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Who's who   Cumbria Bird Club
BBS reports   BTO - British Trust for Ornithology
Help Save Bees - Bumblebee Identification Chart
Wildflowers For Bees, Butterflies And Other Pollinators
Farmers' Union of Wales - Glastir FAQ Miscellaneous via Monbiot 17jul13
Emissions savings and the implications of a changing climate on lowland raised bog condition - Final report - for SWT - dec2012 / jan2013

Feeding the world’ - Instead of GM crops and a new 'green revolution for Africa', the answer to the food crisis and climate change lies in smaller-scale, local 'agroecology'. Reviews by James O'Nions in Red Pepper, November 2009 - an excellent summary of the broad picture. Refers to:
La Via Campesina   International Peasant Movement 
Appreciating nature: and an intrinsic desire to promote its intrinsic values: George Monbiot refers to Common Cause for Nature in 'Saving the world should be based on promise, not fear' 16jun14, The Guardian. Common Cause  The Case for Working with Values and Frames  - thanks Gwen and Karen for that one.

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CAP: Environment group condemns EU 'greenwashing' of CAP reform 18jun14  The Parliament Magazine.
CAP: Welcome to the Plantlife blog.  Saving wildlife with fields of peas and beans DrTrevor Dines 18jun14.

BO: 'The Guardian view on biodiversity offsetting' Editorial 15jun14  Comment is free   The Guardian

BO: 'Conservationists split over 'biodiversity offsetting' plans' John Vidal 3jun14  Environment

CAP: 'The CAP no longer fits' Miles King 11jun14  a new nature blog
CAP: Ecological Focus Areas  will planting peas and beans help bees  Lynn Dicks  Valuing Nature Network
CAP: BBC News - EU wildlife grants will be used to grow crops Roger Harrabin - 10jun14
CAP: Farm wildlife protection plan 'fails' - BBC News - Roger Harrabin 6jun14 "greening" is greenwash. Big farmer lobbying wins again.

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Major Tory party donor chosen as chair of government nature watchdog   Damian Carrington 28nov13  The Guardian. His background is as a developer (incl housing) and with accounting and financial investment experience - just right for pricing of nature and offsetting it to make way for development. via Gwen tweet
Vote for nature <<< action
Crunch time for the countryside  ask your MP to support farming with nature   The Wildlife Trusts   <<<< action
Greening the CAP – where did it all go wrong (and how you can still help to rescue it!)  Helen Perkins 26nov13 The Wildlife Trusts - Miles King c.26nov13
Red squirrels showing resistance to poxvirus 22nov13  Environment
PEAT Peatlands — Scotland's 2020 Climate Group Simon Thorp
Modelling soil organic carbon distribution in blanket peatlands at a landscape scale Parry & Dan Charman Exeter Uni, Elsevier Science Direct PEAT bog
The great nature sale - YouTube WDM Nick Dearden
BO & nat.cap
: 140 International Organizations Call for End to Biodiversity Offsetting Plans 22nov13  EcoWatch   <<<<<<<<<<<<
BO & pricing of nature: No Biodiversity Offsets FERN
Forum on Natural Commons   Nature Not for Sale  Forum on Natural Commons
World Forum on Natural Capital - Edinburgh 2013
Is 'natural capital' the next generation of CSR?  Tim Smedley 10nov13  Guardian Sustainable Business   Guardian Professional "Accounting for environmental impact by placing monetary value on the natural world could allow corporations to manage resources sustainably The World Forum on Natural Capital takes place between 21 - 22 November"  << that's what corps would like us all to believe - but in reality it is a cover for their increasing control to further exploitation and extraction.
Wildlife conference under attack for 'selling off nature to multinationals' Rob Edwards 13nov13  Environment
Forum on Natural Commons   Nature Not for Sale  21nov13 Edinburgh
BBC News - Government body [ NE ] had 'concerns' over Pangbourne pesticide spray 13nov13 - re OPM - Oak Processionary Moth & Bt Bacillus thuringiensis & FOI
BO: Saturday Cartoon by Ralph Underhill   Mark Avery
The offset offering (3)  an update on RSPB thinking 12nov13 - Martin Harper's blog - Our work - The RSPB Community
BO: Is biodiversity offsetting a 'license to trash nature' A collection of viewpoints/assessments. Karl Mathiesen 12nov13  Environment
BO: EAC: House of Commons - Biodiversity Offsetting - Environmental Audit Committee  
: Citizen Space - Biodiversity Offsetting in England 5sep-7nov13
OK Defra  offset this!   Woodland Matters 7nov13
: Biodiversity offsetting - an end to environmental protection? Hannah Mowat of FERN - 4nov13 - Campaigning - The Ecologist
BO: Biodiversity Offsets and the Antique Woodland Roadshow Miles King 8nov13 a new nature blog
BO: Defra Biodiversity Offsetting Green Paper Consultation – our response - FLD 6nov13 Friends of The Lake District
BO: Biodiversity Offsetting?  Greenwash for the destruction of nature for money 6nov13 by Hen,  Save Our Woods (SoW)
: Biodiversity Offsetting Will Destroy Much More Than Nature 30oct13  europeantrees
Some thoughts on biodiversity offsetting   The Wildlife Trusts
BO: 'Licence to trash nature'  Campaigners warn of new scheme that would allow house-building in biodiverse areas
Government's controversial programme known as 'biodiversity offsetting' could result in natural habitats for many species being developed  3nov13 - Nature - Environment - The Independent
Professor William Sutherland  INTECOL 2013 Plenary Lecture - YouTube
Is UK biodiversity on target to 2020?  British Ecological Society 30oct13
CIEEM President talks about the value of planning at Wildlife Trust seminar John Box 28oct13 · News · CIEEM - Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
Optimizing agri-environment schemes to improve river health and conservation value For dec2013
Deciduous mixed forest clear-cut, replaced by monoculture conifers  Ontario - The Chronicle-Journal 2nov13
GM: 3nov13 Letters  The golden goose of GM golden rice   Environment   The Guardian
GM Monsanto
: The real point of GM food is corporate control of farming - Colin Tudge 1nov13 - News - The Ecologist
Mexico Bans GMO Corn Effective Immediately 16oct13  EcoWatch GM Monsanto &
Killer spiders invade Cumbria   Cumbria Crack  News for Penrith, Appleby, Eden Valley, Keswick, Workington, Whitehaven, Maryport, Barrow, Kendal, Carlisle, Lake District & Cumbria
Lost world  discovered in remote Australia - Channel NewsAsia 28oct13
BBC News - National Trust votes against badger vaccination 27oct13

