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Update  Oilsands project faces months of delay 18oct13
Athabasca Oil Shares Plunge on Dover Court Appeal  Calgary Mover - Businessweek
Email your MP asking them to keep Tar Sands out of Europe   People & Planet re signing EDM. Tim Farron has already signed it.
Michael Froman, Top U.S. Trade Official, Lobbies For Tar Sands Oil In EU Negotiations 24sep13 HuffPost
Canadian scientists protest against government censorship  Suzanne Goldenberg Science 16sep13
Democracy Now! re tar sands 24sep13 Amy Goodman interviews Melina Laboucon ..., .... & Neil Young
Alberta politicians Europe-bound to head off EU's anti-oilsands resolution   CTV News 25sep13
Alberta ministers Euro-bound on oilsands vote  25sep13

Groups Block Megaload Delivery of Tar Sands Equipment in Idaho – 6aug13 - EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service

UPDATE 4-TransCanada ramps up East Coast pipeline as Keystone stalls 2aug13  Reuters via Gwen

TransCanada ramps up East Coast pipeline as Keystone stalls   Reuters 1aug13

Proposed Utah Tar Sands Refinery Faces Massive Backlash – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service 29jul13 “The public needs to understand that the Colorado River Basin’s carbon bomb dwarfs Alberta’s,” Taylor McKinnon, director of energy with Grand Canyon Trust, said in the release.
Obama  Keystone Jobs 'A Blip', Pipeline 'Might Actually Cause Some Gas Prices In The Midwest To Go Up'   ThinkProgress 28jul13   <<<< Sounds good - Obama shift towards rejecting KXL 

Oil Sands  4,000 Environmental Infractions, 40 Punishments   Kevin Grandia 23jul13

Keystone XL Conflict of Interest  Obama Attorney’s Law Firm Represents TransCanada – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service 16jul13  

Happy Canada Day  Learning about Treaties in tar sands territory   The Vancouver Observer  1jul13 Emma Pullman

State Department Admits It Doesn't Know Keystone XL's Exact Route   DeSmogBlog 8jul13

Tar sands rapid growth impacts graphic for web FINAL

***** Church of England urged to use theology as motivation for fossil fuel divestment - Blue and Green Tomorrow 8jul13 
***** Major Fossil Fuel Divestments Strengthen Renewable Energy Movement Worldwide – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service 8jul13
*** Kevin Grandia:  'Investors Give Canada's Tar Sands the Heave-Ho' 7jul13
Major Norwegian Pension Fund Drops Tar Sands Investments   DeSmog Canada 5jul13 - Kevin Grandia  Storebrand

** Deadly Quebec Oil Train Disaster and Athabasca River Spill On Same Day as Tar Sands Healing Walk   DeSmogBlog 6jul13

Corporate Climate Campaign Demands Divestment from Dirty Tar Sands – EcoWatch  Cutting Edge Environmental News Service 2jul13

Highlighting human and environmental cost of Canada's energy policy with Healing Walk through oil sands   The Vancouver Observer 6jul13
Canada's tar sands project becomes focus of 'healing walk' by activists   Environment 1jul13

Rabobank: 'Dutch bank refuses loans to businesses involved in shale gas' - Blue and Green Tomorrow 1jul13

  Dutch bank Rabobank has announced it will not lend money to businesses that deal with unconventional energy extraction, including shale gas, because of the environmental and social implications of doing so. - See more at:

Wisconsin waters threatened by tar sands crude oil expansion 4jul13 re Enbridge pipeline network

[Infographic] Debunking the Economic and National Security Myths Around Keystone XL Pipeline   DeSmogBlog 20jun13

Canada's power supplies could be hit for months by floods   Weather 23jun13 via Reuters 
Floods force 100,000 to flee homes in southern Alberta, where oil industry is in chaos as rains blamed for spilling 750 barrels

Mackenzie River, the 'Amazon of North,' under threat   Toronto Star 22jun13 

Scientists say the Mackenzie River and its tributaries play a crucial role in cooling a warming climate, acting as a ‘climate stabilizer.’

**** ‘Every Plant and Tree Died ’ Huge Alberta Pipeline Spill Raises Safety Questions as Keystone Decision Looms   NationofChange 21jun13

**** Forecasting the impacts of oilsands expansion   Pembina Institute 20jun13

Nobel Laureates call on President Obama and Secretary Kerry to reject the Keystone XL pipeline – Nobel Women's Initiative 18jun13 NWI Tutu

G8 summit  Stephen Harper meets with Barack Obama about Keystone XL oilsands pipeline

Al Gore says Obama must veto 'atrocity' of Keystone XL tar sands pipeline   Environment 15jun13

Keystone XL Activists Labeled Possible Eco-Terrorists in Internal TransCanada Documents   DeSmogBlog 13jun13

* Canada's tar sands companies fail to clean up toxic waste, report finds   World news Suzanne Goldenberg 13jun13

Harper to balance oilsands lobbying with trade concessions during Europe trip 11jun13

Tell Harper  we don't want your dirty oil!

