LINKS to 2013 news articles on Rainforest destruction, BIOENERGY, palm oil, land-grabbing - collated by Henry Adams 
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Global Forest Change MAPs Global Forest Change - University of Maryland

'Commodity Crimes - Illicit land grabs, illegal palm oil, and endangered orangutans' - FRIENDS OF THE EARTH US, WALHI-FRIENDS OF THE EARTH INDONESIA, FOREST HEROES, AND SUMOFUS FOE_CommodityCrimes_MidRes.pdf nov2013

Map shows deforestation in Indonesia is world’s fastest 16nov13  The Jakarta Post

BBC News - Biomass fuel subsidies to be capped says energy secretary - Roger Harrabin 16jul13

Carbon Offsets Could Create Loophole for Industry to Pollute as Usual – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service

All about Biomass @allaboutbiomass

* ** *** = articles I thought well worth reading or on brief glance look like I must read if I have time.
In approximate chronological order (most recent first); not fully comprehensive - just the selection I've spotted.

3.5 million ha of Indonesian and Malaysian forest converted for palm oil in 20 years 12nov13
Ecuador - Yasuni - The Demise of Diversity — GIS (or G.I. Yes!) — Medium 31oct13
Public Meeting  A Burning Issue – biomass and its impacts on forests and communities « biofuelwatch re 29oct13 mtg
Letters  Time to take a tough stand on biofuels   Environment 21oct13  The Guardian
Brazil tribe plagued by one of the highest suicide rates in the world   World news   The Guardian 10oct13 e.g. Guarani due to landgrabbing

 In 'Chilling' Ruling, Chevron Granted Access to Activists' Private Internet Data

 "Sweeping" subpoena violates rights of those who spoke out against oil giant's devastating actions in Ecuador - Lauren McCauley, staff writer 11jul13  Common Dreams

MEPs to vote on biofuels as study points to hunger, deforestation - Arthur Neslen - EurActiv 10jul13 ILUC ethanol

*** Repsol to drill for oil in Amazon rainforest in Peru - David Hill 1jul13  Environment

Green Investment Bank publishes Annual Report   Green Investment Bank 25jun13
GIB publishes their first Annual Report   Biofuels Digest 27jun13 

BBC News - Asia haze  Behind the palm oil clearance 25jun13

*** Ecuador Selling Its Rainforest To China
- Business Insider 28mar13 

** Our Forests Aren’t Fuel  New Campaign Against Burning American Forests for Electricity – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service Resources Defense Council Dogwood Alliance  Southern forests are being burned for electricity, and a new campaign announced today aims to put an end to it. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Dogwood Alliance have launched Our Forests Aren’t Fuel to raise awareness of an alarming and rapidly-growing practice of logging forests and burning the trees as fuel to generate electricity.

** BBC News - Renewable energy  Burning US trees in UK power stations Roger - Harrabin LibDem MP Nick Harvey tabled an amendment but ...    Harrabin concluded: "It looks as though UK Government policy is being driven by the need to hit mandatory targets and keep electrons flowing, rather than by a deep desire to cut CO2 emissions right now."

HSBC reviews logging policy as Bill Oddie film sparks petition - Climate Change - Environment - The Independent 23may13 Ian Burrell

G8 under pressure to rethink biofuel mandates   EurActiv 8may13

RBS: The Royal Bank of Scotland  Greening Its Image with False Renewable Energy Projects. « biofuelwatch re 14may13 - RBS funds another way of destroying forests in North America

The BIOMASS MONITOR: Clean Energy Doesn't Come Out of a Smokestack [May 2013]

*** BIOFUELS: CTA - Brussels Office Weblog - UN Special Rapporteur   EU must phase out biofuel incentives 8may13
"The EU biofuels policy may have a negative impact on developing countries, in terms of enjoyment of the right to food, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food,Olivier De Schutter,  wrote to the EU Member States and the European Commission on April 18th.    De Schutter considers that the available arable land in the EU is insufficient to produce all the needed feedstocks for biofuels that compliance with the Renewable Energy Directive(from the European Commission, 2009) would require. Consequently, the EU Member States should outsource biofuels production to  developing countries in order to meet the targets set. However, he considers that the impacts on these countries are overwhelmingly negative and are alleged to infringe on the realization of the human right to adequate food.  ..."

**** PALM OIL: The Death of ‘Sustainability’   DeSmogBlog 6may13

Can destroying a tropical rainforest be “sustainable”? Well, according to a decision taken yesterday by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), the major industry-NGO body, this greatest of environmental crimes is now officially “green.”!!    Due to palm oil - Indonesia is the 3rd largest world carbon emitter after China and USA

*** Biomass: should we burn trees to generate electricity?  Leo Hickman collects answers & gives his verdict  Environment 9may+
An industry view by Matthew Aylott of the NNFCC The National Non-Food Crops Centre:  Briefing. Bioenergy  A sustainable solution for electricity generation in the UK — Dr Matthew Aylott
11dec13NNFCC BIOMASS: ref: RSPB FoE Greenpeace joint report: 'Dirtier than coal? Why Government plans to subsidise burning trees are bad news for the planet  Flawed emission accounting: 1. carbon debt, 2. Indirect Subsitiution Emissions.  Implications. Recommendations.
The biomass industry should come clean about its environmental impact   Harry Huyton - RSPB's head of climate and energy policy 3may13
'Warning over ‘reckless’ pursuit of burning wood'  BUT - in The Times
REA ‏@REAssociation You can see the letter we sent to the NGOs calling for a constructive meeting to discuss #biomass here:
Henry Adams ‏@henryadamsUK @REAssociation Your letter tho rightly wants fact-based approach fba, it responds to NGO's fba, eg carbondebt with emotion not fba,& no refs   <<<<my 4may13 tweet
Response to REA by Friends of the Earth: 'Biomass sustainability - key issues explained' Kenneth Richter, Green Blog 3may13
REA 18mar13 letter to FoE, cc'd top RSPB, Greenpeace
Renewable energy firms accuse activists of scaremongering over biomass   Environment   The Guardian 2may13 
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A Dirty Business - How a leading RSPO palm oil producer is clearing peatland tiger habitat covered by Indonesia's moratorium on deforestation   Greenpeace International 25apr13
Palm oil company violated RSPO standards, evicted from sustainability body 13may13

G8’s biofuel use contributing to world hunger    ActionAid UK 29apr13 Amount of food crops burnt by richest nations as biofuels could feed half the world’s hungriest people, ActionAid says Monday 29th April 2013:  Half the world’s hungry - 441 million people - could eat for a year on the amount of food that G8 countries burn in their petrol tanks as biofuels, ActionAid said today.

Environmentalists unhappy with new palm oil standard 25apr13 re RSPO

Deforestation in Sarawak Log tale The Economist 3nov12 A new investigation accuses HSBC of ignoring its own sustainability policies

HSBC bank funding large-scale rainforest destruction and invasion of indigenous lands in Borneo, alleges report