Trust raises concern over badger cull pilots 21oct13  National Trust Press Office

Stop badger cull immediately, says Natural England science expert Prof David Macdonald warns extending duration 'would make the outcome even less predictable and even more unpromising' - Damian Carrington 21oct13  Environment   The Guardian

Monsanto Big data lets global corps bet on the threat of climate change 24oct13  via Gwen tweet: Gwen Harrison @harrison_gwen Looks like Monsanto's new game will increase no. of people with a vested interest in continued climate

GM Monsanto: Owen Paterson  the minister for GM hype 24oct13  Zac Goldsmith   Comment is free   The Guardian  <<< brilliant!

GM crops  African opposition is a farce, says group led by Kofi Annan   Global development  <<<<<<<  a real disappointment to see Kofi Annan take this side
How 'ag gag' laws target those exposing horrors of factory farming - The Ecologist
Rewarding small farmers through the market will protect the environment and our heritage 15oct13  green alliance blog - Richard Leafe - Lake District Chief - in swer to Rory Stewart's piece:
BBC News - Badger group disruption aids TB flow 21oct13
BBC News -
Strategy focuses on UK broadleaved trees' future 9oct13

BO: Rob Yorke Black Gull storify

BO: Medway Core Strategy – Undeliverable Because of Nightingales – A pragmatic decision  25jun13 Andrew Lainton  Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

BO: Biodiversity Off-setting and Invertebrate Conservation 2sep13  Save Our Woods (SoW)

BO:  Biodiversity Offsetting – the mitigation hierarchy, what should it mean in practice by Frances Winder c.mid-Oct13  Woodland Matters
BO: Biodiversity offsetting in the UK one year on… it’s not looking good…  NB: 7may13 Save Our Woods (SoW)
: Biodiversity Offsetting – the consultation and what needs to be said by Frances Winder, Conservation Policy Advisor, and posted by Kaye Breenan 10oct13  Woodland Matters
BO: Biodiversity offsetting in England - Woodland Trust << page to help us responding to the consultation
'Badgers are moving the goalposts' says Owen Paterson of cull Damian Carrington 9oct13
FIPRONIL: Pesticides to Blame for Massive Bee Deaths in Minnesota – EcoWatch 10oct13 Cutting Edge Environmental News Service Also see damian Carrington article on EU re Fipronil.
Shetland windfarm project suffers court setback over rare bird  3oct13 UK news   The Guardian Re whimbrel