Fort McMurray, Home to 176 Square km of Tar Sands Tailings Ponds, Overwhelmed by Floods   DeSmog Canada 11jun13

** June 10 News  Goldman Sachs Says Tar Sands Likely Aren't Economically Viable Without Keystone Pipeline   ThinkProgress

1jun13 GOOD NEWS: Tar sands supporters suffer setback as British Columbia rejects pipeline -
Canadian province rejects plan for Enbridge Northern Gateway, saying company failed to demonstrate adequate clean-up plan - Environment Suzanne Goldenberg 1jun13  SG should have mentioned First Nations resistance to Northern Gateway for completeness

Dirty Details  Dents, Faulty Welds Found Along Keystone XL Southern Half in Texas   DeSmogBlog 3jun13

What TransCanada's CEO Is Not Saying About The Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline   ThinkProgress 1jun13

*** State Department Inspector General Investigating Keystone XL Contractor ERM's Conflicts of Interest   DeSmogBlog 30may13

Impacts of Shell’s Jackpine mine expansion force another delay - Tar Sands Solutions Network 30may13

Exposed  Canadian Oil and Gas Workers, Many Unions, Now Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline 29may13

Harper government eliminated reviews for oilsands projects following warnings of water disruption Mike de Souza 29may13

‘No’ KXL Threatens $9 Billion Tar Sands Investment   The Price of Oil 28may13 Andy Rowell

Who’s who of Obama lobbyists pushes Keystone pipeline -  

*** GOOD NEWS for us!: 'Oil sands deals lose traction' - The Globe and Mail 24may13
At least a half dozen energy companies have come up dry in efforts to attract the rich bids they envisaged when they put oil sands assets on the auction block in the past year, showing downward pricing pressure on a sector touted as the cornerstone of Canada’s economic growth.  Would-be buyers and joint venture partners are balking at deals amid a combination of wildly volatile Canadian crude prices, rising development costs and weakening returns, a situation that could force the industry to temper heady expectations for long-term oil sands production growth.

New EU Energy Directive Threatens Estonia's Fuel Industry   Politics   News   ERR 23may13

According to Eesti Päevaleht, the bill, if passed, could spell the end for Eesti Energia's growing shale oil production efforts, costing the nation up to 4 percent of GDP.  The directive would compel fuel producers to measure the CO2 footprint of their products while also banning fuels with a high level of CO2, which would include shale oil and diesel fuel produced from oil shale.

The European Fuel Quality Directive   Mira's Picture - part of her email to Norman Baker. She is an Albertan who also is living part of time in UK recently as LibDem member & ... in Lewes (tho is moving to West Country) 21may13

**** Leaked Papers Show UK Government Will Backtrack on Tar Sands Extraction Being Classified As Highly Polluting - News - The Ecologist Lorna Howarth 17may13

*** Hansen Says Tar-Sands Oil Makes Climate Change Unsolvable - Bloomberg 16may13

Shell In The Tar Sands  a company determined to destroy our planet   Greenpeace UK 20may13

******NB: HOC EAC Prof James Hansen 16may13


UK signals support for EU import of Canadian tar sands oil   Environment 15may13 John Vidal 'Leaked papers show UK rejects proposal to classify oil from tar sands as highly polluting, a label that would deter EU countries from importing it'  ... 'But of six options put to EU countries in April on how to implement the proposal, the UK chose the two that would make no differentiation between the carbon content of fuels.  "Based on the findings so far, it seems clear that [these two] seem to meet the policy aims of the directive with the least risks of unexpected consequences," the UK said in the documents. It firmly rejected others that allowed a difference.' Charlie Kronick & Norman Baker both quoted. Baker says no change in his stance from before

Don’t cook the planet with tar sands, Canada told   Friends of the Earth Europe - Rowell re Peter Kent in Brussels 15may13

Canadian Scientist “Betrayed  Over Tar Sands   The Price of Oil Rowell 13may13

12may13 Tar Sands Dependence Could Lead to Negative Fallout for Canadian Economy   DeSmog Canada

