other MPs were willing to rebel, but were biding their time before "sticking their head above the parapet". ... Opponents of a decarbonisation target have argued that an additional binding target is unnecessary and could effectively block investment in new gas capacity, undermining the business case for proposed shale gas projects favoured by the Treasury.'    [<<< that’s exactly why we want the target!!! - to reduce emissions & pollution!]

Ed Davey hits out against coalition climate change sceptics   Environment 8may13 [then the next day he backs Shell funding Oxford Uni to do research to help Shell's destructive future high-emissions projects that will emit more CO2]

BBC News - Arctic Ocean 'acidifying rapidly' 6may13 Scientists from the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) monitored widespread changes in ocean chemistry in the region.  "Absorption is particularly fast in cold water so the Arctic is especially susceptible, and the recent decreases in summer sea ice have exposed more sea surface to atmospheric CO2.  The Arctic's vulnerability is exacerbated by increasing flows of freshwater from rivers and melting land ice, as freshwater is less effective at chemically neutralising the acidifying effects of CO2."

Scrap fuel subsidies and price CO2, urges World Bank 6may13

Pro-biz/fossil lobbying in EU vs climate mitigation

Strengthening of ocean heat uptake efficiency associated with the recent climate hiatus - Watanabe - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library;jsessionid=A571AA47BE5C54460F12B3D6646F92E8.d04t01?systemMessage=Wiley+Online+Library+will+be+disrupted+on+11+May+from+10%3A00-12%3A00+BST+%2805%3A00-07%3A00+EDT%29+for+essential+maintenance

What's causing the surface warming slowdown  Scientists tell us what they think   Carbon Brief 8may13 Roz Pidcock

* Offsetting (& CDM)  a guarantee for 100 years or just a clever scam?   Tyndall°Centre for Climate Change Research ® Kevin Anderson's blog

Climate Leadership Programme for Politicians via Becky tweet.
CARBON BUBBLE: Energy firms and climate change  Unburnable fuel   The Economist 4may13
The Last Time CO2 Was This High, Humans Didn't Exist   Climate Central 3may13 Andrew Freedman
White House warned on imminent Arctic ice death spiral   Nafeez Ahmed   Environment 2may13 Nafeez Ahmed

Climate Change News  Concerns grow over effects of solar geoengineering

BBC News - Trillion-euro shortfall facing EU energy sector - Lords Committee 2may13

Energy Bill 'should be amended to protect community energy schemes'   Guardian Social Enterprise Network 1may13 Colin Baines co-op I missed on 1st May: Energy Bill 'should be amended to protect community energy schemes' Great2c @timfarron signedEDM

Brits' love affair with renewables grows ever stronger - 30 Apr 2013 - News from BusinessGreen

The giants of the green world that profit from the planet's destruction   Naomi Klein   Comment is free   The Guardian 3may13 Naomi Klein re divestment & Fossil Free movements eg  "Fossil Free UK"

 Tory proposals to shake up the energy sector don’t go far enough   Greenpeace UK 29apr13 - useful cf btwn UK CfDiffs favouring Big 6 whereas in Germany smaller co.s eg community schemes favoured

Plants help slow warming – but there's a trade-off - environment - 28 April 2013 - New Scientist
Plants slow climate change by forming cloud sunshade  study   Reuters28apr13

RBS sustainability report shows deliberate manipulation of truth by the state-owned bank   Friends of the Earth Scotland
OCEAN WARMING & RISING: RealClimate  The answer is blowing in the wind  The warming went into the deep end 26apr13

CO2 25apr13

Gas from Norway, coal from Russia  eight graphs on the UK energy system   Carbon Brief 12apr13,-march-2013
SHELL vs Greenpeace: Philip Radford (Exec.Dir., Greenpeace): ‘Shell's Plot to Take Away Your First Amendment Rights’ 12apr13
Climate change did not cause 2012 US drought, says government report   Environment 12apr13 Suzanne Goldenberg

100% renewable  Is it time to wave goodbye to the Severn Barrage scheme    Greenpeace UK 23apr13

The Burning Question:  ‘Why can't we quit fossil fuels’ - Duncan Clark -  Environment- The Guardian 17apr13  - article based on the book The Burning Question by Mike Berners-Lee and Duncan Clark, which is published on 20 April by Profile Books, price £9.99. To order a copy for £7.99 with free UK p&p, go or call 0330 333 6846
and Amazon: The Burning Question  We can’t burn half the world’s oil, coal and gas. So how do we quit  Duncan Clark, Mike Berners-Lee  Books £6.99

Carbon bubble will plunge the world into another financial crisis – report   Environment   The Guardian 19apr13
How your pension is being used in a $6 trillion climate gamble   Bill McKibben and Jeremy Leggett   Environment 19apr13
Unburnable carbon 2013 - Wasted capital and stranded assets   Carbon Tracker Initiative

Where did global warming go? The deep ocean, experts say - Science  re David Pierce, a climate researcher with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography & Kevin Trenberth and colleagues at the National Center for Atmospheric Research - Oceans are well-known to absorb more than 90 percent of the excess heat, but its presence in the deep ocean "is fairly new, it is not there throughout the record," Trenberth said during a teleconference with reporters on Thursday. "So the question is: What happened to produce this?"

Let's stop hiding behind recycling and be honest about consumption - We have offshored the problem of escalating consumption, and our perceptions of it, by considering only territorial emissions   George Monbiot   Environment 12apr13

Bird death and wind turbines  a look at the evidence   Carbon Brief 10apr12

Met Office investigating Arctic link to record low temperatures in UK - ITV News 10apr13




PwC  Shale oil surge poses threat to renewables - 14 Feb 2013 - News from BusinessGreen 14feb13


Methane emissions from wetlands  biogeochemical, microbial, and modeling perspectives from local to global scales - Bridgham - 2013 - Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library 11feb13


Carbon Commentary · Is the cap on subsidy for renewables compatible with the target of 30% renewable electricity in 2020  23nov12 Chris Goodall

FoE - CBE report sept2012  incl resaons why #2030decarb essential for #EnergyBill



Mark Hunter MP LibDem


John Hayes replaced as energy minister by Michael Fallon


*** Five reasons why the speed of Arctic sea ice loss matters   Carbon Brief 22mar13

Google re Rossby Waves jet streams - great pics & maps  -relevant to  discussion re Affect on UK weather/climate by Arctic Amp

Duncan Clark 27mar13

BBC News - Prof Sir John Beddington warns of floods, droughts and storms

* 25mar13  - it’s the oceans stupid! 

BBC News - Has the 'greenest government ever' gassed itself  - Black mar13  evidence from Eastern Europe

GSI Briefing note 1- Wiles - Farmers perceptions to climate change 1oct12

Life After Oil and Gas -


Why Climate Scientists Have Consistently UNDERestimated Key Global Warming Impacts   ThinkProgress 31jan13 - NB: graphs of sea-level change


*** Scientist Seeks Connection Between Fire and Ice in Greenland   PBS NewsHour 30jan13 Dr Jason Box Dark Snow project satellite spotted smoke cloud carried over Greenland wildfire soot can be identified but to do this he needs funding (as US gov doesn’t rate this as a priority for funding!)

My Nature Piece On Dust-Bowlification And the Grave Threat It Poses to Food Security By Joe Romm on May 24, 2012

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