Ocean acidification due to carbon emissions is at highest for 300m years 3oct13 Fiona Harvey  The Guardian re the report by the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO).
CWT: South Lakeland bog undergoes facelift 2sep13 "... The peat bog restoration at Forest Hall Farm, Selside, part of the Levens Estate, is being carried out using diggers with special wide tracks to avoid sinking. It is part of the Source to Sea project, funded by the Environment Agency, to reduce pollution running into rivers. The work is being carried out by Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s Upland Wetlands project, a ..."
For scientists in a democracy, to dissent is to be reasonable 30sep13 George Monbiot   Comment is free   The Guardian re eg  Professor Ian Boyd, chief scientific adviser at the UK's Department for Environment. & eg planet-wrecking programmes. The latest is the Centre for Doctoral Training in Oil and Gas, just launched by the Natural Environment Research Council. Its aim is "to support the oil and gas sector" by providing "focused training" in fracking, in exploiting tar deposits, and in searching for oil in polar regions. In other words, it is subsidising fossil fuel companies while promoting climate change.
Badger cull  the police and NFU are losing the battle  1oct13 Environment
Yet another UN report calls for support for peasant farming and agroecology  it's time for action La Via Campesina 23sep13 "(Harare, 23 September 2013) La Vía Campesina, GRAIN and ETC welcome a new UNCTAD report which states that farming in rich and poor nations alike should shift from monoculture towards greater varieties of crops, reduced use of fertilizers and other inputs, greater support for small-scale farmers, and more locally focused production and consumption of food. More than 60 international experts contributed to the report, launched last week.     UNCTAD's 2013 Trade and Environment Report ("Wake up before it is too late: make agriculture truly sustainable now for food security in a changing climate") states that monoculture and industrial farming methods are not providing sufficient affordable food where it is needed, while causing mounting and unsustainable environmental damage."
BBC News - Ash trees also face insect threat Emerald Ash Borer beetle
Why bananas are giving caimans bad blood   Environment
Developers could build in national parks if they make up for the damage elsewhere, Owen Paterson to say - Telegraph
A day at Dog Falls   Alan Watson Featherstone's Blog
Wood Wise  woodland management for sun-loving butterflies   Woodland Matters 25sep Kay Haw pdf downloaded
Oaken Wood in Kent to be uprooted as quarry plan gets go ahead   Education   The Observer 2sep13 A dreadful precedent has been set by Pickles and his supporters.

BBC News 17sep13 - Short-haired bumblebee nests in Dungeness

Bites reported across London and Kent as south east sees influx of Britain's most poisonous spider - Home News - UK - The Independent 
Rising temperatures are forcing false widow spiders up north

Spider bite  Mother-of-four rushed to hospital after bite swelled into a pus-filled boil and exploded   Mail Online 14sep13 Pholcus ph

Insect leg cogs a first in animal kingdom   Nature News & Comment 12sep13

Ladybird Larvae eating blackfly by HappyNatureGarden - YouTube - I doubt if the blackfly are happy while being eaten? They don’t seem to be much aware of their fate - such suckers.

Testicle-eating fish, the Pacu, found in Paris with fears it could be coming to the UK Small piranha-like fish was found in European waters for the first time in August FELICITY MORSE WEDNESDAY 04 SEPTEMBER 2013 - UK - News - The Independent


Golden Eagle Attacks Deer, A Photo Of An Epic Confrontation  24sep13 The Two-Way   NPR
Planning for Biodiversity – A Guide   Richard Wilson Ecology 6sep13
HS2: BBC News - HS2 high-speed rail benefits dwindle as costs soar - MPs 9sep13

BO: Biodiversity offsetting proposals 'a licence to trash nature' Damian Carrington 5sep13  Environment
BO: NGO concern as UK Government releases its consultation on biodiversity offsetting   Save Our Woods (SoW) 5sep13
Citizen Space - Biodiversity Offsetting in England 
BO: [nature's footnote]  Biodiversity Offsetting:  a simpleton's concerns 

Damming the Mekong  Fish-friendly?  7sep13  The Economist in Laos but for/by Thailand

MENE - Natural England - Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment

The Lake District is a wildlife desert. Blame Wordsworth 2sep13  George Monbiot   Comment is free   The Guardian
WILDING? Carrifran Wildwood - Gallery  

Queen bee's wedding flight - video  BEE mating, Environment
NEONICOTIOIDS: Insects and Insecticides - UK Parliament EAc & reports
Gardens  how to attract pollinators to your plot   Life and style   The Guardian
MONSANTO: Huge Assembly of Citizens Demand that GMOs and Monsanto Quit India, and BRAI Bill be Withdrawn  PM Manmohan Singh gifted with a “non-Monsanto” Indian fl via Gwen
Minister 'stops the clock' on proposal to dredge Great Barrier Reef   Environment 9aug13
Neonicotinoids are the new DDT killing the natural world   George Monbiot 5aug13  Environment syngenta bayer paterson Benyon deathra Walport Kennet