**** impact-eu-value-tar-sands-equal-removing-7-million-cars-europe’s-roads-–-study



E2-Wire - The Hill's E2-Wire - The Hill's Energy & Environment Blog eg re KXL battle

Artist finds inspiration in Canadian government's attempt to silence her   Environment 17may13

Chiefs Declare Keystone XL Consultation Meeting Invalid, Walk Out on State Department Officials - 17may13

Tar sands exploitation would mean game over for climate, warns leading scientist - Prof James Hansen rebukes oil firms and Canadian government over stance on exploiting fossil fuel, which he says would make climate problem unsolvable  Environment   The Guardian 19may13

HOC ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT COMMITTEE Thursday 16 May 2013  Thatcher Room  Meeting started on Thursday 16 May at 10.31am. Ended at 11.21am   Progress on Carbon Budgets  Witnesses: Professor James Hansen, Columbia University, and Professor Mark Jaccard, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

Leaked Papers Show UK Government Will Backtrack on Tar Sands Extraction Being Classified As Highly Polluting - News - The Ecologist Lorna Howarth 17may13 Jess Worth Lucy Coats James Hansen v Norman Baker
Documents reveal UK govt. support for Canadian tar sands   Greenpeace UK 15may13
UK signals support for EU import of Canadian tar sands oil   Environment 15may13 John Vidal Norman Baker Charlie Kronick Jim Hansen

Nick Clegg I'm sorry Song - Student Version - YouTube re tar sands and FQD

Do the oilsands threaten our safe climate  Hansen's  game over  vs Oliver's  minuscule amount    The Vancouver Observer 15may13

* Government should 'grow up' on climate change, scientist says -  A dozen prominent scientists write letter to Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver 
 Politics - CBC News 8may13

Resources Minister takes bitumen battle to Europe - The Globe and Mail 8may13

"A study being released Wednesday by the Brussels-based group Transport & Environment concludes that the directive would drive down Canadian prices by reducing the global market for products derived from oil-sands bitumen.  The fuel quality directive (FDQ) would provide “a powerful incentive to shift investment away from ultra-high-carbon feedstocks to lower-carbon ones, with significant ensuing environmental benefits,” the report said. It estimated the lower oil sands production would result in a reduction of 19 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, the equivalent of taking seven million cars a year off Europeans roads."

Oliver says Canada may take EU to WTO over oil sands dispute - The Globe and Mail 8may13   & FTA CETA

Impact of EU value for tar sands equal to removing up to 7 million cars from Europe’s roads – study   Transport & Environment 7may13 A study conducted by two consultancies (Carbon Matters and CE Delft) found that the potential price differential between tar sands and conventional oil, resulting from differentiating them based on their average production emissions under the EU’s Fuel Quality Directive (FQD), would shift investments from tar sands to lower-carbon oil sources, saving the planet up to 19Mt CO2 a year. This is equivalent to removing over 7 million cars from Europe’s roads every year.

Keystone XL Could Cost Society Over $100 Billion per Year [range is huge: $1 to $100 pa]  The Price of Oil 7may13 Paulina Essunger   On April 22, more than one million comments opposing the Keystone XL pipeline were delivered to the State Department.    The EPA weighed in too. In its review of the State Department draft Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS), the EPA identified “significant environmental impacts” and noted that full assessment of these impacts was not possible due to insufficient information.   One of the missing pieces of information is an estimate of the damage – translated into dollars – that Keystone XL’s climate pollution would do to health, property, agriculture, ecosystem services, and more.   That estimate, provided here, ranges to over $100 billion per year.   The Obama Administration has made clear that estimating this cost – the “social cost of carbon” – is a “critical step in formulating policy responses to climate change.”

*** Obama’s Keystone XL embarrassment - The Hill's Congress Blog - 6may13

The Harper Government's War on Critical Thinking   DeSmog Canada 7may13

Canada’s “Sewer Salesman” Heads to Europe   The Price of Oil 7may13

Canadian minister [ Joe Oliver ] takes fight for oil sands crude to Europe   Canada   Reuters 5may13 - same old stuff repeated

Tar Sands World
- website on Global expansion of tar sands and oil shale

Pay Dirt  How to Turn Tar Sands into Oil [Slide Show]  Scientific American Slideshows - David Biello 10dec12
Global Stakes  Potential Agricultural Productivity Losses from Full Exploitation of Canada’s Oil Sands   Center For Global Development David Wheeler 17oct11

Canada Considers Shipping Tar Sands Oil Across Arctic Ocean   Mother Jones 1may13

Canadas Carbon Liabilities -  The Implications of Stranded Fossil Fuel Assets for Financial  Markets and Pension Funds - Marc Lee and Brock Ellis - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives March 2013

