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Taking the tablets: a personal guide to anti-depressants - video  20nov13 7mins Society
Petition   BBC  Give scientists proper representation on Question Time BBC response:
Iain Duncan Smith 'targeting seriously ill claimants' in benefits overhaul Nearly 550,000 people currently considered too sick to work face losing financial support if radical changes go ahead Daniel Boffey 23nov13  Politics   The Observer
Media Lens Message Board 
Pro-Israel lobby’s influence on British political elite exposed 6nov13 re Spinwatch  re BICOM
Sinkhole the size of 20 football pitches opens up in Louisiana ... and it could burst into flames 16nov13  NJ Newsday via Gayzer
NHS: Competition is killing the NHS, for no good reason but ideology 15nov13  Polly Toynbee   Comment is free   The Guardian
Russell Brand NEWSNIGHT Paxman vs Brand Full Interview - YouTube 23oct13
*** BBC News - Call to 'let UK government scientists off the leash'  14jun13 gagging in UK & muzzling in Canada.
Research  A standard for policy-relevant science  Ian Boyd 11sep13 Nature News & Comment  <<< I'm not a fan of some of Ian Boyd's views.
Making science count in government 2jul13  eLife Ian Boyd  <<< I'm not a fan of some of Ian Boyd's views.
GREAT VOICE: ▶ Katie Melua - The One I Love Is Gone - YouTube
A single-payer system, like Medicare, is the cure for America's ailing healthcare   Bernie Sanders 30sep13  Comment is free
For scientists in a democracy, to dissent is to be reasonable 30sep13 George Monbiot   Comment is free   The Guardian re eg  Professor Ian Boyd, chief scientific adviser at the UK's Department for Environment. & eg planet-wrecking programmes. The latest is the Centre for Doctoral Training in Oil and Gas, just launched by the Natural Environment Research Council. Its aim is "to support the oil and gas sector" by providing "focused training" in fracking, in exploiting tar deposits, and in searching for oil in polar regions. In other words, it is subsidising fossil fuel companies while promoting climate change.
StreetBank - Sharing in your Neighbourhood
“Vote For Us! We Despise You!” – Tory Conference was a Parade of Privilege  2oct13 Scriptonite Daily
Afflicting the afflicted and comforting the comfortable   Ekklesia Bernadette Meaden re DWP policies etc
Benefits fraud costs are dwarfed by MPs' expenses overclaims 30may13 Political Scrapbook
You v gravity  the cyclist's joy of climbing   Peter Walker   Environment
Exclusive  Tim Farron interview   I really like Ed Miliband, I don't want to diss him
Mark Ward music / sound
Walkie Talkie architect 'didn't realise it was going to be so hot'   Art and design   The Guardian
Female genital mutilation  'Mothers need to say no'   Life and style   The Guardian
BBC News - How the British film industry helped win World War II - starfish Whixall Moss Llandegla Wrexham Flint dummy

Vibrating bicycle seat ought to make bikes more popular   Grist - And I've being trying to reduce vibrations on my bike

GreenVoice on deviantART - Irina Tikhomirova
 via Gwen tweet

Why I am cancelling my Labour party membership 2aug13  Will Stevens   Comment is free

Another Citizens United, but Worse, Goes to the Supreme Court   The New Yorker 30jul13

BBC NEWS   Programmes  27jul06 Execution of a teenage girl [in Iran]

The Best Baselayer Tops Reviewed - Gear features - OUTDOORSmagic 2013

Schedule Tweets & Save Time with HootSuite Publisher - HootSuite Social Media Management

How to Give a Killer Presentation - Harvard Business Review

McLibel leaflet was co-written by undercover police officer Bob Lambert   UK news 21jun13

Face shape indicates success in men   7 June 2013   ...   Bulletin   University of Sussex 7jun13

The Knotted Project   Physical Theatre Company  Natalie & Simon, with filming & photographic help from Josh

In a nutshell  how glorious bread is made – Telegraph Blogs

BBC News - Pareidolia  Why we see faces in hills, the Moon and toasties 31may13

Serial Offender G4S Wins Another Government Contract – To Run Rape Victim Support Centres   Scriptonite Daily 24may13

Is Stephen Hawking right to join the academic boycott of Israel    Poll   Comment is free 8may13

Stephen Hawking boycott Israel

ADAR NATURE OPTICS Aberystwyth area

Dance on Thatcher's grave, but remember there has been a coup in Britain 25apr13 John Pilger

Electricity North West

Solicitors' firms to 'vanish from Cumbrian High Street due to sweeping Govt reforms' (From The Westmorland Gazette) 2013

BBC News - Cyclist killer Gary McCourt sentence 'scandalous' 3may13+

Ingleton Waterfalls – Yorkshire Walks – Yorkshire Days Out

Wacom   BAMBOO STYLUS - Discover the Bamboo effect!

Rite in the Rain - recommended by Simon Leather's PhD springtail student

Sue Cross @notafactoryfarm 28apr13 The World as We Know It Will End Unless We Change Our Eating Habits - A Case For The Vegan Option Continued.