BBC News - Edinburgh Woollen Mill boss Philip Day fined over wood damage [ to Gelt Woods SSSI ] shooting

BES: Valuing nature  18 June 2013 by BritishEcologicalSociety on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

VIRUNGA gorillas UK firm Soco video


EU: Agrarian Justice: Land challenges in Europe  from landgrabbing to land reform - Letter to MEPs on needed land policy reform 25jun13 - via Brian Woodward email of 28jul13 The report Land Concentration, land grabbing and people's struggles in Europe, [1] written by the European Coordination Via Campesina and the Coalition Hands off the Land explores this issue. Based on case studies in 13 European countries, it reveals the absurdity of the current land tenure evolution in Europe. The report highlights that across Europe we are witnessing the acceleration of four key trends:  1. The concentration of land in the hands of a few big players, on top of historical ‘latifundia’ in some regions of the continent.  2. Land grabbing by the agro-industrial and mining companies. 3. The degradation of land in favor of urbanization and transport infrastructure. 4. The difficulty for young farmers and for landless farmers to get access to land for agriculture.

*** New Studies Confirm Pesticide Exposure Major Contributor to Declining Honey Bee Populations – EcoWatch 29jul13 Cutting Edge Environmental News Service "Researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and University of Maryland have found that low levels of pesticide exposure from crop pollination make honey bees more susceptible to the deadly gut parasite Nosema ceranae, contributing to declines in bee populations."

BEES & SYNGENTA: Government bee scientist behind controversial study joins pesticide firm 26jul13 

White nose syndrome decimates bat population 24jul13

The RSPB  News  Secretary of State makes the right decision on crisis facing English farmland wildlife c.19jul13 AES Pillar 2 HLS

BOGS: Burning our bogs is like setting fire to our future c.18jul13  Ireland

BBC News - Nasutoceratops  'Big-nose, horn-face' dinosaur described 17jul13
A remarkable short-snouted horned dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous (late Campanian) of southern Laramidia

BBC News - Imported bumblebees pose 'parasite threat' to native bees 18jul13

EU targets insecticide linked to ... pollinators bees re BASF Fipronil re Maize & Snflower 

BBC Nature - UK butterfly numbers at 'historic low', warn charity 18jul13

BO: BIODIVERSITY OFFSETTING: BBC News - Rodborough Fields housing objection from wildlife trust 13jul13  "

The trust said the land was rich in wildlife and it also had concerns about proposals to use "biodiversity offsetting". Lioncourt Homes said the land was recognised as a "particularly sustainable location for development"."

***** 12jul13  

WHAT TO DO IF YOU FIND A BABY SWIFT:  Check it's age and weight against the chart:
 & For specialist carers, see:  via: 

High Borrowdale hay meadow to expand with volunteers' help 10jul13


The National Farmers' Union secures so much public cash yet gives nothing back   George Monbiot   Environment  8jul13

Labour [Mary Creagh, shadow env sec] unveils plan to promote food-growing culture in Britain - Plant fruit trees on housing estates and vegetable patches in schools to address 'nutrition recession', party says   Environment 3jul13 Fiona Harvey

Bee crisis  Government promise to increase wildflower habitat - Telegraph 28jun13

Factory Farming – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service

Natural revegetation of bog pools after peatland restoration involving ditch blocking—The influence of pool depth and implications for carbon cycling  incl CEH Bangor

HS2  ministers 'have misled public' over report on costs   UK news   The Observer 29jun13
: MPs sign amendment opposing HS2 ahead of tomorrows vote   Central - ITV News 25jun13
BBC News - HS2 rail debate  MPs Cheryl Gillan and Stuart Andrew 25jun13
The high-speed rail line HS2 will cause loss or damage to at least 67 irreplaceable ancient woods, unless the route is changed. The Woodland Trust, the UK's leading woodland conservation charity, has called for look again at the route. HS2 threat to ancient trees 25jun13
nef Infographic  Our alternative investment package to HS2   new economics foundation 18jun13

Danny Alexander MP says he is listening…   Woodland Matters 24jun13

Army of beetles seen climbing Ben Lomond to mate - Odd - 25jun13

CAP talks show the ‘democratic deficit’ may be narrowing   EurActiv 25jun13
Farmers, green groups line up in final push for CAP   EurActiv 24jun13

or Eco-offsetting: Does habitat replacement let developers off the hook - Fred Pearce - environment - 24 June 2013 - New Scientist 24jun13

GM & Monsanto:

GM crops  the genetic colonialists   Kumi Naidoo   Comment is free   The Guardian 24jun13
US Department of Agriculture probes Oregon Monsanto GM wheat mystery   Environment 22jun13 
I fear that GM crops corporations, and Owen Paterson, are using the "feed the world" argument as a Trojan horse for a new form of colonialism.  