By Ruth Davies - East County News Reporter for Western Telegraph re Pembrokeshire FoE vs  Valero & tar sands

'Creating a future we want: How Europe can stop tar sands expansion' by Emily Coats of UKTSN in Extreme Energy Initiative website 1may13

DGD #TarSands & #CdnPoli
Great photos of tarsands:
The Tar Sands Catastrophe
Damien Short @DamienShort  Senior Lecturer in Human Rights, University of London- views are my own. Interests indigenous peoples, extreme energy as genocide
London ·

Canada’s “Hollow Promises” on Tar Sands   The Price of Oil 30apr13 Any Rowell

** Indigenous rights are the best defence against Canada's resource rush - First Nations people – and the decision of Canadians to stand alongside them – will determine the fate of the planet   Martin Lukacs 26apr13

Stocks plummet for oilsands company following hearing   Local   News   Fort McMurray Today 24apr13

One day after hearings between the Fort McKay First Nation and a proposed Dover oilsands project began, shares for the Athabasca Oil Corp. dropped 17% following media coverage of the panel.  AOC, which owns Dover but is run by PetroChina, was asked by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada to comment on the sudden drop on Tuesday morning.

Pipeline to Arctic port mulled by Alberta government - North - CBC News 23apr13

Has a nice short video re Shell impacts on indigenous communities - part of raising $ for indigenous reps to come to Shell AGM
Action vs KXL. First Nations vs KXL

Oil Change International write: This is big. While we were working with all of you to submit 1 million public comments saying NoKXL, the EPA was working on its own submission...and it's a doozy.  In a word, EPA calls the State Department's analysis of Keystone XL's environmental impacts "insufficient."  As Juliet Eilperin of the Washington Post says, this matters A LOT. Read more at the link and share it around to spread the word!!!
'How much does EPA’s objection to Keystone XL matter  A lot.' - Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post 23apr13
EPA Slams State's Draft Impact Statement For Keystone XL   ThinkProgress 22apr13
Kerry Says ‘The Science Is Screaming At All Of Us And Demands Action'. Will He Forsake The Climate For 35 Jobs    ThinkProgress 22apr13
EPA on Keystone XL  Significant Climate Impacts from Tar Sands Pipeline - Yahoo! News David Biello

A Million Comments Against Keystone XL - 350 - 22apr13
Watch the  Do the Math  Movie - 350 apr13

Re Arkansas tar sands oil spill: 'Warning  This email contains explicit descriptions of tar sands exposure.' apr13

Readers react to Earth Day release of oilsands data - Your Community 22apr13

This piece disgusted me: an attempt to divide, confuse and compromise the green movement, with flawed premises and arguments, including zero comprehension of the trajectory we are on, its consequences, and the urgency for strong action not greenwash-compromises that allow business as usual: Margaret Wente  Can enviro-optimists save the movement from itself  - The Globe and Mail 21apr13

Keystone XL supports claim pipeline system safety - 19apr13

SHOCKER  Reuters Debunks State Dept. Claim Of Major U.S. Tar Sands Imports By Rail If Keystone Pipeline Scrapped   ThinkProgress 18apr13

Canada’s GHGs dropping except for Alberta oilpatch 18apr13 de Souza

Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Exacerbates Climate Change  Scientific American 17apr13 David Biello

Keystone Pipeline Will Create Only 35 Permanent Jobs, Emit 51 Coal Plants' Worth Of Carbon   ThinkProgress 17apr13

Tell the State Department  #NoKXL   Oil Change International

House Committee pro-KeystoneXL Reps received 6X more Big Oil cash than counterparts - The Price of Oil David Turnbull 17apr13
I hope this isn't as bad as it looks:  (I fear Obama may be pleased to dodge out of responsibility and pretend there is nothing he can do about it). If this happens, it will demonstrate that Big Oil only needs to bribe enough Congressmen, especially Senators, to get its own way if it runs out of patience:
'House Energy Committee panel passes bill to expedite Keystone XL approval' - The Hill's E2-Wire 16apr13

Cooking the Books  The True Climate Impact of Keystone XL - The Price of Oil - David Turnbull 16apr13

What is the Alberta government trying to hide on Suncor spill    Greenpeace Canada 15apr13

Oxford and the Tar Sands
Tar Free Oxford @TarFreeOxford3h

Gearing up to ask Council to reject #tarsands! Read why - if you haven't signed yet, pls do!