If the UK government really wants to adopt the slogan "feed the world and save the planet" as policy goals rather than just PR gloss for a corporate agenda, then it should be supporting the ecological farming solutions offered by the United Nations International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD), and the UK all-party parliamentary group on agroecology.   Governments around the world can move us towards a resilient and ecological agriculture by prioritising the resource needs and knowledge of the world's small-scale ecological farmers. We must support ecological farming systems that can address climate change. And finally we have to recognise the interrelated principles of food sovereignty and the right to food.   .
*** Why did the Tories change their tune on GM food  We expose the secret summit where slick lobbyists for bio-tech giants seduced all-too-willing Ministers   Mail 22jun13 Online
**** Owen Paterson  UK must become global leader on GM crops   Environment   The Guardian 20jun13 John Vidal
Are we losing the battle against GM crops?    Permaculture Magazine 20jun13
SENSE ABOUT SCIENCE: MAKING SENSE OF GM: What is the genetic modification of plants and why are scientists doing it?  MSofGM2011
**** FoE:
Friends of the Earth Media Briefing on Owen Patterson GM speech Thursday 20 June 2013 patterson_gm_speech_june_2
**** Soil Association   GM
GMO Action — Action against GMOs in our food

**** Feral
– George Monbiot   Save Our Woods (SoW) by Ginny Battson

Unleashing Treezilla  a ‘monster map’ of Britain’s trees - Science Omega re Prof Jonathan Silvertown's project
A truly historic week for Northern Ireland, and I don’t mean the G8   Woodland Matters 20jun13  On 17 June, "Felling Licences were re-introduced for the first time in almost 45 years, following a very long campaign by the Woodland Trust and our members in Northern Ireland."

BBC News - Whitehall chiefs scan Twitter to head off badger protests 20jun13

25,000 bumblebees killed, dropping from trees in Wilsonville; pesticide suspected 19jun13

Pesticides spark broad biodiversity loss - 
Agricultural chemicals affect invertebrates in streams and soil, even at 'safe' levels.   Nature News & Comment 17jun13  "Pesticide use has sharply reduced the regional biodiversity of stream invertebrates, such as mayflies and dragonflies, in Europe and Australia, finds a study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences." Also referred to Goulson's JApplEcol paper

**** Neonicotinoids harm birds and soil - Telegraph Louise Gray 14jun13 - re JApplEcol paper by Dave Goulson publ.13jun13 on internet: An overview of the environmental risks posed by neonicotinoid insecticides - Goulson - 2013 - Journal of Applied Ecology - Wiley Online Library  & Sussex Uni PERSISTENT in soil etc
Third of all honeybee colonies in England did not survive winter 13jun13

Weed killer [glyphosate/Roundup] found in human urine across Europe   Friends of the Earth Europe 13jun13

& MOUNTAIN pics - vg - Flickr  wanderflechten's Photostream

MONSANTO: 5 Most Horrifying Things About Monsanto—Why You Should Join the Global Movement and Protest on Saturday   Alternet 22may13

BBC News - Large heath butterfly to be reintroduced at Heysham Moss 9jun13 butterflies

BBC - Blogs - SPRINGWATCH - Small tortoiseshell butterflies 3jun13 Richard Fox butterfly

Plantlife Road verge campaign RSV

Bullocks and Billhooks less Bollocks - 8jun13

Dedicated tax could boost peatland research 28may13

UK bee insecticide study flawed, says EU food agency   Damian Carrington   Environment 5jun13

BBC News - North York Moors potash mine 'will hit tourism' 15may13

BBC News - App to aid rare New Forest cicada hunt 31may13


MONBIOT has recently written several articles on re-wilding - re his new book on the subject. e.g.:
Here is my manifesto for rewilding the world   George Monbiot   Comment is free   The Guardian 27may13
Comment of the week  why rewilding 'the wild' isn't so wacky   Bella Mackie   Comment is free 30may13

* Are Neonicotinoids Too Big To Ban  ..may13  The Organic View Radio Show

MONSANTO: Exposed  List Emerges of Politicians Paid By Monsanto, As Senate Rejects States' Rights to Label GMOs

BBC News - Lydd Airport  RSPB appeals over expansion 28may13

Freed From a Glacier's Hold, Ancient Moss Grows Again

MONSANTO: Maria Nunzia's  New study reveals how glyphosate in Monsanto's ...