'Human rights: we won't be silent - Britain must not step back from its historical commitment to human rights for the sake of commercial expediency'  Nick Clegg   Comment is free   The Guardian 15apr13
"Today the Foreign and Commonwealth Office publishes its 2012 Human Rights and Democracy report. It is the yearly indicator of the UK's commitment to raising human rights standards and stamping out abuses wherever they occur – from Syria to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia to the DRC."     - But will Clegg be silent for commercial expediency over plight of Cnada First nations re Tar Sands industry?

Justin Trudeau wins Leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada - he's apparently against the Northern Gateway pipeline but for the CNOOC deal (which seems somewhat contradictory to me). In his acceptance speech he referred to the long walk showing that First Nations will be 'Idle No More':
VIDEO  Justin Trudeau’s acceptance speech -  Justin Trudeau "Watch Justin’s speech at the  2013 LPC Leadership Announcement in Ottawa on April 14 2013."
11:25 "We've met aboriginal leaders from all across the country, from Kamloops to Whapmagoostui, with the courage to walk 16 hundred kilometres through the teeth of a Canadian winter to make the point that they will be 'Idle No more'."  [Whapmagoostui in Northern Quebec is location where The Journey from #Nishiyuu started]
"A handful of politicians were in attendance to greet the group, including Green Party leader Elizabeth May and NDP leader Tom Mulcair. Charlie Angus, the NDP MPwhose blog about the deplorable conditions in the Cree community of Attawapiskatwent viral, was also in attendance."
Nishiyuu  A movement of Cree youth who voted with their feet - The Globe and Mail - 25mar13
[25-Mar-13] Council of Canadians and CEP join Nishiyuu walkers in solidarity today 25mar13
'Supreme Court of Canada denies Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Appeal on Jackpine Mine Expansion'  - 11apr13
'The Journey of Nishiyuu' 

Canadian govt demands a 10-page questionnaire & CV in order to seek permission to comment on oil pipeline - Boing Boing 14apr13

Joint U.S.-China Statement on Climate Change 13apr13

'Keep tar sands out of Europe!' (message for US SoS John Kerry) by Tara Clarke, 12apr13 -- New Internationalist blog
'Activists rally outside G8 and send Kerry a message  Say No to Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline' - 11apr13
'Questions we asked BP at their 2013 AGM'   UK Tar Sands Network - 11apr13
'Shareholders barred from entering BP AGM for criticising tar sands'  UK Tar Sands Network - 11apr13
'Activists rally outside G8 and send Kerry a message  Say No to Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline' UK Tar Sands Network 11apr13


Action stations  two huge events this Thursday [11th April]!   No Tar Sands   UK Tar Sands Network

1. Tell John Kerry ‘No tar sands, no KXL!’ He's in London on 11th         2. BP AGM – fourth year running
Tell John Kerry 'No tar sands, no KXL!' when he visits London apr13



*** 'Killing pipeline is key to climate change fight' by James Hansen   Opinion   The Register-Guard   Eugene, Oregon 7apr13

Activists claim Arkansas oil spill diverted into wetland   The Raw Story 7apr13

Suncor ignored protocol by not notifying us immediately of spill, First Nation says 5apr13
Suncor ignored protocol by not notifying us immediately of spill, First Nation says 5apr13

FIPA  The Greatest Threat to Canada's Future - YouTube 5apr13 1:55mins

Third major oil spill in a week  Shell pipeline breaks in Texas — RT USA 5apr13
Crude awakening  Exxon’s Arkansas oil spill ain’t pretty [SLIDESHOW]   Grist 5apr13
Average 250 Pipeline Accidents Each Year, Billions Spent on Property Damage   DeSmog Canada 5apr13
Exxon Oil Spill Could Be 40% Larger Than Company Estimates, EPA Figures Show   InsideClimate News 5apr13
InsideClimate News Reporter Threatened With Arrest at Ark. Oil Spill Site   InsideClimate News 5apr13
Exxon’s Unfriendly Skies  Why Does Exxon Control the No-Fly Zone Over Arkansas Tar Sands Spill    NationofChange 5apr13
Arkansas town in lockdown after oil spill nightmare   Grist 5apr13
Oil Industry's Pig in Pipeline   Brainwash Update - YouTube 3:27mins Abby Martin - Exxon-Mobil tries to escape legal responsibilities for Arkansaw oil spill by saying it's not oil but bitumen

Global climate efforts threaten oilsands growth, memo told Joe Oliver 5apr13  de Souza

Groups Ask State Dept for 120-Day Comment Period on Keystone Pipeline, Visit our News Center Page for All the Coverage of the Arkansas Exxon Oil Spill 4apr13