Lack of fresh water could hit half the world’s population by 2050 - Science - News - The Independent 24may13

UK species continue to decline - does it matter & what can we do  - News - The Ecologist Tony Whitbread

BO: Biodiversity offsetting permits previously rejected housing development   Save Our Woods (SoW) 23may13

ADAS 22may13 BBC News - Apples and pears shaping up to enjoy strong harvest

The RSPB  News  Sixty per cent of UK species in decline, groundbreaking study finds 22may13
"Released on Wednesday 22 May 2013 the State of Nature report shows that sixty per cent of UK species have declined."
The state we’re in    Woodland Matters 23may13
The State of Nature  new report shows most UK species in decline - News - The Ecologist 22may13 by Martin Harper RSPB
The RSPB  State of Nature - download it from here 22may13

The Wet, Wild and Wonderful North-West - Martin Harper's blog - Our work - The RSPB Community 20may13 incl Lyth Valley Lapwings

The RSPB  Our work  The Lyth Valley c.2012

James Borrell  - doing PhD (1st yr?) on mountain woodland habitat fragmentation in Scottish Highlands
Mountain Woodlands - Assessing Scotland’s threatened mountain woodland
Mountain Woodlands - Plant Identification

Chalara dieback of ash - Spring symptoms - YouTube   by FC

UBUSUNA – Exploring Life with Japan’s Forests   Save Our Woods (SoW) by Tom Vincent - film producer 21may13

** EU CAP: Greening our pleasant land - Martin Harper's blog - Our work - The RSPB Community17may13  & re Roger Harrabin on tv re this

What a pong! After a seven year wait, the world's smelliest 'flower' blooms in Cornwall - Home News - UK - The Independent 16may13 re Eden Project's Titan Arum  lives in Borneo & Sumatra

Pest caterpillar helicopter spraying goes ahead despite local residents' concerns   Environment 15may13 butterfly butterflies

Fertilized World re NITROGEN

BBC News - HS2 rail benefits to economy 'unclear', says National Audit Office 16may13 NAO
BBC News - Does there need to be an economic case for high-speed rail 16may13 Stephanie Flanders

A Dirty Business - How a leading RSPO palm oil producer is clearing peatland tiger habitat covered by Indonesia's moratorium on deforestation   Greenpeace International 25apr13
Palm oil company violated RSPO standards, evicted from sustainability body 13may13

The environmental consequences of Britain leaving the EU would be huge   Craig Bennett FoE  Environment 14may13 

EU ministers agree on overhaul of fishing rules   EurActiv 15may13

MEP Sir Graham Watson calls for end to chemical dumping at sea after bird deaths   This is Dorset 11may13

Campaigners warn against rise of the 'mega-farms'  Could massive pig, fish and dairy units harm the environment  - Nature - Environment - The Independent 12may13

BBC News - Ignorance of tick-borne Lyme disease 'costing lives' 12may13

Here we go again!   Woodland Matters - Woodland Trust 10may13  The dust hasn’t yet settled on the Oaken Wood Public Inquiry, and already the Trust is having to stand up for ancient woodland in Kent at another public inquiry. This time it’s the proposed widening of the A21, between Tonbridge and Pembury, from single to dual carriageway, entailing the destruction of 9 Ha of ancient woodland adjoining the existing road.   - wild boar spotted!

Friends of the Earth  Major bee decline event in Parliament   Natural Resources   Campaign Actions 9may13
Friends of the Earth  New report reveals extent of bee decline   Current year   Natural Resources news 9may13

Extinction of Black Western Rhino hackofalltrades may13

MONSANTO: 2013-05-16 Green Party calls Monsanto a top risk to public health and the environment, urges a moratorium on genetically modified food crops 
Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow AgroSciences, DuPont Pioneer and BASF): Exposed  Monsanto's Chemical War Against Indigenous Hawaiians   Alternet  In the past 20 years, these chemical companies have performed over 5,000 open-field-test experiments of pesticide-resistant crops on an estimated 40,000 to 60,000 acres of Hawaiian land without any disclosure, making the place and its people a guinea pig for biotech engineering.  The presence of these corporations has propelled one of the largest movement mobilizations in Hawaii in decades. Similar to the environmental and land sovereignty protests in Canada and the continental United States, the movement is influenced by indigenous culture.  In Hawaii, some open-field testing sites are near homes and schools. Prematurity, adult on-set diabetes and cancer rates have significantly increased in Hawaii in the last ten years. Many residents fear chemical drift is poisoning them.

Britain's best-loved species in terminal decline  - Channel 4 News 9may13 [- due to climate change especially extreme weather  periods (at same time as other factors)]
- Interviews people esp those contributors to new report e.g. Dr Mike Moorcroft of NE (he deals with effect of CC on wildlife), Prof Des Thom/p/son of SNH & discuss report by Rachel Seifert (in which Des appears) on impact on wildlife statistical dat on changes in pops of spp due to eg CC etc . Mortalities of eg birds, butterflies due to extremes in weather on top of changes in climate.