Exxon's Duck-Killing Pipeline Won't Pay Taxes To Oil Spill Cleanup Fund   ThinkProgress 2apr13

ACFN Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and the Tar Sands   Updates and info on ACFN's case against Shell Oil

SPILLS, spills, spills: 'Big oil’s bad week'  - Environmental Defence 3apr13

Pembrokeshire community urges Nick Clegg to keep tar sands oil out of Europe   No Tar Sands   UK Tar Sands Network 25mar13

Old news (Feb2012) but relevant now (Spring2013) as Nick Clegg has had another petition on this subject: Rory Belcher - Office of Nick Clegg MP - writes response on behalf of Nick Clegg to People & Planet petition re FQD and tar sands: 'Me Eco, You Eco  Re-posting  People and Planet' Feb.2012
And here is P&P comment on the above:

* Suncor spill site in Athabasca River also had incident in 2011 - The Globe and Mail 28mar13

 * Suncor Toxic Spill  A ten hour disaster   Greenpeace Canada Mike Hudema 28mar13

* Harper government’s reckless and undemocratic muzzling of scientists  Editorial   Toronto Star 18mar13

Friends of the Earth: Tell President Obama and Secretary Kerry: Reject the Keystone XL!

26mar13 ‘Tainted water poured for hours before broken Suncor pipe sealed’


Statement on Hoeven pro-Keystone XL amendment - The Price of Oil 22mar13

Keystone XL picks up Senate backing - The Hill's E2-Wire 22mar13

*EXCLUSIVE  State Dept. Hid Contractor's Ties to Keystone XL Pipeline Company   Mother Jones by Andy Kroll 21mar13 State Dept redacted previous projects worked on by the ‘experts’ who wrote the report - they were contracts with co.s standing to gain from KXL.

* Keystone Pipeline Safe from Climate Change,  State Department Says   NationofChange 21mar13 Secretary of State John Kerry promised a “transparent” assessment of the Keystone XL pipeline and now the State Department has delivered on that promise—with a transparently fraudulent “environmental impact statement,” which, according one critic, “makes no mention of the [pipeline’s] impact on the world’s climate.” 

German research institute pulls out of Canadian tar sands project   EurActiv 19mar13 & re FQD

EU must play hardball on tar sands, says Canadian chief   EurActiv 18mar13 Incl FQD and comments by FoE and T&E


‘A sticky situation - The EU and Canada are at loggerheads over the damage caused to the environment by oil sands, and neither side is prepared to give way’ -  European Voice Dave Keating 14mar13 -  The strapline summarizes the 5mar13 mtg re FQD in European Parliament. Hedegard et al vs Canadian gov bloke “Because the Council's scientific committee could not reach an agreement, the Commission's fuel-quality directive proposal is referred up to environment ministers – who are waiting for the Commission to complete the impact assessment. In the meantime, Canada has been active in various European capitals trying to persuade national ministries to reject the Commission's approach.  Meanwhile, MEPs resent being bypassed on a highly controversial issue. At last week's workshop, German Liberal MEP Holger Krahmer declared: “The time is right to bring this issue up in a co-decision procedure.”


** Keystone XL refineries already exporting 60 percent of their gasoline - The Price of Oil 14mar13 Lorne Stockman vg map of Mexico Gulf refineries & descript of their export plans inc leg Valero


Obama pitches clean-fuel car plan in Chicago but signals retreat on Keystone   Environment  15mar13 Goldenberg


Muzzling of Canadian scientists ‘absolutely embarrassing’   Metro 15mar13 Federal Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault is being asked to investigate the “muzzling” of Canadian government scientists in a request backed by a 128-page report detailing “systemic efforts” to obstruct access to researchers.


CACC AGM 2013 Part 2 - Emily Coats from UKTSN speaks re tar sands 2mar13

She updates us on KXL, FQD Shell’s tar sands expansion vs First Nations, UKTSN plans eg re FQD, Shell sponsorship of South Bank Centre, BP & Shell AGMs


* Andy Stevenson Guest Blog  Is the Party Over for Tar Sands without Keystone XL    Danielle Droitsch's Blog   Switchboard, from NRDC 13mar13 via UK Tar Sands Network @NoTarSands  "In sum, the financial community sees #KeystoneXL as critical to the growth rate of #tarsands oil production" v @NRDC


PETCOKE pollution: U.S. environmental group joins Windsorites in petcoke fight (with video)   Windsor Star 12mar13


29 Vermont Communities Say No to Tar Sands Shipments, New England Opposition Grows   DeSmogBlog 12mar13


Fact-checking Canada’s record on climate change and the oilsands Pembina Institute 12mar13

Keystone  Mulcair tells Americans Harper government playing them for fools   Canadian Politics   Canada   News   National Post 12mar13


State Department Keystone XL Study Done by Oil Industry-Connected Firm with Big Tobacco, Fracking Ties   DeSmogBlog  12mar13


No, Minister Oliver, the oil sands have not become 'green' - The Globe and Mail Tzeporah Berman is an environmental author and co-founder of ForestEthics ?8mar13 While Mr. Oliver claimed this week that the oil sands were ‘getting greener’ citing statistics that showed per-barrel emissions dropping between 1990 and 2010, he failed to mention that since 2010 per barrel emissions have increased by 21 per cent.  The oil is getting dirtier due to an increasing focus on deep oil sands development using steam, which causes more greenhouse-gas emissions. 


Ottawa [ Joe Oliver ] pitches the oil sands as ‘green’ - The Globe and Mail 5mar13


Musings of A Canadian government scientist from behind the muzzle


The Strategic Importance of the Keystone XL Pipeline   The Indypendent Micael Klare 21feb13


*** Oil Change International Statement on Draft Keystone XL EIS - The Price of Oil 1mar13 Steve Kretzman   -

'Oil Change International: Obama Administration Draft Keystone XL EIS

Understates Climate Impact, Ignores Pipeline’s Purpose of Exporting Oil Abroad'




Keystone XL pipeline report slammed by activists and scientists - Sierra Club leads angry response to 'deeply flawed' State Department report into proposed oil sands pipeline  Environment


Blame Canada Part 1  The Country Has Become a Petro-State, Happily Drilling for Profits as the World Warms   DeSmog Canada 7mar13


‘State Department’ Keystone XL Report Actually Written By TransCanada Contractor   Grist 6mar13


http documents organization 205719.pdf Draft Supplement EIS ?1mar13


Keystone XL Environmental Assessment Expected Today As Industry Experts Proclaim It an Export Pipeline – EcoWatch  Uniting the Voice of the Grassroots Environmental Movement Article by Oil Change International 1mar13

kxl-own-words-v2 - The Tar Sands need KXL to expand


Texas Oil Spill [on 26feb13] Hits Home for Tar Sands Activists » Rainforest Action Network Blog Scott Parkin 27feb13 Yesterday in Tyler County, TX, a pipeline operated by Sunoco Logistics sprung a leak and spilled 20,000 gallons (or 550 barrels) of oil into local East Texas waterways


Hugo Chavez Told Me He Won't Sell Oil to the Kochs   VICE United Kingdom Feb2012  and part 2 a week later:

Murkier Than Oil   VICE United Kingdom Feb2012

Also in Morning Star 19feb12: The dark lords of the tar sands / Features / Home - Morning Star And printed on 20feb13

Greg Palast   Investigative Reporter


‘Experts have warned of ‘bitumen bubble’ for years’ Karen Kleiss, Edmonton Journal, 24feb13


Keystone XL decision will define Barack Obama's legacy on climate change   Environment by John Abraham 22feb13 John Abraham is associate professor in the school of engineering at the University of St Thomas in Minnesota v punchily written


Forward on Climate Rally - February 17, 2013 - YouTube 20feb13 - excellent and inspirational 4 minute video! The Story of #ForwardOnClimate

What's in a Number   Media and Government Downplay Keystone XL Climate Rally Attendance   DeSmog Canada 20feb13


Evangeline Lilly (aka Kate Austen in ‘Lost’) speaks to other Canadians re tar sands: “I am Canadian. What are You?”...“The tar sands in Alberta, the construction of new pipelines, the industrial abuse of clean water, the elimination of environmental laws and mistreatment of First Nations peoples are some of the greatest threats to our identity as Canadians.” 12feb13 in DeSmog Canada


Oil Sands Mining Uses Up Almost as Much Energy as It Produces   InsideClimate News Rachel Newer 19feb13 Examines and cf’s EROI figures ‘energy returned on investment

The Missing Tar Sands Monitoring Data - The Price of Oil - Andy Rowell 19feb13

Bernie Sanders @SenSanders Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) speaks out against the #KeystoneXL #ForwardOnClimate #NoKXL - this tweet on 18feb13 but video last summer


Europe says NO to tar sands, NO to KXL 17feb13 - at the foor of this page it states Please sign this petition..... and links to: 350   UK  #ForwardOnClimate    <Sign this to Nick Clegg   

It’s a momentous day in the fight against the tar sands   No Tar Sands   UK Tar Sands Network 17feb13

Shame this contains false propaganda: Thousands at climate rally in Washington call on Obama to reject Keystone pipeline   Reuters -17feb13