BBC Radio 4 - Tweet of the Day may2013

BEES again:
BBC iPlayer - Book of the Week  A Sting in the Tale by Prof Dave Goulson -  Episode 1
▶ BBC Radio 4 - Costing the Earth, Bees Fight Back - Costing The Earth 7may13: Tom Heap asks what's ist going to take to get bees off their knees Bumblebees vital to tomato pollination: bumblebees vibrate at ?400Hz c. middle C to get tom flower to release its pollen (hard for other insects to do). Bridgit aka Bee Strawbridge from Worcestershire talks.
Brigit Strawbridge on Neonicotinoids & making a Bee friendly garden - YouTube 5may13!
Britain's rarest bees in deep trouble, report warns   Environment   The Guardian Damian Carrington 9may13 The study blames intensive farming and urban sprawl which have decimated the flowery meadows that bees feed in   ""The way we farm and use land across the UK has pushed many rare bees into serious decline," said bee expert Prof Simon Potts, at the University of Reading, who led the study commissioned by Friends of the Earth. "

Green and pleasant land  hard times for Britain's trees - Channel 4 News Tom Clarke 8may13
pests & diseases hitting our trees eg OPM Oak Processionary Moth < I don't like DEFRA/FC's plan to spray insecticides, ...
Butterfly Conservation - Aerial Spraying Not The Answer OPM
Pest caterpillars face helicopter blitz with insecticide   Environment   The Guardian 6may13 Adam Vaughan  OPM Bt Bacillus thuringiensis Pangbourne

O not BO: - as this is re climate!

Another threat to wildlife & habitats by evil Osborne: Exclusive  George Osborne digs himself a hole  'Uneconomical' roads to get go-ahead -
The Chancellor is determined to build a new network – that will do little to help the economy – rather than repair streets in poor condition - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
  "low-to-medium value for money"  "Despite a campaign by locals – backed by national groups including the Campaign to Protect Rural England, the Wildlife Trust and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds – the road, which links the A259 and B2092, will cut into the Combe Haven Valley near a site of special scientific interest. Two local Tory MPs backed the link road despite objections: Greg Barker, the minister for climate change, and Amber Rudd, who is Mr Osborne's ministerial aide. Mr Baker yesterday declined to comment." Norman Baker again fails to save enviornment.

Amazon plant discovery could yield green cash crop [ Omega 3 fatty acids ]  Nature News & Comment 2may13  but oily fish type best

How our fens were sacrificed for more farms Loss of wetlands and wildlife is 'a catastrophe beyond comprehension', claims a new book - Nature - Environment - The Independent 5may13

UN plans to list reef as endangered 4may13

REFS re NEONICOTINOIDS and bees etc:

Revealed  Germany's secret bid to kill ban on bee-harming pesticides   Damian Carrington   Environment 3may13

* Bees survival  ban more pesticides  3may13 - views of Christopher Connolly, a neuroscientist at the University of Dundee, UK, Goulson, Simon Potts, professor of biodiversity and ecosystem services at Reading University, UK, Julian Little, spokesperson for Bayer Cropscience, based in Norwich, UK

SYNGENTA - the big agrichemical/GM company - tries to compromise and "capture" young people with very subtle words and the attraction of money (ultimately - bribe money): [reminds me of how oil industry "buy" and thus corrupt people and organisations with money]: Thought For Food  (TFF) is sponsored by Syngenta "Thought For Food is brought to life by a unique partnership between Syngenta, a world-leading business committed to sustainable agriculture, and The Sandbox Network, the foremost global network of social entrepreneurs between the ages of 20 and 30." @christinergould "Christine Gould is the Founder and Head of Thought For Food. ... Christine...currently works in Switzerland for Syngenta.""For Christine Gould, senior manager of global public policy at Syngenta, a global agribusiness that sells products (like chemicals and seeds) for farmers":
There is an interesting bizarre irony in the judging rules and regs for the TFF Challenge: "Judging will be based on the projects ability to compete the following: Create Mass
Awareness, Incite Social Change, Build to Last, Disrupt the Status Quo."  Because the 'status quo' of intensive agricultaure is prophylactic use of systemic pesticides - such as neonicotinoids in seed dressings etc, how will TFF react to the raising of 'mass awareness' of the scientific data showing how this 'status quo' is so damaging to wildlife and the environment, and needs to be replaced by truly sustainable i.e. 'built to last' methods, and inciting 'social change' in attitudes to bring about this change?
The rules & regs also state: "Sponsor: Syngenta Crop Protection AG P.O. Box Basel 4002 Switzerland 
Administrator: iStrategyLabs LLC., 1630 Connecticut Ave NW Washington DC 20009 USA"
NB: Prophylactic pesticide application is the routine application of pesticides regardless of whether the pests are there or not - bearing in mind that the start of an infestation can be hard to spot - especially in a big field (this method often favoured by pesticide co.s as better for profits! and it fits in with seed treatments). IPM Integrated Pest Management is when pesticides are only applied when pests are seen to be above a threshold density that is deemed to be too high for 'natural enemies' etc to control. Biological Control is the addition of natural enemies instead of pesticides. Organic farming methods don't use pesticides (a strange name as pesticides are mostly organic chemicals). I learnt this at Imperial College many years ago! (before which I worked briefly for a predecessor of Syngenta). After Imperial I did PhD research on 'The effectiveness of natural enemies in preventing outbreaks of cereal aphids'. I found that many hoverfly larvae are important natural enemies of aphids, but the female adults feed on pollen to mature their eggs - so are likely to be knocked out by the systemic  neonicotinoids. Birds of farmland are on the decline - many feed on insects. "Thank you" Syngenta and Bayer for your contribution to reducing farmland biodiversity."- a neonicotinoid produced by Syngenta, but now banned from several crops.
Environment secretary's letter to Syngenta on insecticide ban proposals   Environment 29apr13