Canadian cops monitor environmentalists »


Oilsands tailings leaking into groundwater, Joe Oliver told in memo - by Mike de Souza, POSTMEDIA NEWS 17feb13 Calgary Herald  He Wrote this in Dec2011: ‘Secret’ Environment Canada study warns of oil sands’ impact on habitat   News   Financial Post 22dec11


Harper government presses Obama to approve Keystone XL pipeline 17feb13


Why I Got Arrested at the White House to Stop the Tar Sands Pipeline - BY ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR.  OnEarth Magazine 15feb13

Daryl Hannah leads celebrity Keystone XL protest at White House gates   Environment 13feb13


Canada's environmental activists seen as 'threat to national security'   Environment 14feb13


Gagging / muzzling science: ‘Scientist calls new confidentiality rules on Arctic project ‘chilling’’ 13feb13  “I’m not signing it,” said Andreas Muenchow of the University of Delaware, who has taken issue with the wording that Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans has proposed for the Canada-U.S. project. It’s an affront to academic freedom and a “potential muzzle,” said Muenchow, who has been collaborating with DFO scientists on the project in the eastern Arctic since 2003.  ....Harper government’s micro-management of science ...Muenchow... so it does not “sign away my freedom to speak, publish, educate, learn and share.”


Kinder Morgan Pipeline Route Maps   Wilderness Committee

Re the Montreal-Portland pipeline - which goes through VERMONT: ‘Pipeline CEO argues safety of pumping tar sands oil through Vermont; environmentalist disagrees’ 12feb13  The vg Senator .... is Senator for Vermont


Tar Sands Directly Hurting “Brand Canada” - The Price of Oil Andy Rowell 13feb13   


** Has RBS stopped financing the tar sands  (Spoiler  No) [but...] - February 12, 2013   Platform London - Arts. Activism. Education. Research. 12feb13 by Kevin Smith inc leg diff btwn project finance & corporate finance Also published in The Price of Oil on an Andy Rowell page as guest post ‘RBS Wriggles Over Tar Sands Investments’

RBS Wriggles Over Tar Sand Investments   The Price of Oil

Michael T. Klare  ‘A Presidential Decision That Could Change the World - The Strategic Importance of Keystone XL’ 11feb13 also published in eg Grist 11feb13 :  Michael T. Klare is author and Professor of Peace and World-Security Studies, Hampshire College Michael Klare is a professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College, aTomDispatch regular and the author, most recently, of The Race for What’s Left, just published in paperback.  A documentary movie based on his book Blood and Oil can be previewed and ordered at You can follow Klare on Facebook by clicking here.


keeping_their_head_in_the_sand_january_2013 - Canada’s EU Fuel Quality Directive lobby diary FoE Europe by Andy Rowell & ed by Darek Urbaniak


**An Updated Look at What Keystone XL and Alberta Tar Sands Mean for the Climate 8feb13


Twilight of an energy boom  Alberta’s new fiscal challenge - The Globe and Mail 9feb13

Suncor's $1.5-billion writedown puts oil sands project in jeopardy - The Globe and Mail 6feb13


KXL  Its Not an Either   Or Decision - The Price of Oil 4feb13 Andy Rowell

Alberta oil sands face defining days as Keystone ruling, EU vote nears   Energy   News   Financial Post by Claudia Cattaneo  - but contains errors. A Financial Post energy viewpoint - climate change is not given importance

Keystone XL  Obama should approve pipeline, Nature says   Energy   News   Financial Post 30jan13 A shockingly erroneous and anti-nature editorial in Nature !  & shamelessly open about being pro-industry pro-conservative right !! Nature = anti-nature !!  Truly sickening bias in what I had thought was a science-based objective publication. Very flawed with false & predjudiced presumptions.


Alberta picks former oil lobby head as Washington envoy   Canada   Reuters 1feb13  - also re dropping price of tar sands oil due to restricted pipeline capacity - “devastating the finances of the [Alberta] province” !


RBS financing toxic tar sands   Friends of the Earth Scotland 9nov12 New research, published 5th November 2012 has shown that pollution from the highly destructive tar sand extraction process is being spread across a wider area than ever thought possible as toxins are being found in river, fish, rain and snow.    Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is the UK’s biggest financer of the fossil fuel industry, including the Canadian tar sands, which have been described as the most environmentally destructive project on the planet.  

THE DILBIT DISASTER SERIES 2012   InsideClimate News


madagascar_tar_sands 18jun13

Madagascar Oil and Total drop Africa's biggest oil sands project 1jul11