** Agenda  Why should we tolerate a diet of weak poisons    Herald Scotland 2may13 The ban on neonicotinoid pesticides is good news. Alison Johnstone is the Green MSP for Lothian.

'Stewards of the natural world do not understand the precautionary principle'  George Monbiot   Environment  1may13 PP
Precautionary principle
- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia PP
PLOS ONE  Macro-Invertebrate Decline in Surface Water Polluted with Imidacloprid
Study links insecticide use to invertebrate die-offs   Environment Damian Carrington 1may13
*** BBC Radio 4 - Material World, Bees and pesticides; Heart gene therapy; Petal shapes
- Prof Dave Goulson of Sussex University & Dr Lynn Dicks of Cambridge University. Goulson critisizes Gov Chief Scientist Mark Walport for saying no field evidence that they harm bees - Goulson says that's because a definitive field trial has not yet been done! (the attempt at a field trial was rendered no good by contamination of the control) , and Lynn Dicks said Walport obviously doesn't understand the Precautionary Principle PP. DG: The 2 year partial ban is not enough. There is persistent accumulation in soils. And water insects are v reduced. Prophylactic pesticide app'n needs replacing with a holistic pest management approach. PP
*** 30 April 2013 by Dave Goulson
Bees need Europe's pesticide ban, whatever the UK says - opinion - 30 April 2013 - New Scientist
Interview with Lucy Rothstein, Bumblebee Conservation Trust CEO   Bumblebee Conservation Trust 2may13 reaction to the temporary partial ban to 3 neonicotinoids
 - I'm not 100% happy with her nuance as it may have the effect of slightly undermining the small bit of progress we have just had, as if she considers such small progress may hamper rather than help the further bigger progress we need. Hard to predict .... We shall see....
Beware the rise of the government scientists turned lobbyists   George Monbiot   Comment is free   The Guardian 29apr13
The Soil Association welcomes today’s decision by the EU to suspend the use of three neonicotinoid pesticides 29apr13
EUROPA - EC PRESS RELEASES - Press Release - Bees & Pesticides  Commission to proceed with plan to better protect bees 29apr13
Bee-harming pesticides banned in Europe - EU member states vote in favour of continent-wide suspension of neonicotinoid pesticides Damian Carrington 29apr13 - although not a qualified majority vote - decision now in hands of EC - EC are expected to decide for the ban.
It's David Cameron's duty to protect bees if he believes in green government - The use of neonicotinoid insecticides should be suspended for the sake of our pollinators – and to avoid a food crisis - Joan Walley MP is chair of the environmental audit committee  Environment 29apr13
Insecticide firms in secret bid to stop ban that could save bees   Environment   The Observer 28apr13 Damian Carrington
"The chemical companies, which make billions from the products, have also lobbied hard, with Syngenta even threatening to sue individual European Union officials involved in publishing a report that found the pesticides posed an unacceptable risk to bees, according to documents seen by the Observer."

The Pontfadog oak was the oldest of the old, revered, loved … and now mourned   Environment   The Observer  28apr13

'Planetary Boundary Science ...' Forest Protection Blog  ECOLOGY SCIENCE  Terrestrial Ecosystem Loss and Biosphere Collapse - 4feb13 Dr Glen Barry - As usual Glen Barry can't resist writing a v v v long article!